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  1. i would be interested too! im from germany..
  2. you probably already know this one here.. http://www.gofundme.com/visual-snow but i just came across it yesterday and i think its quite interesting and maybe worth spending some money.
  3. Keppra had also helped me pretty much for 5-6 months.my dr was lessened and my brain felt much more normal again. Emotions and energy came back. Now since 2 or 3 months the good reactions to keppra faded away and its quite depressing. What Do you think is it possible to cycle it and see if the positive reactions come again ?! Or shall i just keep waiting?! Thanks a lot Eric.
  4. hey thanks for response! my visual symptoms are static,after images and foggy vision. cannot focus really good. i loose the focus on one point with the rhythm of the pulse. dont know if this is understandable dont know which formulation i take. has it something to do with slow release ?! then i take the normal release.
  5. and i will also take 3 times a day 100mg. i take 1000mg keppra and 50mg zoloft too. try to leave zoloft soon. i think it does nothing for me.
  6. soo ive been on it since yesterday evening. started with one pill(100mg/25mg). today ive felt really relaxed, awake and calmed down. visuals still remain. dont really know if something has changed with dp/dr. time will tell. overall i have a good feeling with it. the best to you all
  7. sinemet trial starts today...

    1. ramblingon


      Good luck and keep us updated!

    2. eric


      sorry but no breakthrough with sinemet. took it for a month but nothing really happened. sorry dudes. i will stick to keppra. think it helps a bit. all the best to you guys.

    3. gregory71


      There is talk that a COMT inhibitor might help. I'm not such a pro on this, but there maybe be news to come.

  8. back again. still on keppra. but its not really working anymore. :(

    1. Phenomenon


      Did you have initial effect that faded away? It´s quite common this happens and then it slowly gets better.

    2. eric


      Yes i had a very good response to it at least vlt 5-6 months.didnt feel so good in 5 years.

      then it slowly faded away.in this time i also had to switch my antidepressant.maybe i leave that shit anyway....thinking about adding sinemet to keppra.hmmmmm....

  9. in my case it didnt. maybe just the first days on it.
  10. portugal must be a nice place to live. i want to travel there. just visited spain a while ago and it was very cool.
  11. eric

    my blog

    hey david and dukkha, thank you both so much. i feel really honored eric
  12. im 50% better with keppra in just 2 weeks..:)

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    2. iwasnineteen


      are you still using keppra? if so is it still working?

    3. eric


      yeah its still working !! please try it. for me its a great relief. havent felt that good in 5 years. the visual symptoms are still there but dp/dr and all psychological symptoms are greatly reduced. i take 1000 mg per day.

    4. sandrad1975


      I heard that it can cause aggression and more anxiety at first, did this happen to you? I want to see about my son trying it, but he is already so out of control sometimes, im scared he might go totally off the deep end. He is on Kolonipin and Prozac right now....can he still take these with the Keppra???

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