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  1. cs1234


    Does anyone have any experience with zdrugs like ambien and lunesta? Please share.
  2. cs1234

    Strong HPPD after laser eye surgery

    I don't mean to take away hope, but it can take over a year to recover. So for all of you that are still noticing decreasing symptoms after 1 year, it's probably going to take another year for zero symptoms.
  3. cs1234

    Kava Tincture

    I was always wondering about this one and I even think I started a thread about it a long time ago. I just quit smoking pot for the 20th time so I'll most likely be trying it very soon. Thanks for all the info and reports guys. one thing though, do you remember any of the negative or not good reports that you mentioned? how long have you been using kava?
  4. cs1234


    thnks bro that helped a lot! I almost cant wait cause it means I get high as fuck and get painkillers haha!
  5. cs1234


    thanks for the input, I decided to swerve away from the laughing gas and opted for the IV to put you under. I'd still like to hear some experiences with this though.
  6. cs1234


    Im getting my wisdom teeth pulled in a couple months and I want to know what anesthetics to stay away from. Can people who have undergone surgery and have been put under share some experiences?
  7. cs1234


    Might as well nip it in the bud if you're that sure it's an infection. It can mean the difference between weak antibiotics and stronger ones.
  8. Tramadol is a SRA, forcing your brain to release serotonin and raising your seizure threshold. I wouldn't take it (even in therapeutic doses) for HPPD. Also, because of this its WDs are a lot worse than most other opis. When I make poppy seed tea sometimes it makes my visuals better but sometimes when I'm nodding really hard I'll come back from a dream and my visual snow has formed large shapes again, but this is probably b/c of all the different combinations of alkaloids. Any other opiate and I'm set though, just like shaolinbomber said
  9. Also, forgot to post this which I found pretty interesting.
  10. I kind of agree, but at the same time a lessening of symptoms and anxiety is pretty euphoric to me. Not in the neurochemistry sense, but psychologically. There's also a 'just one more pill' mentality you get once you start buzzing off benzos as well. A 2mg stress reducer can turn into a binge/blackout pretty quick. I have no idea how people can stay on a stable dose of this stuff.
  11. How's it been after another week and a half? Did the fly agarics affects your visuals at all?
  12. cs1234

    anyone started smoking pot again?

    Ive been smoking pretty regularly in the past 6 or 7 months too. Multiple times a week lately. I have noticed an increase in symptoms lately, but im not sure if thats also because of other drug use (opiates, alcohol, speed, rebound visual increase after benzos are out of my system). Planning on quitting again in about a week when my spring break is over haha. Opiates and benzos only ever make my visuals better though, so ill probably continue wih the infrequent use of those. Also, i cant smoke more than a bowl of good pot without the assistance of alcohol or benzos to neutralize the anxiety. My visuals just stopped bothering me though, so i usually enjoy myself.
  13. cs1234


    I contracted hppd while taking amoxicilin, however i took it again for a whole month without any ill affects. Im about to take it again in the form of augmentin for 10 days for an ear infection. Im sure there wont be any problem. I remember reading a thread started by merkan quite a while ago about a flare up while taking antibiotics. Ill have to dig it back up and see what he was taking.
  14. I'm just wondering. what are your habits? I use pretty sparingly, usually go once a week taking 2-5mg of klonopin. sometimes I'll go a little overboard and take like 9-12mg (spread out over the day lol) but that just warrants a longer rest period. Tolerance builds really really fast for me, I can't even imagine how fast it builds for those that take it everyday.
  15. cs1234

    HPPD from DXM, Spice, Inhalants, and diphenhydramine.

    good luck man! I feel really bad for you, but at least it sounds like you had some fun before HPPD set in haha. to get back to a normal sleep schedule, you need to start waking up earlier, having breakfast right when you wake up, having dinner at a set time (a couple hours before when you want to get some sleep) and maybe even fitting in some physical activity ~3 hours or so before bedtime. the trick is to get your body's cyrcadium rythm to change. Stuff like eating breafast right when you wake up when adjusting to a new schedule will adjust your body better to setting that particular time as wake up time. uh did that make sense? I know HPPD sucks, but it sounds like you're on the right track. I mean there's nothing wrong with playing videogames, just don't stare at a really bright screen fr 8hrs haha. It sounds like you can kick this, good luck!

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