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  1. What the chances that your your hppd symtoms could be caused by a brain tomor
  2. I do get a long lasting afterimage if the the object i am looking at is really bright and everything else is dark. Regardless of where it is or what eye.
  3. If i move my head right or if something is bright and moves to the right with my head still it produces an afterimage. Just relized that i have afterimages in my left eye, but they were hidden in the very right corner by my nose. Hppd seems to have different symtoms for everyone but with the one common symtom which is snowy vision. So could this be an oddball symtom of hppd.
  4. I know i won''t be sharing my two girlfriends anytime soon. lol
  5. I was wondering if hppd had any benefits. If you can ignore all the negatives that hppd causes. Ex. It is harder for you to notice static on an old tube t.v. Try to think positive people. Don't let your hppd get you down.
  6. I think hppd can be cause by a number of different things. Drugs seem to be the big one for what causes hppd. But.... I will believe your theory if you find a cure. lol
  7. Its a floater a big one at that. It took me awhile to figure out what to stare at that was bright. That woundn't give me a good afterimage. Shook my head a couple time at it turns out it moves. The floater appears purple not black. I think my hppd could be switching the hue of it. and yes mustbenu i have static. Looks like t.v tube static. Had it ever since i was born.
  8. If you want to get more people in these fourms i recommend spaminng other fourms to do with health.
  9. I got afterimages in my right eye but not in my left. Is this normal of hppd? I thought if you have afterimages its in both eyes.
  10. There not floaters. I can see what ever it is in time with my heart beat. It disappears and reappears in time with my heart beat. Plus it never moves in the same spot 99% of the time. So i belive its something to do with seeing my blood cells in my eyes. Only my right eye has this prob.
  11. Are you able to drive with the ghosting?
  12. Is ghosting a symtom of hppd? I'm not talking about afterimages.
  13. I have the problem with my hppd where i can see the blood cells in my eyes. I was thinking of talking to my doctor about taking a blood thinner or a blood pressure medication to lower my blood pressure abit. Just to see what happens.
  14. The last couple days i have been gettin concerned over my hppd. The double vision part(have it in both eyes). Its returned to haunt me. Does anyone here got any good suggestions how to get my mind off of this? Everything i look at my vision is "ghosting". I am not concerned at all with the other systems had them my whole life (except the afterimages and the ability to see the blood cells in my eyes). I may have what they would call a true case of snowy vision. I have done alot of reasearch on the net and belive hppd is what i have.
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