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  1. I want to make a small edit to this: That it would still be wise to consume seeded or seedless grapes, either or is beneficial and needs to be added to treatment, grapes at least a handful once daily, or more if desired. As for the reason for this edit I wont elaborate, but its simple and safe enough that it needs no explanation. Grapes should not be omitted from treatment.
  2. Yah, completely agree, and this is a good study to present. There are parameters involving over excitability in traumatic brain injuries, which is mainly what this study focuses on it seems. There are other parameters involved, as not all forms of epilepsy or tinnitus appear only from blunt trauma, etc, so the findings aren't exclusive to neuronal loss. Again I'm not entirely ruling out neuronal loss, and there definitely seems to be some kind of connection involved with hyperexcitability and neuronal loss, but we do have studies that show the chemicals that cause HPPD aren't exactly proven to
  3. So, I've been here, working on this, for 8 years now, and I think I have a conclusion. The main thing that I have noticed about HPPD, is that it is quite similar in presentation, though not so much in symptoms, to other mental health conditions, mainly epilepsy, and migraines. I have also found some convincing evidence that it is even somewhat similar in fashion to PTSD. Now, I believe its been quite discussed that as far as significant neuronal loss is concerned, it doesn't appear to be quite the case in HPPD, though I can't argue that some aren't lost, it doesn't appear to be the main drivin
  4. Completely agree with this, and at this point if I were you, cease all drug use for the rest of your life, there are a number of people that I have seen on here, that were where you are, and tried some weed or something mild even years down the road, and got full blown HPPD, dont risk it dude, its not worth it.
  5. You look like your pretty active on here. Have you ever tried CBD or HEMP (100% THC free only kinds) for your symptoms? Or heard of anyone trying these? 

    1. Fawkinchit


      No, I haven't. I wouldn't expect much from using them either. I believe they are just a fad right now.

  6. Really, please, explain your symptoms and experience, its very interesting to hear stories like this. Thanks.
  7. When my computer is back up and running I can take a look at it. Im just waiting for a new processor, should be a couple weeks though.
  8. Mitochondria dysfunction in neurons could have a possible role. Obviously the article is geared more towards depression and suicide, but they mention PTSD as well, and I'm sure that the problems caused by mitochondrial dysfunctions could be expanded to HPPD as well. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4417658/ The Role of Nutrients in Protecting Mitochondrial Function and Neurotransmitter Signaling: Implications for the Treatment of Depression, PTSD, and Suicidal Behaviors Jing Du,1,3,*# Ming Zhu,1,* Hongkun Bao,1 Bai Li,1 Yilong Dong,1 Chunjie Xiao,1 Grace Y. Zhan
  9. When HPPD is really bad, paranoia and high anxiety is definitely a symptom. I initially had paranoia that I knew was most probable to be illegitimate thoughts, granted they were. The paranoia eventually resolved to some degree, the anxiety never did, it was crippling. Voices I never heard, that is more synonymous with schizophrenia, but HPPD sufferers typically reports a wide variety of symptoms, so its not impossible.
  10. I left a comment, its just one doctor, and he clearly has a biased perspective, and possibly a biased "agenda" aka hes getting money to do work, this often sways researchers, especially if they are trying to get a foothold or build a name for themselves.
  11. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/0041008X66901281 adding this for later
  12. Completely agree, actually my HPPD no longer has symptoms revolving around the more recognized symptoms, it just seems to manifest in severe anxiety some times, like it literally feels like my entire nervous system is on fire. and it goes away after a couple hours. I rarely have issue anymore but sometimes it does flare up. I used to have a lot of the typical symptoms when I first got it and it was full blast. Anyways I want to post this write up by Dr. Royal Lee, from all the doctors I've seen I haven't seen many a greater, if any at all, and he does explain that brain dysfunction can s
  13. After more research I wanted to post this, as I have been postulating that there could be adrenal dysfunction involved in HPPD. But there would likely have to be clear evidence that hallucinogens have impacts on the adrenals in the first place. So here I'm presenting this study. So it shows there could be some sort of adrenal dysfunction involved, which seems a bit misguided, but Dr. Royal Lee talks about caused hallucinations and their involvements with the adrenals, and I even found a case report of a man who was hallucinating badly, and it was eventually found that for some reason his adren
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