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Found 3 results

  1. Hi viewers. I would guess that many members have never experienced having me on the message board. A confluence of events occured that forced me away, and it has been hard to return. Why you should read this because it will be a thread that will include information I never discussed before, I will provide information that had been withheld and I will open up the work I did that has been reviewed by members of Senior Commitees in the APA and senior researchers at Yale. They thought the research ideas where quite valuable. My first admissions: When my HPPD started and I developed panic attack disorder and was put on a high dose of Klonopin. For the last 10 years, I have been on 4mg a day. A doctor finally had me tested, and I knew I have struggled with organization and my ability to control how I concentrate, and it was so severe I almost didnt graduate from High School, yet I slipped by as National Honor Society Preside t even though I failed all marling of Spanish, Calculus, Basic Accounting and Government. I took 6 hours of tests. Part of the interesting parts are that I write essays at a 5th grade level when forced to use a pencil and paper. This was a strong contrast to my academic publications and the rest of my testing. The other area that surprised me, was that I scored in the SEVERLY IMPAIRED Hagen, Moore, Wickham, and Maples (2008) found that children who have trouble with visual skills have difficulty with attention, which interferes with executive brain functioning and mimics ADHD symptoms. Children with VPD may be easily distracted by too much visual stimulation.
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