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  1. Chrissyfwb

    Please someone help..

    I'm still here. I haven't died lol I am definitely glad I'm not as panicked anymore. But honestly I still have all of those symptoms. I guess I have just gotten used to them.
  2. Has anyone had any heart rate problems or BP spikes or issues since developing HPPD?
  3. Chrissyfwb

    Please someone help..

    Can anyone else please respond?? Does this sound like hppd 6 yrs after doing drugs? Does it sound like I have something serious? Please help me
  4. Chrissyfwb

    Please someone help..

    Well I don't get it either... But searching through this fourm I have heras a few who got chronic pain with their symptoms.. And this guy visual told one person that something with dopamine levels can cause pain too ?
  5. Chrissyfwb

    Please someone help..

    I also forgot to add the muscle twitches to my symptom list. It's all over muscle twitches and only started directly after the pain. Also my one eye has been twitching in the same place for almost a year straight.
  6. Chrissyfwb

    Please someone help..

    I did have an MRI just recently. And they found a cyst in my temporal lobe. But the type they are saying is is a cyst that is formed while I was still in my moms belly. But I do have an appt with a neurosurgeon because my dr said he has to refer me to one. But she believes it's an incidental finding and has nothing to do with the symptoms. But do any of those symptoms sound like something that may suggest something more serious? And also again I had not ingested any drugs for 6 years before start of symptoms. I just feel like I'm on the verge of dying at any sec. I keep just wishing I make it to Christmas to see my kids open their presents Thank you for your response I'm so scared.
  7. Chrissyfwb

    Please someone help..

    In May of 2010 I started suddenly having sever chest pains that was diagnosed as costochondritis (inflammation of the cartridge that connects the ribs to the sternum) then I started having neck pain, jaw pain, muscle twitches, back pain. After two months after the chest pain started I experienced an explosion of floaters and the sky looked "sparkly". I then started seeing a swirling vortex like pattern on bright surfaces outside. I then started seeing a ghostly white trail off of objects that moved past me. Now I am seeing horrible neg after images and the trails are incredibly worse. I am also seeing these bright blobs (somtimes) when looking at the sky, but they go away as soon as i see it. I can also see my pulse in my vision and if i jump i see lines ans sparks coming from both eyes. I do NOT see visual snow though. The pain is still constant. The last drug I used before onset of all of these symptoms was 6 YEARS prior. But I use to do ecstasy, cocain, pot, meth, 5meo htp (or something.. Can't remember the name). I am so scared I am going to die. Like really really scared. I have three small children ages 6, 3, and 5 months old. I don't want to die Symptoms: Pain Floaters White surfaces and the sky are full of fast moving bright dots Ghosty white trails off of moving objects Afterimages Seeing pulse in vision Seeing sparks and lines coming from both eyes when jumping Vortex like swirling on bright object when outside What do you guys think? What does this sound like? Does it sound like I will die from this??

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