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  1. In Obamas state of the union address in January, he stated that he wanted to map the entire human brain, similar in scope to the human genome project of the 90's. From what I've read, a plethora of scientists are going to be working on it from neuroscientists, to even scientists in the field of nanotechnology to develop with the neuroscientists new ways to read individual neurons and see how they communicate back and forth with one another on an individual scale. Now this is going to take many many years to complete this study if everything goes through, but imagine the impact its going to have, from the shear knowledge of how the brain functions, to bettering the understanding of problems that arise in the brain like Alzheimer's disease to depression, even HPPD in time. This is huge! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brain_Activity_Map_Project
  2. I have never heard of Sinemet before, hows it working out for you?? I take 20 mg's split into 2 doses of 10 mg's 2 per day, once when i wake up, and the second after lunch.
  3. A few weeks ago I was just put on Adderall which is an ADD medication, which the active ingredient is dextro amphetamine, yes amphetamine. Ive notcied that since taking it, how much my anxiety has been deminished, and overall dp/dr symptoms deminish to where I can for the most part forget that Ive even have any problems. Ive started to feel enjoyment and excitment for activities I do as opposed to feeling pretty numb in times of bad, but especially good, when I know I should be feeling good but am unable to reach the reward of feeling euphoria. Alas when the drug starts to wear off, I get that same old feeling Ive had slowly return. While everythings smooth sailing while Im on it, it doesnt feel like i did pre dp/dr 100%, but it still feels like im going in the right direction of how I used to feel before this hell was brought upon me. I wonder since amphetamine works quite strongly on your dopamine receptors in your brain would it be quite feasible to say that in part that people who suffer from dp/dr might have abnormally low levels of dopamine being released in their brains as opposed to a healthy person who has no symptoms of dp/dr?
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  5. JChris


    Thanks Jay, I think thats what im dealing with too. Did you get yours from a bad trip?? For me, Ive been waiting almost 2 years and am not seeing that much of a change " its has been getting better but very slowly" and it really kills me. I just want it gone ya know. I sometimes wish i didnt mess with drugs in the first place, and thinking that puts me in a bad mood, and that in turn makes my symptoms start to show up more. If i have to ill think about going the drug route, but Id like to do it naturally like you did.
  6. JChris


    alice, i think you just made my ear fall off! j/p . Thanks for the story, i feel for ya. i was having a great ass time, then in a blink of an eye, i just had the worst feeling ive ever felt in my whole life, i didnt understand what was going on, i just knew something was dead wrong in my head. i remember feeling like i was having a heart attack but i tried to play it off, my friend told me to come to the computer and told me to watch this this video http://youtu.be/IVtZ4fYXxCs , he thought it was really trippy, and then told me the kid in the video died. that was like the worst thing he could have ever, ever done lol. the kid suffered from progeria, i feel really bad for him, but at that time his face and voice really freaked me out. I remember thinking this kid doesnt exist anymore.... do i exist? is this life i live all a dream? am i dead? lol it really mind phucked me. I stopped doing everything after that bad trip, i smoked weed for 4 years straight up until that day, i havent touched it since. The only thing I do now is go out for drinks a couple times a week. if i get that dp/dr feeling, alcohol seems to knock it out after a few beers for some reason. Its weird that trippy drugs can be completely beautifully, mind blowing, or they can do what they did to us. i wonder if we have some genetic predisposition that lays dormant but if you do hallucinogenic drugs a certain number of times, or if you have a real bad experience, the hppd, or dr/dp can come out; because the drug activated a change in how one of our genes works.. just a guess tho lol
  7. JChris

    3 years now, doing very well

    id love to hear the rest of your story, and see how youve gotten better
  8. I dont know if there are any doctors, or researchers on this site, but if there are, have you guys ever thought of trying to contact television networks such as , nbc, cbs, fox, abc or even nat geo "drugs inc", the science channel, discovery "weed wars, maybe", to try and get hppd out there, or even DP so maybe one day it can be a common word. Even people who arent doctors could help too.. So far I have never seen a television show that has ever mentioned HPPD. If somehow we could get exposure to the general public about this, this could possibly throw us out of hundreds of thousands of dollars of research per year to perhaps millions, while letting people be aware of this rare disorder! Im sick of people not understanding what im talking about, or even thinking im making this up. We know what its like to have hppd, we need to take this out of the underground and bring this disorder to the mainstream
  9. JChris

    watch this

    I found a video on youtube when a guy actually got an interview on a morning news show about depersonalization check it out. http://youtu.be/kxAN2dhBy_8
  10. JChris

    Brain Fog!?

    its weird cause some days i have it and others i can be put it the back of my mind and completely forget about it. Boogres what'd you do to get diagnosed, and if you did, whatd they do???
  11. JChris

    Brain Fog!?

    thanks, ill goto the store and check that stuff out! Ive never been to a doctor to be diagnosed, but the way i feel sounds a lot like DP. ex. ive felt detached from my surroundings, also when i work im almost like a robot, like im on auto pilot. Maybe thats the underlying condition to what ive been feeling
  12. Since last tripping long ago, ive felt this feeling almost as if there is this fog in my head preventing me from thinking clearly. short term memory is horrible, i go into rooms in my house and often think why the hell did i come in here in the first place. Also horribly forgetfulness. I have the attention span of a fly, and much more that i cant even think of right now, damn brain fog! lol.This stuffs pretty annoying for me, and it might even be worse than the visuals i suffer from! Does anybody else on here have the pleasure of suffering from this?
  13. JChris


    Ive never found anybody to talk about this to, who can understand what exactly Im going through, i feel blessed that there is a group of people that I feel for, and understand what theyre going through. it honestly means the world to me, cause im not alone in this, and there are people trying to beat this and getting back into shape. If somebody could tell me about what they themselves have experienced, and also things that have helped them out, id love to hear, thanks!
  14. JChris


    Hi everybody! Ive been digging forever trying to find a website dedicated to HPPD. Now I havent been diagnosed but I want to tell you whats happend. IN 2009 I bought 2c-e off a now defunct research chemical site, and started dosing, and actually had quite a bit of fun off it. But after ahile I started taking it daily, instead of responsibly, and in the summer of 2010, I took it with a buddy at my house, everything went fine but, after my friend and i took a hit weed, my house warped into what resembled some torture chamber, and I freaked out hard core thinksing I was dying, after a few minutes, I was seeing my body from my walls, I didnt even know what my name was, i felt like my brain was being fried, also i remember feeling this feeling of ultimate doom like I was going to die. Actaully at the time I was 1001% sure I was going to die, this feeling lasted for a few hours, but while your tripping time feels like it lasts 5 times longer, so it felt like i was in hell for like a day it fuckin sucked lol.At the time my friend didnt understand what I was going through but he ended up calming me down, but i still had this super paranoid feeling. The day after I did not feel like the person I was before, I had horrible concentration, I felt like I was missing something, I cant describe it. I had horrible short term memory, Id sway my hand in front of my face and see trails coming from it. Id also see static images, ghosting, and warping of objects. I feel like the world is just this thing that my brain makes, its hard to describe. If I also look at myself in the mirror i see myself as me but i also look at myself as if im looking at like an animal at a zoo; i myself am an animal that im looking at, it really weird. I never had any of this stuff until I had the trip from santans ass. Its now been 1 and a half years and I still have all the same symptoms, I havent had health insurance for the past 2 years but finally have it again thank god. Im trying to figure out what to do, i havent been diagnosed with anything, im trying to figure out what the hell to do, I used to be really outgoing but ive been pretty reclusive since the accident, and I dont want to waste my life away with the stuff thats wrong with me.

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