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Found 1 result

  1. Just thought i'd drop in to let y'all know that afobazole (Russian axiolytic/anti-depressant) has really been really helping me with my anxiety (I have had HPPD & DP/DR since age 16. I am 31 now). It's great to not be worried about benzo's or pregabalin, trying to balance sporadic use with the risk of becoming addicted. Afo takes a few weeks to start working and it's subtle compared to benzo's (no muscle relaxtion/ inhibition/ sleepyness etc. it's not much of a tranquilizer). It can be stopped at any time with no withdrawals according to the research i've looked at. When I get a bit more time I will post some more in depth analysis and links to studies, but just for now i'd though id share this info with all my HPPD brothers and sisters out there in the world. Idealy I can just keep benzo's for the odd emergency situation. Just for disclosore I also take Tianeptine 12.5mg 3 times a day (it's a mood brightener and a novel kind of antidepressent that doesn't seem to make HPPD worse due to not having the same Mechanism of action as SSRI's. I mainly take tianeptine in the hope of long term neurogensis/neural plasticity and to reduce the negative effects of chronic stress on the brain. (Living with HPPD and DP is stressful right?!) It can help with anxiety to a certain extent. I also take; B12 (methylcobalamine) Vitamin D3 (sublingual) Ubiqionol CoQ10 Krill Oil Astaxanthin (anti-oxident) Chelated Magnesium / Calcium supplement Vitamin K2 Phosphatydylserine + Chinese tonic herbs - 8 Immortals / Reishi Mushroom extract / Chage mushroom extract / Ginseng Sublime formula. jeez it's a lot of stuff, no wonder i'm broke! Cheers, Luke
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