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  1. Go on........ Can you find the show again??
  2. Heres a Danish study that did tests on 400 different people, 154 complained about long term problems years later. AKA HPPD sufferers. Some even committed suicide. And they lean toward potential neurotoxicity. "two-thirds of the patients had flashbacks." http://journals.sagepub.com/doi/10.1177/0957154X16629902
  3. Haha, no not that long. Some may be pertaining to medicine. Ill see what I have when I have time.
  4. Interesting. I may have some old German manuscripts that maybe you could help me understand? Might, its been a long time since I've looked at my non english stuff.
  5. Most logical answer
  6. Thats so weird, coffee wrecks me. Did you get your MRI results back yet?
  7. Mgrade, nice to see you back.
  8. Yes please do! You can read German??
  9. Yah give a try and see what happens. The actual optic nerve itself probably has little to nothing to dow it’s HPPD though.
  10. what about coffee?
  11. Cool, they make mine terribly worse.
  12. I couldn't see it having any long term negative effect, if anything the only potential I see is it having a stimulant effect that might exasperate your symptoms.
  13. I haven't really tried CoQ10. I would be surprised if it helps, but really you never know. Vitamin D I know makes mine slightly worse if I drink to much Vitamin D milk. If you try the CoQ10 just start with like a quarter dose and work your way up. Never know what things are going to do.
  14. Holy shit! This is an amazing find! Good post thats super weird. Im curious how the testing actually goes, like how this doctor tested these levels?
  15. Yup! Well said! Thank you dayum_son.