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  1. Hi there, good to read you've found something that helps. Regarding your Afobazole use: What's your dosing regimen? How long did it take for effects to become apparent? I have some from AwakeBrain that I never really gave a proper trial, so it's something I'd be up for trying again if I have a period where I'm trialling nothing. Best wishes, odisa
  2. I'd suggest trying some CBD, if you have the pocket for it. So far CanChew seems to be legit, whereas CibDex made me stoned.
  3. Relora is a mixture of Magnolia Officinalis bark, and Phellodendron Amurense bark. I forgot most about it, but from a quick glance it doesn't seem all that dangerous, especially if you don't take anything else with it. I've taken it myself for a while, but it did nothing for me; neither good nor bad. I don't see any reason why not to try it if you already have it.
  4. Equally disappointingly flawed, with a slight twist.

    © Probably..

  5. I can't believe I just injected myself. Twice.

  6. Because I got high, because I got high, because I got hiiiigh, lada da pam pam pam

  7. One option would be to supplement CBD whilst smoking that strain, just a few puffs; provided that unlike me weed doesn't make you go batshit. Yes indeed quite cruel; also the accompanying useless self-blame to come along with it. But yeah, gotta move forward and just try to relax as much as possible. Indeed I have considered that; I've ordered some Afobazole which appears to be quite the effective anxiolytic (and anti-depressant) with rather fast onset of action (hours to 2 weeks it appears). Benzos don't agree with me alas; giving me rebound anxiety, generally twice as bad. I'll see how it
  8. Yes but these products are already in the 20:1 ratio I believe, so I doubt there would be a product much higher than that. Otherwise, thank you nonetheless.
  9. Yes RSHO is potent; I thought you were referring to regular hemp oil which contains no significant amount of CBD. Both Cibdex and CanChew are manufactured by the same company as RSHO, if I'm not mistaken.
  10. You'd have to consume an insane amount of hemp to accomplish this I believe, moreover who knows how hemp products are processed without an eye for cannabinioid content.
  11. I took approximately ~50-70mg CBD via the Cibdex 500mg yesterday. I was expecting desperately needed anxiolysis as I've encountered before with the CanChew. Alas, nothing could be less true, for I felt like I might as well have smoked a joint (read "panic attack" and "feeling like I'm losing my mind (again)"). I reiterate that my situation has taken a turn for the worse ever since doing cocaine ~2 months ago, and I figured CBD would help alleviate the extreme anxiety I've been experiencing since; hopefully improving severe memory deficits too. Well, yesterday was hell for a few hours. Perhap
  12. Coffee makes my HPPD much worse, as well as anxiety. I was actually hooked to drinking 20+ coffees for a while after I acquired HPPD, because I'd stay up all night researching. Once I stopped, my symptoms improved. You could try reducing your intake to 0.5-1 cup in the morning. I do miss coffee. If it wasn't for the anxiogenesis, I'd probably still drink it regardless of visual symptoms.
  13. No more Keppra as of yesterday. One less interaction to worry about.

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