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  1. Lemon balm helps Edit: It will improve btw, give it some time.
  2. As far as I know its pretty useful for epileptics. Granted if these alternative theories are wrong, then its discordance/desyncronization in the feedback loops involved due to white matter neuronal loss, which would be for the most part unrepairable even with neurogenesis. It is a very curious thing though that Risperidone is working in some of these patients...
  3. In some cases it does appear risperidone makes symptoms worse. Maybe an antagonist would be better. EDIT: Antagonists like trazodone seem to do nothing, but I was thinking that maybe its nessasary to have a highly specific 5HT2A inverse agonist.
  4. Here is another case where the patient is prescribed 1mg of risperidone, and within two months reports that they are cured. Ill post more if I find any. Looks like one month in though they discontinued Risperidone and added the lamotrigine. This is the lamotrigine person I mentioned in the previous post. Also if anyone has had any EEGs done please do post the results. Would like to add too that its possible that the Risperidone could exasperate symptoms initially, but then resolve them, sometimes in medicine when there is a cure, the symptoms get worse before better. Not always, but there are cases. Heres a post from another member, stating that it worsened his symptoms, he doesn't give the dose that he was prescribed though unfortunately. Posted December 29, 2012 Firstly they gave me risperidone, this amplified my symptoms and i stopped taking them. They then gave me amisulpride, that didnt go well either. Then seroquel, it was the better of the three.Once i got used to the side effects it doesnt seem so bad, although im really not sure how much good its doing me. Thats pretty much all I could find on the forum, if theres anything else anyone can find please share. Thanks! If all this is true and accurate, these desyncronization or discordances in the brain could be the cause of a lot of mental disorders.
  5. HUGE post today. Last night I was reading an LSD study and the effects on the brain, going on about areas that are upreg/downreg or something. Anyways the down regulated areas he mentioned are desyncronized. I had to look up what that meant because I had no idea, but it started going on about brain frequencies etc. Basically the neurons in areas pulse with a feed back loop from other areas through resonance, the neurons fire in waves, as groups, its exactly what I was talking about really early on in my first thread. So I started conjecturing that maybe in a few minor users of hallucinogens their brain becomes permanently desynced so to speak, or the harmony between the two areas become discordant, exactly like I used to conjecture, only now there is physical evidence to the idea being possible. So, it comes back to the very first and original posts I made here when I joined 7-8 years ago, about using an antagonist, or maybe even an inverse agonist to "resync" the brain areas. It appears that the issues are predominately in the temporal lobes for people who have anxiety, and the occipital lobes for visual effects. I found a study involving Dr. Abraham where they did EEG studies on post drug users with and without anxiety, most of the users with anxiety showed irregularities in these areas, these are also areas in with patients with seizures can be effected. Dr. Abraham and the other doctor also mentioned how before seizures, patients will report high fear/anxiety. The condition of HPPD could very well be brother/sister relationship with epilepsy interestingly enough. Then I searched the HPPD forum for any posts involving 5HTP2A receptor antagonists or agonists. What found is shocking. Heres the posts from "Victor" Posted March 31 In my case the disorder healed in two months with risperidone and paroxetine. Paroxetine acting upon anxiety and risperidone over visual distortions. Well you know the risk of self-medicating, do not do that, I had facial spasms with only 3 days of use of quetiapine (prescribed by shrink). Doctors actually know about the disorder, but since it is something very recent and vague hardly anyone is diagnosed with it, even because sequels of psychedelic drugs are not the only reason for the cause of false visual perceptions or other senses without loss of lucidity. So go to the psychiatrist anyway, because only then will you get these medications and then heal. Other than this, physical activities are great for diverting your focus from the problem, but the visual symptoms will only disappear with treatment using remedies. I also suggest meditation and some artistic activity such as writing, drawing, playing an instrument, etc. And also temporary abolition of coffee, alcohol and cigarette consumption. Posted March 25 Hello ! Your story is very similar to everyone here, including mine. When I had HPPD, I also got the symptoms very fast and only noticed them after smoking marijuana days after my trip with LSD. What matters is that as quickly as the symptoms came, they left. This is because I did psychiatric treatment, initially using paroxetine for anxiety, risperidone for visual distortions and clonazepam for anxious seizures. Risperidone is an antipsychotic and a major antagonist of LSD as well as quetiapine and chlorpromazine (I have taken all of these, but risperidone was the most effective). In a matter of two months the false hallucinogenic perceptions were gone. With you it would not be different, but for this you need to look for a psychiatrist and explain what happens to you, as he will know the right medication to apply. Please do not self-medicate, as these medicines can have horrible adverse reactions. I for example had facial spasms when I took quetiapine (this I only took for 3 days). I recommend that you do not look for it on the internet, because it is still very vague, unfortunately it is difficult to find information about it and almost all are scary, as it comes from a sensational and anti-drug media. Rest assured, what happens to you is nothing serious and has a cure. Avoid using drugs at this time, including marijuana, alcohol, cigarettes, and coffee. Stay in peace ! If you read most of his posts he is very adamant that Risperidone cured his HPPD. I found another poster too... Posted October 26, 2013 I have HPPD consisting of marihuana-like derealization, LSD-like movements of surfaces, and optical noise. The LSD-like movements had gotten much better over the course of 7 years until they were barely noticeable, until I took Ritalin. Within two weeks, the LSD effects were almost as bad as in the beginning. The rest of my visual effects were not affected. I discontinued Ritalin. The LSD effects remained unchanged (other than going through their usual cyclical fluctuation over 5 days (IIRC) for the next few weeks. Then I started taking low-dose Risperidone (2mg, I think). For the first two days, nothing happened. On day 3, the LSD effects were basically turned off, back to barely noticeable. It was like flipping a switch. In the morning they were there, in the afternoon they were almost gone. I continued taking Risperidone for a few weeks, even increased the dosage, but nothing else happened. There was no effect on my other visuals. After discontinuing Risperidone, the LSD effects did not return, even when I started taking Ritalin again (strange, huh?). I've been taking Ritalin for a few years now. The HPPD symptoms are stable. Caffeine never affected my symptoms. I also found another poster saying he was cured by 200mg of Lamotrigine, which is an antiseizure medication, but it would be clear that this would only treat the symptoms since they are probably similar to epilepsy like disruptions in the brains resonations. Also, there are arguements that Risperidone, an inverse agonist of 5HTP2A exasperates symptoms of HPPD, which is also probably very true, as per the drug in itself without history of HPPD can cause palinopsia. I'm guessing the difference is just in the dose, as the one guy listed his dose which was very smart of him, and as far as I'm concerned is a pretty low dose, not the lowest, but pretty low, as the high does is 200mg. So the answer may very well be in inverse agonists, and maybe even antagonists as well. whichever being the case I'm not entirely sure. Interestingly enough this is probably the "reversal" that hope's research team may have in mind, whether they read my initial ideas/post in my first thread I have no idea, and if that is what they have in mind I'm not entirely sure. But this may very well be it. The cure for HPPD.
  6. Yah, I'm aware of the virus situation, if its a virus I dont know what to do. I'll read those thread you posted later today to see what they all say. Healthier life definitely helps, but placebo effect should be considered as well.
  7. Whats your reason? Theres a decent amount of evidence that its the case at hand. They can prove that it definitely is what causes hallucinations, and antipsychotics that act on the receptor make HPPD symptoms worse in a lot of cases.
  8. This is all really interesting because I distinctly remember my visual snow not appearing until about 2 weeks after getting HPPD, I didn't have the slightest clue what was going on at the time. In retrospect I just figured it had something to do with macro clean up in the nervous system of the damaged tissue, but it could have been increased growth of infection in the central nervous system. There is a member on here as well that spoke well of how he did hallucinogens and was fine but then a couple months later got really drunk and bam HPPD, which could be infection breach due to alcohols ability to disrupt the epithelial barrier. Really interesting stuff. WHen you go back for antibiotic treatment take note of your symptoms. Granted, some bacteria are not susceptible to all antibiotics, so this is a dilemma, and some are multi drug resistant strains, so its possible to see no effect at all. If anyone has had extensive antibiotic therapy and noticed a difference in symptoms during their treatment please post. Thank you!
  9. I would say based on that medical report alone, hallucinogens are an indirect cause of HPPD, and not the direct cause.
  10. This is one of the craziest stories IMO, of a group of people that took massive doses of LSD on accident. About a year ago I look further in to the story and a few were contacted years later to ask if they had any lasting effects, and they reported pretty much none it seemed. This is the main story that makes me think there is an alternative explanation for HPPD, that its not caused directly by hallucinogens. The terminology if you really think about it by the doctors in these reports is pretty fucking hilarious too. "intranasal self-administration" LMAO, snorting some fucking drugs. Btw, typical doses as far as I know for LSD is 100ug-500ug, if you do the math given as per the test of their blood plasma, they had an average of 78,750ug in their total bloodstream. 78,750ug...... There have been no documented human deaths from an LSD overdose. Eight individuals who accidentally consumed a very high dose of LSD intranasally (mistaking it for cocaine) had plasma levels of 1000–7000 μg per 100 mL blood plasma and suffered from comatose states, hyperthermia, vomiting, light gastric bleeding, and respiratory problems. However, all survived with hospital treatment and without residual effects [56]. Coma, hyperthermia and bleeding associated with massive LSD overdose. A report of eight cases. Klock JC, Boerner U, Becker CE. Abstract Eight patients were seen within 15 minutes of intranasal self-administration of large amounts of pure D-lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) tartrate powder. Emesis and collapse occurred along with signs of sympathetic overactivity, hyperthermia, coma and respiratory arrest. Mild generalized bleeding occurred in several patients and evidence of platelet dysfunction was present in all. Serum and gastric concentrations of LSD tartrate ranged from 2.1 to 26 nanograms per ml and 1,000 to 7,000 mug per 100 ml, respectively. With supportive care, all patients recovered. Massive LSD overdose in man is life-threatening and produces striking and distinctive manifestations.
  11. I guess we could also consider like a... viral infection, something that feeds on the receptors? Idk... lmao. Role in virus endocytosis[edit] 5-HT2A may be a necessary receptor for clathrin mediated endocytosis of the human polyoma virus called JC virus, the causative agent of progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy (PML), that enters cells such as oligodendrocytes, astrocytes, B lymphocytes, and kidney epithelial cells. These cells need to express both the alpha 2-6–linked sialic acid component of the 5-HT2A receptor in order to endocytose JCV.[8]
  12. I have not, unfortunately I've never used Reddit. Its a little too... populated for me. I never noticed it, but now that you mention it I do sleep pretty hard on it.
  13. Here it is. He did say it was never like that before, so it could be a link.
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