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Been emailing medical personel/neurologists ( HOPE1/David Kozin this may interest you )

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Hope1 kicked off quite rightly i think a fairly millitant approach. The fact most neurologists and 99% of those in medicine have no clue about hppd yet the world has so many drug users, young ones at that is quite frankly horrifying.

I decided I didnt wanna sit with my thumb in my ass either, i post alot on here and try helps people but i thought i wanna join hope in reaching out to some people

Today i got a reply from a gentleman telling me i was wasting my time in offering a grant as billions have been spent in researching brain disorders, i totally disagree because giving up hope that conditions can be cured is just wrong.

He did however wish me the best of luck and suggested perhaps trying to assemble a task force of scientists/neurologists to try and get to the bottom of this. This would be something Dr. Abraham and David would probably need to asist us as their knowledge of who is who in the medicine community and who would be able to help is really the most accurate we have.

What are peoples thoughts on this? I dont know if david actually has an account or posts on here.

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I thank you for trying and don't be discouraged if someone says "why bother" either. I'm sure there are plenty of empathic brilliant minds that want a challenge and see the validity in researching this condition. It's a numbers game in the end. For every 9 negative response we will get a positive one. Ultimately those who are interested in helping must talk to Dr. Abraham and David. Remember folks, Dr. Abraham is old and who knows how long he'll continue working. We need to source not just one person but a cohesive team to carry on his work and use the latest technologies to uncover the root cause for this suffering. These people can be found but it will be up to us so get busy and start writing emails to the research departments of every university with a neuroscience division. Perhaps we can cut our time significantly with this condition or better yet a cure.

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Dr. Abraham is retired 100% and I am unable to do any work at the time as I am primary caregiver to my mother who has 1 kidney, COPD, congestive heart failure, pacemaker and defibrilator and she lives at our family home, which we plan on selling eventually, but in the mean time  I am the only family member that can do my best to keep the coronavirus out, which in my area (Metro Detroit) will soon again be very challenging. Additionally, keeping her out of the hospital for other issues have required picking up some clinical skills I had not planned on doing. 

Just as a side not if current funder is reading: hppdonline.com was re-registered. 

There is a funding opportunity. There is also a lot of awful information out there on the Internet about HPPD. Some recent studies were a step away from academic dishonesty. Suddenly, every "drug rehab" center is using HPPD templates that honestly are awful as "content" for their sites. 

I am also facing significant family issues that relate to this. The type of issues that can destroy a family. I will post a copy of this message as its own and I will look at what updates are required and wait to do until after backing everything up. 


Thank you,.


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