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  1. dasitmane

    A visit to the neurologist

    Whoa, thanks.
  2. dasitmane

    The HPPD Recovery Guide

    All solid points
  3. dasitmane

    A visit to the neurologist

    Any chance of tracking that study down?
  4. dasitmane

    Results from my mRI February 2016

    https://www.technologyreview.com/s/411201/detecting-subtle-brain-injuries/ pretty good article explaining the lack of precision for white matter damage in MRIs.
  5. dasitmane

    Results from my mRI February 2016

    http://www.medfriendly.com/periventricular-white-matter.html here is a good site for anyone looking to understand the primary areas being referenced in the MRI results.
  6. dasitmane

    Results from my mRI February 2016

    It’s possible that hallucinogens cause microangiopathy in the brain cutting of circulation to neurons and causing widespread neuronal loss.
  7. dasitmane

    Results from my mRI February 2016

    Thanks for posting this! Seems like yours is the exact same outcome as mine. It seems others have had similar reports. White matter abnormalities associated with migraines. I think it is somewhat of a pattern enough to associate with HPPD. And yah obviously they didn’t list your symptoms properly lol.
  8. Sound more like a side effect from the drug possibly. Give it some time to wear off maybe? Keep us updated
  9. dasitmane

    A visit to the neurologist

    He’s obviously extremely busy. He sounds arrogant and ignorant, but he did say he would learn everything he could and admitted he doesn’t know everything. You probably need to leave him a note wth the secretary over the phone as he most likely just forgot.
  10. dasitmane

    The HPPD Recovery Guide

    I don’t see any reason for not monetizing it if it works. If he’s fortunate enough to discover a way to fix the disease he may as well profit from it. The question is, is it really a guide for true and complete recovery to point the brain was before the incident. Which personally I highly doubt.
  11. DMT is why I am here. I had an amazing life with so much potential. It turned it all to complete hell, a flame of torment in my brains senses daily, sleeping was the only time I had peace for months, and waking was my nightmare. Based on that I think you can reason for yourself if it’s a good idea.
  12. "In a survey of sixty five users of LSD, Holsten found fifty users who described post LSD disturbances eighteen months to four years later3." HPPD is wayyy more prevalent than people are estimating among LSD users. http://www.bjmp.org/content/25-years-hallucinogen-persisting-perception-disorder-diagnostic-challenge Its incredible to me that these findings arent more widely published. Hallucinogens are clearly neurotoxic. Holsten, F. (1976) Flashbacks: Clinical and social significance 1 ½-4 years after the first admission , Journal of Norwegian Medical Association; 96: 875-878
  13. dasitmane

    need help and hope..

    It could be possibly theorized, but its not a possibility to be honest because the symptoms would go away int he case of sensitivity. like I already said, receptors in the brain can be modified, by the brain. So your receptors have gone back to normal, you're brain however, clearly is not. This shows that its not caused by sensitivity. So Dr. Nichols is unfortunately inaccurate in his thoughts on what might be the cause of HPPD. No one knows whats causing the visuals right now. There is very little research on it and its unlikely that there will be much primarily because you're dealing with illegal substances. The hard answer of whats most probable is 5HT2A neurotoxicity(through glutamate modifications), so neuronal loss.
  14. dasitmane

    HPPD Case Studies

    Just google it and you will find a couple. Most of them are from single users that report their disturbances to physicians and the physicians document the information/findings. Tbh I dont think there are going to be many due to governmental regulations on the scheduled substances known to lead to HPPD.
  15. For now sedatives work just fine. Anything thats relaxing to the nervous system. GABA agonists of course, like benzos, or natural ones if you can find any. Lemon balm always helped my anxiety and I pretty much carry it with me everywhere I go. I've noticed that cowslip, which is good for sleeping, if I drink it at night the next day my anxiety is not so bad, but cowslip is hard to find so its not the best choice really. As for visuals I cant really comment because mine eventually went away and so did the DR/DP. Unless I drink A LOT of coffee then the DR/DP comes back slightly. I'm working on some other things but nothing that I will post on here as of yet. If I think of anything else I'll let you know.

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