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Found 1 result

  1. I started taking not so long ago phenobarbital for calming me down. I took maybe 15 mg 3 times in TOTAL across 2 weeks. In other words, 15 mg about every 3-4 days. I took some extra herbs with it and vitamins. I'm certainly sure it weren't the latter and it was pheno which fucked my visuals. The last, 3rd time, I took them 14 September and I'm not sure, but iirc the first time I noticed something weird was the next day, 15 September, but more closer to 16 September, it was late basically. I know pheno has a very long half life, and that's why I didn't notice a change in my vision suddenly about 5-10 hours later. But it's been 6 days since and the shit should've already cleaned from my system and it was a very therapeutic dose in general, why did it have such an impact. I later read that it increases metabolism and this is known to cause hppd. I'm so sad and sorry, I feel like I won't have my life back.