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Found 1 result

  1. Okay so basically I've had hppd since February 2016, my symptoms were in my opinion very severe especially the anxiety and dp/dr, after a month of no improvement I was so desprate I got a private doctor to prescribe me clonazepam 0.5mg x2 a day and it was a miracle within 2-3 months I was pretty much 100% better but the clonazepam was causing memory issues so I decided I was 'cured' and tried tapering as advised by my doctor 0.25mg every 2 weeks and following this I had some withdrawal symptoms mostly confusion, getting angry easily and becoming manic at times, I was however smoking weed again everyday at this time (not sure if it helped with withdrawal symptoms) for around 2 months before I tapered cause I believed I was better and it also never gave me any indication it would bring back or make my hppd worse, I came off clonazepam for about 2 weeks and everything was great I was 'cured' then one night after taking some questionable cannabis oil pills it all hit me like the first time and I was experiencing sever symptoms and had to leave my job and of course went straight back on clonazepam on normal dosage (also quit weed and all drugs again including caffiene and cigs etc) and things got a lot better slowly again and I returned to work which brought back lots of anxiety to the point I had an anxiety attack every night after work and only slept 3-4 hours max and of course this made my symptoms a lot worse and I had to quit work again as I believed it would make me premenatly worse if it carried on or just end in a massive breakdown, this was 3 weeks ago and my sleep is almost back to normal with me now getting a solid 6-7 hours and my anxiety is mostly gone except my dp/dr is coming back mildly and it's horrible I haven't experienced this at all since early on when it began last year before clonazepam, my doctor and every doctor I've seen will not prescribe me anymore clonazepam and I am being told I have to wean off it even though I'm not ready and they know this full well but they are going to starting cutting my down By force very soon and the though of that is terrifying, so I was looking for some advice and help on here about weaning off clonazepam safely and weather it's just gonna make me go full blown hppd again because honestly I can't live through that again it was extremely traumatic for me, I've been prescribed lamotrigine but I'm too scared to take it due to the horrible stuff people have said about it on here and elsewhere on the web and it looks like it's the same as clonazepam it will mask it for awhile then I'll go through withdrawal hell if I ever try coming off it. Has anyone here successfully come off clonazepam and isn't on any medication? If so are your symptoms getting any better at all? Sorry for the long post I'm just so desperate and wanted to get down as much info as possible but I really feel like this is make or break for me, I have no family support and no doctors want to listen to me, thanks for reading guys I hope you can help.

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