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  1. Hey guys, Ive been reluctant to get on here just because honestly it makes me anxious. ive felt like ive owed it to new sufferers for a while so here I am. My HPPD was actually triggered while reading peoples stories on the site, so thats why it makes me anxious to come on here. First thing I can say is...CUT ALL CAFFEINE AND DRUGS. Furthermore, many people experience a worsening of symptoms due to the cortisol response of stress. NOTHING makes my symptoms worse than stress, especially as far as DP. I know it's hard, but you can do it. I have been on Keppra for about 4 years and have managed to have a pretty normal life since. Ive always had addiction issues, so I smoke (weed) and I drink, but I'm sobering up now just like any normal 27 year old to focus on his job. I absolutely do not drink caffeine though. I had girlfriends, fortune 100 jobs, traveled. My cognitive and personalization symptoms went away, my fatigue (my visual symptoms were never terrible, mostly afterimages, static, etc.) All I can say is, stay positive, DONT STRESS (I know how impossible it is, but just try to find a way) and honestly, I got keppra by lying and saying I have migraines, so do what you have to do. Ive been on 500mg for 2 years and before that 1500 for two. Never had a bad response to it. Sorry I won't be coming back to answer questions, but hopefully this helps someone out there and gives them some hope. Once you get past the anger at god, life, the why me? feelings, all that, you will realize that everyone goes through their own shit, that even with this giant disadvantage no-one really knows theres something wrong with you if you dont tell them, and that you can have a semi-regular life and that youll eventually get used to it, might even go away completely if you sober up, know of many cases where this has happened. Good luck y'all.
  2. idk dude, never had 2-3 sex seshs a day post hppd unfortunately, but i think it may be related to sleep, i dont see why sex would affect it
  3. My biggest issue was the fatigue and dp/dr too man...the fatigue really makes it impossible to function. I think it's just because my brain wasnt getting deep sleep, or somethin. Keprra has helped me have more energy man, id recommend 6-7.5 hours of sleep and getting out of bed AS SOON AS YOU WAKE UP. Passing out again somehow depletes my energy. Thats essential for me.
  4. Been on keppra for 6 months, the first symptom i noticed improvement with was afterimages...im thinkin clearer, less fatigued, less dpd out...Unfortunately i started drinkin and smokin alot of cigarettes, even smoked weed a few times, so obviously i didnt help my case at all...i believe id be almost normal if it weren't for my self sabotage... I just want to let people know that many times keppra doesnt start truly helping until youve taken it for a while...5-6 MONTHS IN SOME CASES...dont give up or be discouraged if in a month, nothing has happened...if you can tolerate it well then keep on it, because it's well worth it
  5. Yea i definitely have muscle tension, muscle spasms, and nerve pains, which i guess would be fibromyalgia....honestly it's been goin away, but if i sit down at a movie theater now to watch a movie, my legs feel extremely tense when i get up, something which never used to happen...one time i took Morning glory seeds and the only effect was that they made my legs so tense that i could barely walk...dont see why hppd couldnt cause the same thing
  6. Yeah man ive become a chain smoker, it was actually makin me feel depressed as hell. Id just sit down and smoke 2 pakcs of cigarettes. It made my depersonalization and ghosting a bit worse, so i recommend you quit while youre ahead. Im in the process right now, and ALL I WANT IS A GODDAMNED CIGARETTE... IVe snorted 4 roxys, smoked 3 packs of cigarettes, drank a 12 pack, smoked weed, 3 xanax, 5 klonopins, and gotten in a fight which basically consisted of getting the shit kicked out of me while i was laughing, in about a 2 hour time frame...thats self destructive bro...dont let yourself get there.
  7. Bro i know i developed that shit because with hppd i never went out and was always depressed so i was jerkin off alot...maybe youve been doin that too? stop for a month and youll see how premature ejaculation goes away
  8. Rene seems like my hppd was very similar to yours, funny how we experienced the same things...i feel like i forgot half the shit i used to know...but im comin back...keppra has been great for me
  9. DPDR, cognitive issues and fatigue for me, definitely. Visually im not so bad, and have greatly improved with keppra
  10. Ive been told many times by neurologists that i dont have anything, that im just stressed and somatizising...bullshit bro...no good telling it to doctord either because why would anyone prescribe something for seizures to you if they think your mind is in a way making it up
  11. Stop the depression meds, try to go for keppra, benzos while bite you in the ass in the long run, ive seen it on people who dont have this shit, cant imagine what it must be like with hppd
  12. http://www.drabraham.com/
  13. It's kinda like when youre trippin...sometimes your mind is racing and youre struggling to control your thoughts, other times you can spend 30 minutes staring at something watching things morph or whatever without a thought in your head...
  14. Yup rene, same here. Thats what bugged me the most honestly. I always had a quick response for everything, and then i was just a zombie...i literally had to force myself to think. Is that gone for you now, due to the keppra?
  15. been on keppra for about 3 months now
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