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  1. I continued Drugs and must say that my HPPD has bettered alot, I only see VS and OEV´s at the moment. And the OEV´s only if m awake more then 3 Days. The first time I did LSD (only smoked weed bofre) i immidiately recieved HPPD, and did more then 100 different Rc´s. Benzos better my HPPD, besides from Diazepam,, 5-Meo-Mipt increased my Visual-Snow constantly. And Pyrrolidines like MDPV, and A-PVP/PHP etc. brought back my DP/DR, wich i happily ahchieved to wear off by using Xanax 2 Weeks long, so better you don´t touch them, like any other Drugs...
  2. The only Visuals i have now are,Visual Snow, and Violett OEV´s when i´m awake too long, but the Visual most pzdsi the VS, even when i had times seeing trails and ghosting.. But to be honest, i even don´t hate that. HPPD made me to the person I am right now, and i learn alot about myself, my life. If i´d get the chance to travel back in time, i wouldnt make it different. For me, these expirience´s have been wo . I know that alot people suffer ways mor than me, but always keep your head up and look forward.
  3. So, you want a Benzo that lets you feel good, so you can go out but not like a Zombie, and also you only want to do this once a week??.. (Already too much mate) did I understood it correctly? Write me a Message and i´ll help you out
  4. Never regret. always rethink and learn from it.

  5. Never regret. always rethink and learn from it.

  6. Hey Folks, hope everything is going fine for everyone So after a long time i just found back to the forum and alot happened to me in this time. As may some of you know i did alot different drugs, 73 different ones now in total. ( i can't recommend!) Untill February i did almost everyday all kinds of drugs, i stopped it now because i moved to Hamburg starting a new life, being a trainee as foreing language correspondence clerk. Since March i started noticing that my HPPD is really getting better from time to time, without any medication or special food plan . My Visual Snow kept same, but i have no trailing or ghosting anymore, no afterimages or micro/macropsia and my depersonalisation greatly reduced so much that i only notice it on some "bad" days. As mentioned the only affecting symptoms are the VS, and Floaters, wich i only see when looking into the sky. I defenately can say that stopping the Drugs help lot, also i don't care or think anymore about HPPD to prevent a too deep sinking mindfuck, most important is just to live your life without regreting anything. I really have to thank everyone in this forum as it really helped me to understand and get through this rough times. I'm on it to keep my life how it is now, and hope that my last complaints also will stop. Big thanks and good luck people, Dancetrooper
  7. Yes, everything gets back to base again directly after it starts to wear off, i had nothing additional, no hangover etc, but its fucking addictive..People with balls can handle that ...... good luck at your tries wooshka!
  8. Wooshka: I only tried these Benzos: Oxazepam : The Visual Snow was less, mood-lifting so maybe also for DP/DR good (My HPPD is only Visual) Etizolam : This one also is great, less Visual Snow, Less trails, no afterimages, but it wasnt a clean View like Tetrazepam Tramadol : This one is not working for the Visuals, but its really a nice high, i really like these but theyre quite addictive. Tetrazepam : As told this one works best for me, almost no Visual Snow, really mood-lifting, no trails and no afterimages from cars etc. and the most important for me the clean visual, its really a big difference. I cant tell you lots about addiction because i dont take the same drugs lots in row, to prevent addiction, and its working pretty fine for me. Puppeteer: Dude, i take lots, lots of drugs, but never the same stuff in a row and not longer then 2 weeks.... I´m at 54 different drugs right now. And i can ensure you im at best conditions I had some bad expirience with A-PvP and / 5-Meo-Mipt in Combination, the A-pvp was horrifying, OEV´s, Halos, Starburst etc. really dont touch that. I needed almost 2 weeks drugfree to get back to base. And the 5-Meo increased my Visual Snow a bit, not much, but it got a bit more, got that after 5-Meo-Mipt+3-MMC+5-Mapb consume....what a trip ...and 5-meo at itself is really fucking up thoughts , i got really paranoid while tripping it. HPPDVictim92: Tatsache, ab 1.August ises weg, aber nur vorläufig So in Germany its getting banned untill 2015, but i think at most other Countries it ashould still be available, you lucky ones
  9. I recently tried Tetrazepam and from all Benzos i took it helped me most. Oxazepam and Etizolam also help, but they dont work as good as Tetrazepam for me.
  10. I also took it alot of times,the dose depends on what quality you have. With the Thai-Maeng-Da Kratom i needed to took around 6g to be on a pleasent, moodlifting high. With 14g i had a extreme euphoric flash, have been sweating alot its really heavy, thats the max dose for me. I had better results with a Kratom Mix: Indo Premium Bali Red Vein Borneo Red Vein All mixed 1:1:1 I only needed 2-3g to achieve the moodlifting high. With 7-8g i reached my max dose. But i would vomit using this everyday it tastes so bad
  11. Hello Fellows, so,i recently took Tetrazepam for the first time and wanted to use it recreational and not therapheutic, but noted that this Benzo really helps: I used 100mg (13:00) as initial dose and redosed one time with 50mg (17:00). I noticed the effects really smooth but after redosing the tetrazepam overhelmed me a bit so i noted the differences quite strong: i had no trailing when looking at moving objects, my lila OEV´s dont appear anymore and my visual snow greatly reduced, everything seems really clear now, like youd be looking threw a clear lens. It´s really a different lifequality for me as i see how clean my Visual can be, i didnt noticed how fucked up my visual is as i accostumed to it. So yes, just wanted to share that,you defenately should give Tetrazepam a Chance, maybe not in that high dose but it may could help you also. I got this from my Doc as a prescription, so it shouldnt be that hard to get the Tetra. Best regards Guys and keep your head up!
  12. So i dont know if my DP was induced by the HPPD or if it came naturally just as reaction to this big change , but my DP/DR was away after around 2 weeks....Maybe the depression is caused because you constantly think about HPPD, and at the ending mind you just realized that you fucked it up...you dont accept it and start again to rethink all to find a solution..but youll never find a solution untill you honestly deal with it and start enjoying your life again..Mindfuck
  13. I almost got hit by a Lightning when i still lived in Mallorca, a Flagmast was in the middle of nowhere, even witghout flag....competely sensless to put a mast there....the lightning hit the mast and was glowing orange cause of heat, from there i just criyed and run to my grandpas house (ive been 11)....-still scares me untill today, i always think about if god missed or he just wanted to scare me :/
  14. It always could be better he ;D.....But a great proof for yourself that you can handle it, i also did that.... A quite hard question as i take almost everyday different stuff..... Everything started with A-PvP, wich fucks your peripheric hard, it took me around 2 weeks to get to my basic HPPD back after a 4 Day consume....After that period i thought to get a familiar drug that i can easily handle so i started taking DXM after the work for around 2 weeks. Shortly after that i took the decision to stop my job and go to university....It´s great and nothing i regret, but theres one Problem: I had 2 Months left untill class started, my Sallary is being paid that months too so no needs to work.... From there taking drugs was my hobby....its not the need for a drug, its the new expirience i achive with every new drug i test.....not insights, just the dif0ferent feeling.....but the most important: it showed me that i can handle the bodyloads. (Maybe you remember i had bad expiriences with 2-CB wich lead me not to take 5HT2a docking Drugs) till there i concentrated on bodyloads, but after seeing how good my state was i wanted to solve a problem with myself: I had 100+ Trips, I live with LSD-HPPD but im afraid of taking LSD again....am i afraid of myself? I always was scared while coming ups on Visual Drugs, because of scare to increase my HPPD. So i started to prepare myself for taking LSD again and clearing that problem. I started with a high dose of shrooms to be sure that trailing and strong coloured visuals dont make me instable, 3 days later i took 4 Seeds of Hawaian Woodrose to get near to the Brainfuck of LSD, then i took 8 Seeds to proof recoveration after consume and it worked so: 2 Days after the 8 Seeds i took LSD again, you can´t imagine what you feel and think about when you do that step. Im really really happy that i did it. Everything went fine, i accepted the HPPD so i accepted myself i finally can say that im completely happy with myself, my decisions (As you learn alot from HPPD about your Life) and everything else I just learned to love my Life again, i always thought that my life is completely at the bottom and it will never get better again because of HPPD, but then i thought: Who id be without HPPD?.......I learned alot about myself because of HPPD, id never expierenced that without HPPD.....I would had missed alot of lessons...So i learned more about my life then ever before. Thanks HPPD, thanks God for letting me learn that lesson. Since that day i never again worryed even a second on trips....never again Yesterday i tested 5-Meo-Mipt in a double dose and had optics like never before, i grabbedf the bike of a friend while riding stkateboard, the street shined neon yellow and we went so fast, really nice :D Finally thats the end hahaha, i still take drugs, im happy as fuck, study goes well so lets see what will come in future :D
  15. Yeah that´s why i havent been online such a long time.....doing lots of drugs, more then before yes....its fucked up right now for me, had to stop my job to got to university, learning almost everday on cheap RC´s.....A fucked up year, but what you expect, its 2013 :D have been trying the more visual-powered substances as 5-Meo-Mipt and LSA recently, before that decision i mostly tried bodyloaded drugs with no visuals.... Have to make another post about my recent acticity How about you Mike, things going well?
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