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  1. Sure, there are other conditions that have these symptoms. However his MRIs are actually consistent with MS. I agree what he says about the B12 as well, there are a few B vitamins that when deficient can cause this symptom. Hence one of the reason I ask about your diet Jaz.
  2. When HPPD is really bad, paranoia and high anxiety is definitely a symptom. I initially had paranoia that I knew was most probable to be illegitimate thoughts, granted they were. The paranoia eventually resolved to some degree, the anxiety never did, it was crippling. Voices I never heard, that is more synonymous with schizophrenia, but HPPD sufferers typically reports a wide variety of symptoms, so its not impossible.
  3. I left a comment, its just one doctor, and he clearly has a biased perspective, and possibly a biased "agenda" aka hes getting money to do work, this often sways researchers, especially if they are trying to get a foothold or build a name for themselves.
  4. Have you done meth? The bug crawling is synonymous with Multiple Sclerosis from what I understand, like I had mentioned in our emails. I would recommend trying this https://www.amazon.com/Standard-Process-Neurotrophin-PMG-90/dp/B00GZRI9FA/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=neurotrophin&qid=1596125652&sr=8-1 and then I also found this "Evidence is accumulating to show that multiple sclerosis is a result of deficiencies in which vitamin E complex (as found in butter) is vitally involved. (12) Further, vitamin E is now found to be a remedy for the disorders of menopause, (13) showing how these deficiency diseases follow their victim through life." So I would also recommend getting a natural source vitamin E supplement, not a synthetic. Wheat germ oil by NOW is the best option. I would recommend that over any vitamin E supplement, as it is mostly vitamin E and has 22 other vital nutrients. Wheat germ is whats removed from wheat that has all the nutrients ever since mechanical milling was invented, it was one of the dumbest things the food industry has ever done. So get wheat germ by NOW https://www.amazon.com/Supplements-Wheat-Essential-Fatty-16-Ounce/dp/B000JNAMJ2/ref=sxin_7_sn-rev-1-na_a9352bf3e8b35e99488a9265633d584049aac5c0?cv_ct_cx=wheat+germ&dchild=1&keywords=wheat+germ&pd_rd_i=B000JNAMJ2&pd_rd_r=ebb5a36b-b389-44ba-96d4-d854e857c9d5&pd_rd_w=EjZX7&pd_rd_wg=ta4gH&pf_rd_p=2f905be3-bf11-4075-9edc-74dc6b15713f&pf_rd_r=NCB85FAFK1SR699GBE2R&qid=1596125867&sr=1-1-c6d1e124-78d4-46de-a286-0e075d587cf2 Or you can get it from Standard Process, its more expensive but their products are hella top of the line legit and organic. https://www.amazon.com/Standard-Process-Inflammatory-Supplement-Antioxidant/dp/B003D7UIXQ/ref=sxts_sxwds-bia-wc-p13n1_0?cv_ct_cx=wheat+germ&dchild=1&keywords=wheat+germ&pd_rd_i=B003D7UIXQ&pd_rd_r=313ce055-958c-4120-8ea4-0ac3b07c69f5&pd_rd_w=0nzQn&pd_rd_wg=VAPAV&pf_rd_p=13bf9bc7-d68d-44c3-9d2e-647020f56802&pf_rd_r=NCB85FAFK1SR699GBE2R&psc=1&qid=1596125867&sr=1-1-791c2399-d602-4248-afbb-8a79de2d236f Try these and let us know how it goes, also it would be wise to add fruits to your diet, and eat less protein, no meat. Remove ALL unprocessed foods from your diet as well. So no synthetic butter, only 100% whole wheat bread, no high fructose corn syrup, no fast food. Do it bro! Good luck. Edit: for anyone reading this I'm not diagnosing him with MS, but as per my conversation with him his physicians suspect MS. Also Jaz I'm not saying you don't have HPPD either, I do believe you have symptoms of HPPD, but your tests that you showed me are indicative of MS as well. Also, I think you could benefit from some essential fatty acids, so get a supplement for those, like a mix of cod liver oil and borage oil etc.
  5. Yah dude this is what makes me think your condition is more than just HPPD, like yes i do think that you have HPPD symptoms, and probably have HPPD, your other symptoms and MRIs are not consistent with HPPD. Does anyone else on this forum get a bug crawling symptoms on their skin?
  6. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/0041008X66901281 adding this for later
  7. Can you please answer what your diet is like.
  8. By EG do you mean Eosinophilic gastritis? EG is the proper medical abbreviation for that. Also I don't understand what you mean by queeg. i'm guessing you mean electroencephalagram? None of the things I recommended have potential to make your symptoms worse. You're talking a lot about Epilepsy, do you have seizures? Epilepsy is curable as well, and the meds they take are actually quite neurotoxic long term, they also don't exactly stop seizures. L-theanine is not a good choice IMO, I'm not sure why you tried that.
  9. Um, so you haven't tried any of the things that I recommended? I would recommend them lol. Also as I'm aware of your specific symptoms, can you please let me know what your diet is like? Based on everything that you showed me in PMs, and the drugs/treatments that you are trying, it appears like you're just looking for a quick fix, and simply the body doesn't work like that, its great to get relief but the body needs to heal, it NEEDS building blocks for that, nutrients, vitamins, phospholipids, etc, and then it takes time. A LOT of patience. Quick fixes for this condition are chamomile, lemon balm, and benzodiazepines. But to heal is something different. Everything that you're trying pretty much almost NEVER works. I don't know why people don't understand that pharmaceuticals will never work, because you trying to add something to the body that it never needs, nor can it properly utilize it for healing, they are synthetic compounds and they just simply don't belong. Medicine is so far off from treating people that humans are dying off in the droves from major disease, and its only getting worse due to modern medicines failure, because its just become marketing. So I don't now why anyone takes these prescription pharmaceuticals serious, modern medicine is an absolute joke, and failure. Cancer was cured 70 years ago.
  10. Completely agree, actually my HPPD no longer has symptoms revolving around the more recognized symptoms, it just seems to manifest in severe anxiety some times, like it literally feels like my entire nervous system is on fire. and it goes away after a couple hours. I rarely have issue anymore but sometimes it does flare up. I used to have a lot of the typical symptoms when I first got it and it was full blast. Anyways I want to post this write up by Dr. Royal Lee, from all the doctors I've seen I haven't seen many a greater, if any at all, and he does explain that brain dysfunction can stem from liver issues, and plainly states that narcotics can disrupt the urea(carbamide) production, which is specifically in the liver, so we may just have a liver issue. What I'm wondering is maybe there is a correlation, and in HPPD the narcotic induces long term change in the liver, or the livers function in metabolizing urea/carbamide.
  11. After more research I wanted to post this, as I have been postulating that there could be adrenal dysfunction involved in HPPD. But there would likely have to be clear evidence that hallucinogens have impacts on the adrenals in the first place. So here I'm presenting this study. So it shows there could be some sort of adrenal dysfunction involved, which seems a bit misguided, but Dr. Royal Lee talks about caused hallucinations and their involvements with the adrenals, and I even found a case report of a man who was hallucinating badly, and it was eventually found that for some reason his adrenals weren't producing cortisol, on administration of synthetic cortisol there was a remission of the hallucinations. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/26849997/ Acute Effects of Lysergic Acid Diethylamide on Circulating Steroid Levels in Healthy Subjects P Strajhar 1, Y Schmid 2, E Liakoni 2, P C Dolder 2 3, K M Rentsch 3, D V Kratschmar 1, A Odermatt 1, M E Liechti 2 Affiliations expand PMID: 26849997 DOI: 10.1111/jne.12374 Abstract Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) is a serotonin 5-hydroxytryptamine-2A (5-HT2A ) receptor agonist that is used recreationally worldwide. Interest in LSD research in humans waned after the 1970s, although the use of LSD in psychiatric research and practice has recently gained increasing attention. LSD produces pronounced acute psychedelic effects, although its influence on plasma steroid levels over time has not yet been characterised in humans. The effects of LSD (200 μg) or placebo on plasma steroid levels were investigated in 16 healthy subjects using a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled, cross-over study design. Plasma concentration-time profiles were determined for 15 steroids using liquid-chromatography tandem mass-spectrometry. LSD increased plasma concentrations of the glucocorticoids cortisol, cortisone, corticosterone and 11-dehydrocorticosterone compared to placebo. The mean maximum concentration of LSD was reached at 1.7 h. Mean peak psychedelic effects were reached at 2.4 h, with significant alterations in mental state from 0.5 h to > 10 h. Mean maximal concentrations of cortisol and corticosterone were reached at 2.5 h and 1.9 h, and significant elevations were observed 1.5-6 h and 1-3 h after drug administration, respectively. LSD also significantly increased plasma concentrations of the androgen dehydroepiandrosterone but not other androgens, progestogens or mineralocorticoids compared to placebo. A close relationship was found between plasma LSD concentrations and changes in plasma cortisol and corticosterone and the psychotropic response to LSD, and no clockwise hysteresis was observed. In conclusion, LSD produces significant acute effects on circulating steroids, especially glucocorticoids. LSD-induced changes in circulating glucocorticoids were associated with plasma LSD concentrations over time and showed no acute pharmacological tolerance.
  12. Whats up mgrade long time no see how have you been? Looks like you been doing some writing? Also to everyone: I just linked up with Oliver on Whatsapp, if anyone would like to join a group chat just send me your information for whatsapp and I will add you to the chat! Also for an update I am still doing a lot of work on trying to find something relevant for this disorder, after the long years of working on it though I'm extremely exhausted, and there have been so many other things in life that I have been trying to accomplish and keep together as well. I am still trying to make progress though and have been looking in to some interesting and relevant information involving other conditions that develop like symptoms and also hallucinations. Its become apparent that there are a lot of conditions of the body that are linked to healthy brain function, and when there are issues with these sections of the body, the brain does not function as it should, it isn't then per say, a requisite that the disorder lies solely in the brain, but could be elsewhere. I will try to share relevant information when I have time. I apologize to everyone that I haven't been as busy with this as usual. I do genuinely hope that we all end in a happy place and get a second chance, and I thank everyone that has posted here and talked with me and shared their information, it has been really encouraging and uplifting to continue trying. Thanks for everyone too that has been kind to me and reached out, I apologize also to anyone that I have not been able to help significantly, or have been rude to in the past, as I was under a lot of stress, and didn't have the best functioning brain for proper emotional handling. Also, Hope, the website looks good!
  13. I can’t imagine any reason why Verapamil would make much difference. Its a calcium channel blocker, if I remember correctly its a minute dose of snake venom.
  14. I’ve seen numerous posters here having a negative review, I never go there so I can’t speak for myself. I do believe that reddit can be very informative, but also over extensive in their liberal and modern views, while also using their broad knowledge base for an excuse to be close minded from anything different in their thought of concrete beliefs. I doubt that benzodiazepines have any drastic negative impact long term, but coming off them could have negative impacts on symptoms due to receptor adjustment, according to research it should only be temporary and symptoms within a month after discontinuation should technically return to baseline. However there are no studies I’m aware of that prove that, and in medicine thats really important.
  15. Wow, this i the first case I have seen from nutmeg.
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