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  1. Have a look at the symptoms of Acute Anticholinergic Syndrome. Eerily familiar, huh? Note that the '≈' sign is not a '=' sign. I'm not saying this is true, I'm just saying I'm seeing an eerily large resemblance here. Thoughts?
  2. onedayillsailagain

    Good news! For the Dutch, at least.

    Hello! I can't believe I've been having HPPD for 1,5 years and never even thought of googling whether there's a specialist in Holland. And I never really did. I just did a search on 'hppd'... Via a Dutch bodybuilding forum I got linked to the "drugsinfoteam". Seriously! That I didn't think of it before! I feel so stupid. Anyway, apparantly there's a "Medical Consultation Hour for Partydrugs". I've translated the text to English, please read the second quotes for English. Translation: The following is quoted from: http://www.drugsinfoteam.nl/drugsinfo/xtc/xtc-depressie/ Translation: Again.. How the hell did I overlook this? What? Does not compute. Well I found it now, right?! Anyway I'm glad to find that there is some sort of "expertise" with HPPD in this country. I'll be making a phonecall soon, and see if I can make an appointment. Feeling somewhat releived to know this, albeit not knowing the extent of there helpfulness yet. At least there are people who have experience with HPPD!!! My day can't get any better. I hope that by posting this, current, and future HPPD sufferers in the Netherlands (and surrounding countries perhaps) will be able to get acute help with their HPPD. May you all be well
  3. Watch here. Thought this might be of general interest here Source: VideoNeat (has some other interesting stuff as well)
  4. I'm expecting to receive Coluracetam within 2-5 hours, or so the shipment tracking informs me. I'm very nervous (!). I would hate to have gotten anyone's hopes up for nothing.. Anyway, figured I'd just open this thread already. I'll be keeping a hand-written journal throughout my trial. I honestly have no clue to what extent the effects will be, if present at all. As previously discussed, effects should be noticed within hours to days, but of course in the case of HPPD it could be different, and possibly require a higher-than-average dose. Depending on the effects, it could very well be that I won't update until tomorrow, which should be taken as a good sign. But I do plan to update tonight. Today I've only taken 500mgs of Keppra. I might take some sublingual vitamin B, but other than that I will abstain from the substances I've been playing around with lately. My first dose of Colu will be 10mgs sublingual upon receiving it. If no effects apparent within 3 hours, I'll do another 10mgs, if no effects after that, I'll call it a night. I don't know what else to add.... Wish me luck!
  5. Hey guys, so lately with NSI-189 and all I've been looking in to neurogenic substances. Maybe some of you have heard of this small molecule. 7,8 dihydroxyflavone (7,8-DHF), is a potent agonist at the TrkB receptor. More about the TrkB receptor here. Here's one study in particular I find interesting: A Synthetic 7,8-Dihydroxyflavone Derivative Promotes Neurogenesis and Exhibits Potent Antidepressant Effect and: 7,8-Dihydroxyflavone and its Derivatives Useful for Treatment of Neurodegenerative Diseases and Drug Reduces the Increase in Fear Caused by Previous Traumatic Experiences in Mice Effect of 7,8 - Dihydroxyflavone, a Small - Molecule TrkB Agonist, on Emotional Learning (a neat PDF, which also mentions that 7,8-DHF protects against kainic acid induced neuronal apoptosis). Questionably legitimate experience: source Longecity topics: http://www.longecity.org/forum/topic/55126-cure-depression-in-3-4-days-study/ http://www.longecity.org/forum/topic/67667-78-dihydroxyflavone/ Group buy: http://www.longecity.org/forum/topic/67693-official-78-dihydroxyflavone-group-buy/ "yadayada" is working on acquiring some too. I went ahead and ordered 1 gram of the stuff from the last link. Some things to consider: No in vivo human studies have been conducted TrkB agonism may cause eventual downregulation There are some concerns of BDNF overexpression being detrimental to one's neurological health Human equivalent dose has been calculated to be around 30mg, so a gram should be enough for a month. May be synergistic with NSI-189 and Cerebrolysin. If you've any questions; shoot. Cheers.
  6. Lion's Mane Mushroom has putative NGF promoting properties. Interestingly, there are various accounts of improved vision across the net. Here's a proposed procholinergic mechanism through which those effects may be mediated: Lion's Mane -> NGF -> c-Fos -> epigenetic changes in ChAT transcription -> Improved/more synthesis of AcetylCholine -> see Coluracetam theory. Too tired to spell it out right now, but here are the articles from which you may connect the dots: Molecular mechanisms regulating NGF-mediated enhancement of cholinergic neuronal phenotype: c-fos trans-activation of the choline acetyltransferase gene. Nerve growth factor-inducing activity of Hericium erinaceus in 1321N1 human astrocytoma cells. Effect of an exo-polysaccharide from the culture broth of Hericium erinaceus on enhancement of growth and differentiation of rat adrenal nerve cells Yes it's all crude and icky, but hey it might provoke some thought plus my brain's in a jam today. Anyone have any experience with the stuff? I was looking into buying it but it seems ridiculously expensive and it's not the correct season to start growing them here. Whilst extracts are cheaper, they may lack the active substances. So I'll have to look around for a bit, but I'm quite eager to try this, though its effect(s) wouldn't be seen that acutely. I'm going to check my local oriental store one of these days to see if they sell dried Lion's Mane.. I read it should taste like lobster!
  7. Was looking in to Metadoxine (a 5-HT2B antagonist) and came across this: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18337424
  8. So recently I've been considering this.. I have a butt-load of articles on it, but to be honest I'm tired of putting together theories and articles, so I don't have anything remotely scientific to add at the moment. I just wanted to ask: Anyone have any experiences with this? Please provide as much details as you can. AFAIK there's been only 1 person with HPPD who has tried this, though I'll leave it up to him to decide to comment or not. Considering my previous positive results with tDCS, I thought TMS would be worth the shot. Though tDCS didn't do anything for my visuals, it significantly reduced DP and I felt normal for a short while. TMS effects are stronger and longer lasting in my understanding. The only issue would be the visual aspect. Several studies have shown that TMS can alter excitability in the Visual Cortex and can cause for inhibition therein. I don't know exactly how TMS functions. I presume it can, like tDCS, either excite or inhibit neurotransmission, considering its use in epilepsy etc. Thus I think the best way to go would be a frontal excitatory stimulation, and an occipital inhibitory "stimulation", simultaneously. I haven't been that meticulous about it as with other things, so it's just an idea rather than a theory. I'm just tired of trying shit that doesn't work, or only works to a very marginal extent, and everything is so damned expensive! I'm going to discuss this with the specialist helping me, but I don't know if it's covered by insurance etc. Generally speaking 15 sessions cost around €1500, though that's with a psych evaluation in each session, so I'm hoping to be able to leave that out, and that it's not mandatory. In any case, I need to see if I can get a hold of my EEG results first. Hopefully something will have shown up, thus having evidence for a neurological disorder, rather than the quite useless DSM diagnosis I have now. And if not.. well I guess I'll just keep pushing for more tests.. not that an MRI will show anything, but what the heck right? Gotta have something to do. Guess I derailed a bit/a lot, but really I just wanted to ask what your thoughts are on ®TMS?
  9. onedayillsailagain

    Guerilla Biotech

    I came across SciOpen Research Group (SRG), and thought: "Awesome!". They now have an IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds for microscopic tissue analysis to assess the effects of J147; a potent neurotrophic Curcumin derivative that's orally active. They are a self-proclaimed "Guerilla Biotech" research group. I'll just post the video, so you can see for yourself: Bridging the "Valley of Death": Introduction to SRG: https://www.youtube.com/watch?fv=4x4efcbRRWg Now their main focus is ALS, however this is just their first project. They are interested in any neurogdegenerative disorders. Now I'm not saying they'll be interested in HPPD, or if they can even do something for it, but I just wanted to post this as I found it an inspiring example. Perhaps, if they are successful, more initiatives such as this will take off, and somewhere along the line HPPD may become a focus of research as well? Or, whatever fruits such endeavours bear, may be applicable to us. Either way, I found it post worthy.
  10. onedayillsailagain


    IME, Canchew was quite an efficacious anxiolytic and anti-insomniac. Too bad it's so expensive. CibDex, on the other hand, was rather disastrous in that it made me high. Both are made by MMJ Inc, and purportedly low-THC content, though I guess that wasn't the case with the latter product. I might try some other products soon (e-cig CBD vape sounds like a plan). I saw some CBD liquid in Amsterdam the other day; expensive as hell too. I'll try to find a purer, bulkier deal.
  11. http://journal.frontiersin.org/Journal/10.3389/fnsys.2014.00172/full Yet to read it myself, but I found this interesting considering my earlier endeavours with this concept.. Perhaps there's something in here that was overlooked. edit: credits to /u/shrillthrill over at /r/Nootropics for finding this.
  12. onedayillsailagain

    Cognitive hppd symptoms

    Ehm.. everything you list.
  13. onedayillsailagain

    Afobazole for anxiety (benzo substitute)

    Hi there, good to read you've found something that helps. Regarding your Afobazole use: What's your dosing regimen? How long did it take for effects to become apparent? I have some from AwakeBrain that I never really gave a proper trial, so it's something I'd be up for trying again if I have a period where I'm trialling nothing. Best wishes, odisa
  14. onedayillsailagain

    Oxazepam.. dosage?

    I had kind of a failed experiment today. I had soaked some tobacco in Damiana tincture last week, and decided to smoke it today. Apparently, smoking it isn't the best idea. Felt kind of high but good for an hour or so, but thereafter I felt unusually strange and fogged out, and just generally felt like shit. Thus I proceeded to drink coffee in a vain attempt to recuperate somewhat from that. Of course, I just felt worse because of that, so in the end I decided to take some Oxazepam, seeing as the last time I had a benzo was months ago. The first time I took Oxazepam I had 10mg's and thought it was overkill. So today I took 5mg's, and guess what? Overkill. At first I got some heightened anxiety, which smoothed out over time and then I just kind of dazed off slowly, to somewhat of a zombified state I am in now. I've had much worse, but this is tiring as well. Actually I think I'm "coming down" and I'm slowly starting to feel better. So my question is: Does anyone have any experience with Oxazepam here? And what dosage is most effective for you? This has only been the second time I have tried it, and it's just too much for me. Perhaps if there's a next time, I'll try 2,5 mg's.. Kind of hard to split a 10mg pill any smaller than that. Just hate the sedation that comes with it..
  15. onedayillsailagain


    I have a vial of this that I hadn't finished sitting in my fridge, from Ceretropic. I tried it a few times SubQ with a 1 inch needle, but didn't like how unhandy it was, so quit. I have some insulin syringes now (dirt cheap by the way, like 100 for 6 euros), so I'll give it another shot should JDTic prove insufficient. Hope you guys have success with it; the few times I tried it, it seemed to do little.
  16. onedayillsailagain

    DSM IV HPPD (diagnostic criteria)

    So.. don't really know if this is accordance with copyright nonsense etc.. If it's not, please excuse me and remove it. In any case; I thought it would be useful for people to be able to access this, to print out and show their doctors.

    © ???

  17. http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0924977X14001461 Thanks Michael for informing me
  18. onedayillsailagain

    Phase 2 research: Visual Snow Syndrome/HPPD/lingual gyrus

    Thanks for the swift reply! I agree; transcranial neuromodulation poses great oppertunities in terms of treatment, although alas so far only ®TMS has been explored in DPD/VS as far as I know. There are various forms of NIBS (non-invasive brain stimulation) that elicit much higher precision than TMS, and therefore offer a superior chance of specifically targetting the affected areas. Being that the lingual gyrii are deeper that the superficial cortical layer, preferably a level of specificity would be attained that has depth-control. IIRC, TUS (transcranial ultrasound stimulation) offers this, but I may be mistaken in that. Either way, the relatively low specificity of TMS could conflict with any improvements; take for instance the study regarding the right Temporo-Parietal Junction, where the neuromodulation may have extended beyond the targetted region, altering both temporal and parietal regions that also govern perception. The latter is just conjecture at most, but does offer a potential reason why the results with TMS so far have been marginal. By the way; under the Research Articles sections of this site I've added plenty of articles relating to transcranial modulation of the visual modalities and my thoughts thereof, should you be interested. Neuronal excitability has been confirmed to be able to be lowered via these methods; a seemingly recurring marker of visual distortions. Perhaps such methods alter metabolism as well.
  19. Haven't read the article myself, but figured it'd be relevant and of interest: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/j.1750-3841.2009.01447.x/full
  20. onedayillsailagain

    Sifrol (Pramipexole)

    Pramipexole? Interesting. The sleep issues should be able to be reduced by taking it early in the day. The itching is rather unfortunate. Has it subsided?
  21. onedayillsailagain

    Peptide CERLUTEN

    Interesting stuff, though I can't seem to find any scholarly information regarding it, much less the peptide structure or the proposed mechanism of action through which it should function, and lastly peptides are not orally bioavailable in general. It seems rather expensive as well. Perhaps send IAS an e-mail requesting for further references? I'm sure if there's something published that they would be able to provide you with links etc.
  22. I concur with Ghormeh; I wouldn't partake in Sertindole. I would advise you to inform your doctor of the adverse reactions documented in response to Risperidone etc. NAC and Sarcosine would appear relatively harmless; I've taken both myself without any harm afaik. D-AA is a full agonist, and taking it together with Sarcosine and NAC might be overkill. Also remember that Lamotrigine is Glutamatergic as well; as such it may interfere. If you insist on taking these, I would suggest starting them one by one; taking time to adjust to the necessary dose. Then, if tolerable and no ill effects are noted; progress to the next. I would suggest NAC, then Sarcosine, then if still nothing, perhaps small doses of D-AA that are more closely monitored. Of course consult with your doctor etc. Lastly, magnesium works quite differently from sarcosine. Bit tired to explain now, and to be honest I'd have to have a refresher on that. There's plenty of discussion to be found on all of these (except Sertindole) on the forum though Best, -odisa
  23. onedayillsailagain

    Phase 2 research: Visual Snow Syndrome/HPPD/lingual gyrus

    Welkom Good to see things are moving forward with your much appreciated efforts, and thank you for taking the time to explain the much misunderstood differences and overlappings between HPPD and VS(S). Not sure I entirely agree with it, but that doesn't really matter much, as both conditions clearly share much in common; therefore any data from either diagnosis will be useful. Would be interesting to see both conglommerate I guess, but then of course; where does one draw the line? Where would DPD/DRD fall in? What about cognitive disruptions? Just something to provoke thought; not necessarily seeking an answer currently personally. Please remind me; was it hypo- or hypermetabolism of the Lingual Gyrus? And did they mention whether it was any specific metabolism? Also, I recall there being a lateral specifier, though I can't recall whether it was right or left. Because I don't know what research Goadsby have in mind, and despite the valuable data, it would of course be worth entertaining the possibility of pursuing (theoretical) treatment based off of this observation (putting it bluntly: to cut to the chase). I'm sure there are ways to locally alter the metabolisms of the lingual gyrus somehow; perhaps that deserves a focus as well? In no way is this intended to devalue any of the studies performed so far, yet having your fate rest in someone else's hands entirely requires a lot of faith. Hmm, I just watched your interview with Dr. Abraham. Many thanks to both of you; it was very informative and it will especially serve as a great resource to those new to the conditions. And I must confess; he is correct about the necessity of a more accurate understanding of the pathophysiology involved.. Though I'd think given the current data it's still possible to derive potential treatments, which then may or may not be implemented clinically depending on invasiveness, finances, etc. Anyhow, I'm tired, so off to bed. Sorry if it was a bit deranged, and best wishes to you! P.S. Just checked; apparently I can only donate via credit card.. Is there a way to pay with PayPal or BitCoin? If not, I'll have to do so later. Is there a deadline?
  24. onedayillsailagain

    ketamine may reverse neuronal damage!

    Haha, yes, but so are you then

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