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  1. ⚠️ A few days ago, I ended up in the Emergency Room after a hip/back injury two days prior was increasing in pain and I could not sit up without assistance. Luckily, CTscan and other tests showed no organ damage or issue (hernia/etc) but there are three muscles that cross in that area and the deepest layer is often what causes that pain. After getting IV opiate of some sort, I was discharged. It is a few days later. and I just returned from my doctor's office. My back was exceptionally tight at the location, and I consented to a therapy with lidocaine and multiple injections at different sites (Graphic description: It felt like a meat tenderizer, but in the best way possible). Then a steroid shot. Lastly. prescribed Orphenadrine, Orphenadrine is toxic when overdosed and typically induces anticholinergic effects I have 100mg Extended Release tabs. Honestly, based on the action of this older drug it probably would not be a great choice for a person with HPPD. However, I don't like cyclobenzaprine because it makes me feel awful in the morning. I will report tomorrow how the entire experience impacts HPPD. When writing reports with medications, make sure to tag the medication and that will allow for very easy searching of medication info for people. So far, I do feel a little dry mouth. I have Biotene for this, which is a smart thing to have around. Actually, I am definitely feeling "altered" and it is T + 40 minutes. I just spent a minute or so lost in my bouncing leg and thinking about the tingling. I am going to lay down for sure. - david
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