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Found 1 result

  1. Im sure not all of you suffer from this, but i wonder in some cases would it be something to consider? So im not extremely familiar with how lsd binds or acts on dopamine receptors, but ive read that the dopamine action can cause underlying psychiatric disorders to come out if you were disposed to them. I had a bad lsd trip a little over a year ago, my thoughts were really intrusive and clinged onto tv shows like they were trying to tell me stuff, like i was going to end up gay, that i was going to end up going crazy and attacking my family, and that i should practise some kind of faith, anyways, the trip was pretty traumatizing and bad but i think thats because of the events that led up to it, i dont need to get into that. I ended up with hppd due to it. Over the last year ive talked to one guy who said he suffers from pure ocd, which involves intrusive thoughts, examples for that disorder was actually what my lsd trip was based on. I also suffer from what i would call porn induced erectile dysfunction, as porn rewires your dopamine receptors and creates new pathways for your penis, causes anxiety which can cause ocd. So i wonder, if my dopamine receptors are wired due to a chemical imbalance due to porn which causes my anxiety etc, is it possible that my porn problem actually was an underlying influence as to why it turned my bad lsd trip into an actual nightmare? People who suffer from PIED and porn problems can end up with visual snow like most people do with hppd. I posted here because, i know some of you have a lot of knowledge on how lsd acts on the brain, and was wondering if maybe, just maybe, there was a connection?

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