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Found 2 results

  1. Today is father's birthday, we decided to make the cake by myself, some time ago my family buy oven this bottom can be sent on the big use. My mother and Patagonia Jackets in the early afternoon began work, we put the egg yolk and flour and stir into a batter, protein while stirring again put sugar into something like a cream, mix them together, into the prepared mold, before 15 minutes after the Patagonia sale cake batter baked, aside, mix in the morning to buy a good whipping cream butter, between the two layer cake with a circle around the butter evenly, with strawberry and orange cake ornament to be beautiful, with a candle, a nice, dad to see our handmade cake, happy eyes all became a little smile. This is we give him the best birthday present. Eating the Patagonia Outlet don't mention how beautiful in my heart, this but I have to do well.
  2. Every summer vacation, mom and dad will take me to play, this year is no exception, went to the famous ningde wanda plaza, Patagonia Outlet in the inside of the big players in the playground had a try, finally got a lovely and beautiful toys - plutus cat. The plutus cat face on the left half yellow, other are all white, in its white neck tied with a red tie, it is a small and exquisite, bell, wave gives jingle bells jingle bell - the noise of the fun. It has a pair of the sparkle of little eyes as if to say: "today, Patagonia Jackets wish you a bonanza! A thriving business! Congratulation!" It and I was like peas and carrots, even eat, sleep, all I went away with it. When I do my homework it as if to say: "small master, to write, ready to play again." Patagonia Jackets Sale can't think up it again in said: "little master, think with your heart, always want to come out." You see, my lovely plutus cat, it is my favorite toy!
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