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Found 37 results

  1. speedy_gonzales

    Hey Everybody

    Hey everybody I'm suffering from what i believe to be hppd from an LSD trip 3 months ago. i've also been experimenting with all sorts of drugs in the past. My symptoms are mainly visual snow all day (it get worse at night and in the dark), some after images and that awful feeling of being here but not here and that nothing seems real, like being in a haze, disconnected from everything (DP/DR). At first the doctors thought i had a psychosis and put me on an anti-psychotic (olanzapine) that didn't really help and an SSRI antidepressant (escitalopram) for the depression. After doing some research and talking to my psychiatrist he agreed to let me try Keppra next month. I'm gonna have an EEG and a blood test done (already got a MRT that showed nothing). I'm gonna keep you updated i hope that it will work
  2. Hey People, so im in Holland since a Month now, the first week i smoked high Quality weed (Dutch-Weed is fucking awesome ) but now i dont have enough money and cant buy more....so since 3 weeks im clean of weed and all other shit, the first time since 3 years......My Visual Snow decreased but strangely now i jump "Frames" and have a light Headache at the Backside of my head. It´s like lightsources would turn off for some Miliseconds, like jumping a FPS. I never had that before and only appears since i stopped smoking. I got that really often a day and just wondered if someone had the same symptoms? Unfortunately i can start smoking again in 1 or 2 days so right now i cant tell if it will go away if i start smoking again. I dont know if the Headache comes from my work (07:00-18:00), its really stressing because i have to do Quality-Control here and have to concentrate alot, or if its binded to the not-smoking, OR if its from the Weed i smoked here....Anyways im having lots of fun here
  3. So I'm just trying to find some commonalities amongst all of us and determine what the main culprit in causing HPPD is(i.e. frequency, dosage, substance). So if you could just list the drugs you used up until HPPD and what substances you used after HPPD and how frequently, I'd appreciate it. Also, if you could state whether or not your HPPD was instantaneous after a particular experience or gradual.....I guess really I just want like as detailed of an account as your trying to give from the time you started using drugs up until this point. If you don't wanna read this entire thing(It's kinda long) just skip to the bottom. Story: {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{So for me I smoked weed for about a year before my HPPD "hit" I had done ecstasy around 20-25 times, taken LSD about 5 times, shrooms once, cocaine twice, and pills every now and then(klonopin, xanax, vicodin) but not very often. The bulk of my ecstasy use was the summer before I got into LSD.......After all my ecstasy use I had a little HPPD, I would see trails on certain things and I had a little light sensitivity but nothing out of control. It really didn't bother me at all, everything just looked a little more vibrant and alive. So then sophomore year(when I started using LSD) of college I found a LSD hook up and started trippin. I tripped 3 times over like 1 1/2 months and felt completely fine. No anxiety or weird visuals and my weed highs were still normal. Then I took like a 2 week break and then tripped acid twice more within like 3 weeks of each other. After these two trips things started to go down hill. These last 2 acid trips I had were terrible. I was really paranoid and one of my friends was screwing with me the entire time and the experiences left me in some odd state of mind. Afterwards things started to look a little "acid-like" when I was sober but I still felt like everything was ok. However whenever I would smoke weed I started to clam up and have a lot of anxiety and couldn't really speak straight at all. So I decided to take a break on weed for Christmas break and when I tried to smoke once second semester started the problems were like 20 times worse. From here on out things gradually got worse and worse, I tried to continue smoking as I thought if I regained my tolerance weed would go back to normal. After a bit of this the weird delusional thoughts and anxiety started creeping into my sober life and I decided to stop smoking weed. But, I did decide to do DMT twice and LSD once in an attempt to have a good experience and maybe redirect where everything was heading. It didn't really help....it made the visuals slightly worse but overall was just a waste of time and money. So I decided to stop with all the psychedelics and was "sober" for about a month before I went to a 2 day rave. I took ecstasy both days thinking I could never have a bad experience with that but did and that weekend worsened my visuals quite a bit. So........about a month later I got hit with DP and that was about 7 months ago.....I've taken ecstasy twice since DP hit.....Once was terrible and once was actually enjoyable. I've been more or less sober since around August except for a few drinks from time to time. So yea that's my drug story.....all of that was within about a year and a half from the first time I smoked weed to the time I got DP.}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} I don't expect most people to of read all of that but mainly what I'm wanting is just to know what you believe the main culprit of your DP/DR/HPPD was. I think for me it was the two negative experiences I had on LSD. Those two experiences just set in a negative undertone to my subsequent drug use from that point forward. I feel like if I had kept the same frequency of drug usage but avoided those negative trips then I never would've developed anxiety that never would've led to DP and I don't believe my HPPD would've gotten as bad.
  4. fabio

    Im new here

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  5. Alfa_spring

    Hey!! i need 911 help!!

    Hello everyone!! i am 19 i am from ecuador... time here is 3 am...i am really worried about my situation i really want to quit with all this issue.. i am here for some advices..! i have heard that hppd is incurable! but could be manage.. So please give me some advice about what can i do for anxiety? to reduce hallucinations? i have 4 months in this problems! i had quit from college.. i want to concentrate in my future... PLease i really need help and i am really glad to find this community.. Please what can i take? what can reduce my hppd? Every day i regret taking LSD! Its really hard to live everyday with this! SO please HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  7. Shannondances


    I've said On here before that I've never actually tripped. Well I'm remembering one time my friends and I actually tried to get some LSD. It came in foil on little pieces of paper with green dots on them. We had our night planned out before we took them and ten they never kicked in. I didn't see any visuals but jus felt very drowsy and very high all night. Any ideas what this could have been?
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  9. Hi, i've just joined this site after reading alot of useful information thanks! I think it's very likely that i have HPPD based on what i've read, i was diagnosed with anxiety, as i told my doctor all my symptoms except for the visuals/objects feeling soft, similar to my acid trips. This is because i was under 18 at the time and i was quite sure my doctor was required to tell my parents. I have visual snow basically 24/7, things breathing, after images after staring at objects, text moves and starts to change colour when i read it, sometimes i struggle to tell the difference between 2 not that similar colours, patterns when looking at a plain wall, hairs on towels and such wiggling, things growing towards me or melting, general acid visuals/feelings basically, along with the usual HPPD added extras. Basically i was wondering what would be the best way to approach my doctor about this, explain to her why i was lying about it and hopefully get some sort of true diagnosis. And also whether to mention the different medications mentioned on here or might she be suspicious? It's ALOT harder to get prescribed things in the UK that in the US, especially for mental health problems i've noticed. Any one know what i should do?!
  10. Hello guys, i already posted a bit of this text as a guest, (also DTrooper), just thought let´s make a new topic to introduce myself: ...I´m 19 years Old, male, born in spain living in germany now...I have a Job, a Flat, everything´s going well....Before 2 Months i tripped some LSD...i think (really don´t know) i also have HPPD, after taking lsd 2 times...it´s not like you think, everything is (almost) normal...i can cause flashbacks when i want and stop them when i want....it´s really strange, if i stare at a grafitti, nothing happens...if i wish myself it should move it does...if i wish myself it should stop, it stop´s.... I can control it completely....I just lived a month like always, without making a flashback, now after a month without flashbacks i still can cause them, but how said i can completely control it....So i´m really lucky about that i can control it, i won´t take it anymore, i don´t have to, i can cause it anytime i want, and stop it anytime i want...sounds stupid, you may won´t believe, i had alot of luck.....anyways i know it could have been worse, just fucking happy about it all happened like this, i won´t take hard drugs anymore. I only tripped LSD twice, after first taking i just got HDDP on my Grafitti-wall: two days after my first trip i still saw the grafitti moving...i just thought ok just a wall, it will go away... the second trip got me to my level now: i can cause Flashs when i want, just noticed it a week after consuming. seriously i´m not annyoed by it because it doesn´t influences me, if i dont´want the flash it doen´t comes, i dont wake up and instantly a flash is starting, everything is normal like always just that i can give myself a flash... i´m going crazy about this, just have to realize its HPPD, maybe it will get worse, who knows. So here´s the list of my symptoms: Flashback only starts if i wish myself a flashback. I can stop it immediatly when i want. The Flashback causes: Flag-movíng, (also to music) Kind of "doubling" the object. Kind of looking deeper and deeper to the object. No changes on hearing music, or intensed colours No depersonalization, Floaters or derealization. No changes about my charakteristics, just asked my friends everything like always, i also feel like always. No Panik-attacks or anything like that. It´s moving like this: http://hppdonline.com/index.php?/gallery/image/8-demonstrationg-image/ I only have Visual aftereffects from it, nothing else.... I will consider a NeuroDoc in the next week, hopefully theyll know what is going on... Anyone having the same?....

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