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  1. Yeah I haven't taken it well, theres nothing like some righteous anger to get a well written email with appropriate documentation to the right place to sooth the soul.
  2. So finally having worked up the guts to discuss my issue, gone through hell having 'accepted' I screwed up they discharged me today because 'theres nothing they can do'. WTF I walked out too stunned to do much. Now what do I do? I can get back in to see a different psych via drug services, maybe thats the way? Welcome to the NHS :/
  3. Waking at 8 ceases to be a choice when you're awake through it sometimes (I try and go round the clock but inevitably fail about 5pm )
  4. The problem with the cannabis law in the UK means you "get what you're given" most of the time here.... Some 'strains' definitely help with the mental side of it. None help with the visual side (for me).
  5. Yeah opiates relax me which helps no end, I hadn't considered how they effect visuals. I'll have a play maybe.
  6. Surely theres a relationship here - tense extends beyond the mind..... I can see the plausibility of HPPD inducing muscle tension and can even hook it into some of my own issues.....
  7. historically I drank, thats not a choice now, my benzo use is too high now as well (and it'd take a metric ton to help me sleep). I exercise I watch movies I surf the net...... anything actually help?
  8. Plus I'm a 'drugs worker' of sorts so I get to talk to 'the right folk where poss....
  9. Yeah Jay, I'm taking them to 'show willing' have been in contact with local mental health so hopefully that'll change the plan.
  10. Currently Halperidol seems to be wirking well, I'm on a fair range of meds - Venlafaxine, Mirtazapine, Halperidol, Olanzipeine and black market Valium. Of them all I'd rate Mirtazapine, Valium & H\lperidol for now (but I've only just started getting treatment)
  11. Initially I was put on Olazipeine..... cue major mania whic I assume was related, doc threw in Halperidol much improved (still on Olanz though)
  12. Hey, New to the board, I've suffered with what I now *know* undiagnosed as yet. But I've pretty much known what was up for 20 years just not a name nor had I confided in someone!!. About a month ago I had to write a letter explaining why I didn't think me going back to work and as I wrote the usual words I've used to hide whats 'wrong' (depression, anxiety blah) I somehow decided to tell the truth..... Now I'm here talking to you guys!!. I had a run of bad trips around 18, the last trip didn't stop, I discovered booze made it more comfortable, I ended up gradually with a serious alcohol problem. I dropped all drugs. I cleaned up my booze problem 3 years ago, but I wasn't 'right'. Roll on 3 years letter written I go to see my GP (a month or so ago now) and explain. He prescribes Olanzipine, I have a 'manic phase'. He throws in Halperidol...... And to be fair I feel OK. Today I had a 'surprise' unplanned psych eval so lets see what that b Biggest issues? Derealization/personalisation and visuals particularly 'fractals' with my eyes closed, I'm pretty used to that now, but its still freaks me out a bit. I've found benzos the best 'quick fix'. Nice to know I'm not alone!!! idi0tboy
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