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Found 2 results

  1. "BPC-157 is a synthetic peptide that is being investigated for its regenerative effects. It shows high efficacy for rats suffering toxic or surgical trauma, but there is currently no evidence that it provides benefits for people." I stumbled upon this peptide after browsing some websites and then I found reddit posts of users claiming that they cured their anhedonia. This substance does not mask symptoms like traditional drugs, but really has some sort of a healing mechanism that rapidly undoes damage from the dopamine system, with almost no side effects reported. This got my interest and I decided to try it out. Here are the results: Dosage 250mcg in the morning and 250mcg in the evening, administered with subcutaneous injections. So far I have used a total of 10mg in around 10 days, and I'm planning to do extra cycles in the future. While injections offer the best bioavailability, it is reported that this substance is stable when taken oral. I cannot confirm this and I'd recommend to inject the substance, or use it sublingually (under the tongue). Subcutaneous injections are almost painless and you'll get used to it quickly. Benefits I'm experiencing permanent benefits from this trial. In general I feel much calmer with myself and my mind is so much clearer. My sense of time has changed back to normal. It feels like the world around me is moving normal again and I can get more done. I'm even boring myself when I'm free. Before this trial I would be able to do a lot less in an hour and it felt like the time shifted faster, and it felt I couldn't get a hold of the world moving around me. Cognitive functioning has improved a little, I mostly feel benefits from taking fish oil and I believe this substance has contributed to it Depersonalisation and derealisation has definitely improved. Most of the time, it doesn't even bother me and I feel more attached to myself My anhedonia has decreased, I didn't experience a huge improvement but it's still much better I feel generally less anxious - I haven't worried about my condition since My visuals have not changed in any way, but the substance helped me to handle them easier and they don't feel like a big annoyance anymore. Side effects I did not experience any side effects, which is good. There is some research suggesting that it increases tolerance to amphetamine, but it hasn't been tested on humans. I definitely recommend anyone with HPPD to try this substance. It might help you a lot with depersonalization and derealisation, as it did with mine.
  2. So. I'm very spaced out currently. I'll add more about Cerebrolysin as soon as my brain permits, but basically it's porcine derived peptides which spark brain growth. Or something like that.. didn't get into details. I can't wait for NSI-189 lying around like this any longer, and this seems to have a high chance of helping me, moreover it seems rather similar save the RoA. Anyway, many tout it as the most potent nootropic they've ever used. I've even read 2 accounts of it improving depersonalization, one of them quite drastically. I suggest you read through the (long) thread at Longecity however, if you're interested. This one has been on the back of my mind for so long; I almost forgot it existed. When I first started looking into Nootropics, it was the first thing that caught my eye based on the (sometimes very impressive) user reports. However, the only downside is the RoA. Intramuscular injection. This is why I never bothered with it, as IM injections seemed rather extreme to me. Though now more than ever I really, really, need something that works. The upside however is that it should work relatively quickly (1-20 days, with an average of 4-5 days) and should be highly efficacious if it works. So, I went ahead and ordered myself 200ml (20 x 10ml) Cerebrolysin from Nootropic.eu. (warning: very expensive). I'll be spending the coming days trying to figure out how to do intramuscular injections, ordering needles, etc. (I've never done an injection.. hell I've even missed a lot of shots!). The only fear I have is that I'll fuck up due to my current cognitive state (I barely made a sandwhich today.. hoping Aniracetam will help with that short-term), but other than that I'm pretty sure it should be harmless. And I guess.. would suck to waste almost 300 euros on a failed experiment and jabbing my thigh for nothing. I haven't found a single mention of Cerebrolysin on HPPDonline.. Does anyone have any experience with this (I doubt it)? I'm still reading in to it, but doses tend to be 5-10ml per day, either every other day, or 5 on 2 off. I figured 10ml 5 on 2 off for 4 weeks should be sufficient to gauge efficacy. Of course this is subject to adjustments. Thoughts anyone?
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