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  1. I had dizziness in the beginning as well. I had to lean on things if I wasn’t moving, or at least that made it better. It went away though eventually so yours could too. Give it some time and stay very clear of drugs. You seem to be susceptible to HPPD. Good luck
  2. Delucid is a complete moron. I wouldn’t listen to him and it seems like he is trolling. Thanks for opening up. I thin you should let your family know if they will be understanding, that way you will have help if you need someone there for you. The only reason really to see a doctor is if you feel like you need benzos which is typical if you experience terrible anxiety as a symptom. Other than that there is nothing they can do for you. Lemon balm in my experience was a decent supplement to help with the anxiety.
  3. It’s sounds like yes you do. I do not believe that delucid knows what he is talking about. You’re visual snow is a classic symptom. In rare cases people do get HPPD from smoking weed. Incombanant with Prozac it could have amplified effects etc. I would say yes you do to some degree have HPPD.
  4. https://www.technologyreview.com/s/411201/detecting-subtle-brain-injuries/ pretty good article explaining the lack of precision for white matter damage in MRIs.
  5. http://www.medfriendly.com/periventricular-white-matter.html here is a good site for anyone looking to understand the primary areas being referenced in the MRI results.
  6. It’s possible that hallucinogens cause microangiopathy in the brain cutting of circulation to neurons and causing widespread neuronal loss.
  7. Thanks for posting this! Seems like yours is the exact same outcome as mine. It seems others have had similar reports. White matter abnormalities associated with migraines. I think it is somewhat of a pattern enough to associate with HPPD. And yah obviously they didn’t list your symptoms properly lol.
  8. Sound more like a side effect from the drug possibly. Give it some time to wear off maybe? Keep us updated
  9. He’s obviously extremely busy. He sounds arrogant and ignorant, but he did say he would learn everything he could and admitted he doesn’t know everything. You probably need to leave him a note wth the secretary over the phone as he most likely just forgot.
  10. I don’t see any reason for not monetizing it if it works. If he’s fortunate enough to discover a way to fix the disease he may as well profit from it. The question is, is it really a guide for true and complete recovery to point the brain was before the incident. Which personally I highly doubt.
  11. DMT is why I am here. I had an amazing life with so much potential. It turned it all to complete hell, a flame of torment in my brains senses daily, sleeping was the only time I had peace for months, and waking was my nightmare. Based on that I think you can reason for yourself if it’s a good idea.
  12. "In a survey of sixty five users of LSD, Holsten found fifty users who described post LSD disturbances eighteen months to four years later3." HPPD is wayyy more prevalent than people are estimating among LSD users. http://www.bjmp.org/content/25-years-hallucinogen-persisting-perception-disorder-diagnostic-challenge Its incredible to me that these findings arent more widely published. Hallucinogens are clearly neurotoxic. Holsten, F. (1976) Flashbacks: Clinical and social significance 1 ½-4 years after the first admission , Journal of Norwegian Medical Association; 96: 875-878
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