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  1. Some really interesting posts in this thread. Thanks for the share
  2. The fact that your uncle says it went away is encouraging, particularly as it was triggered by lsd. I've never taken Keppra but a few people around here have and it seems to have worked to some degree. Hope things start to become better again.
  3. Man this sounds good. Reckon I'm gonna try keppra at the end of the year if things don't improve.
  4. I was also a major stoner before hppd and I'd love to have a few joints here and there nowadays... BUT how shit would it be to get schizophrenia!? I'm now the guy who tries to get his mates to stop smoking weed.
  5. WuWei, keep going man. Life can be very shit at times, but never forget that you can still be happy. Can you please elaborate more on your uncle's symptoms going away after 10 years? What were they? Were they induced by LSD? Thanks
  6. YNot124, this is an interesting post - that you actually like your visuals. I sometimes find myself staring at things (such as a skyscraper) for an incredibly long time (like you do when you're on acid) - but I can never really understand why. Part of me questions whether things look different than before; why I'm staring at something in the first place and whether I actually 'like' what I'm seeing. Does this happen to anyone else? What is true though, is that I no longer have any desire at all to take photographs. I used to always have a camera at the ready. I recently went travelling for 3 months and only took 15 photos.
  7. Wow. Incredible that Keppra has had such an effect. Please keep us all in the loop with how it's going. (My hppd started with LSD too.)
  8. I hear you man. This is fucking shit. So over it!
  9. Thanks for posting, I really needed a positive story!!
  10. I've been trying to describe my visuals for ages but this really hits the nail on the head.
  11. Thanks for posting Tigress - always good to hear something positive from people who have had this condition for a while.
  12. Great idea Jay. Yeah number 2 is really tough. Keeping busy so you don't have time to dwell on it definitely helps.
  13. What are starbursts? I get after-imaging a bit but usually it's nothing too serious, just black/shadowy blotches on my vision which go after a couple of seconds. Once was incredibly scary though: I'd glanced up at a ceiling light for too long, for the next 30-40 mins I had a multi-coloured ring literally burnt into my vision. Even if I closed my eyes it was still there. I literally could hardly see anything apart from this circle. Luckily it went away, but it seriously freaked me out.
  14. Yep, I get this.. I notice it in particular when things are up close, such as when I'm talking to people I tend to see two profiles or outlines of their face. I also have problems focusing on things, but I'm not sure if this has something to do with colour as well. For instance, I find it very difficult to look at stripey shirts - my eyes are always shifting around. When I was prescribed risperidone, the double vision became a lot worse.
  15. I agree with a lot of what Aztec has said. I don't think it's a purely psychological thing and the obsessional thinking (not just about hppd) but other stuff is far greater these days in my hppd state.
  16. Thanks for the post Fitch, I'll send you a PM. For others, there's a chance that the technique will help you. No harm in giving it a go.
  17. Hard to say whether I truly miss them. I think what I miss more is the good times with friends that come with the drugs rather than the drugs themselves. I'm still trying to form a strong on opinion on drugs, whether I'm against them or not. Like a lot of others in this thread, I had some of the best times of my life on drugs, partying with friends etc. But had I known what the actual consequences would be, there's no way I would've gone near them.
  18. i'm not sure, but thought it was confidential or something.
  19. Sorry for taking a while to reply to this thread. I'll put up a solid post about my experience soon, but in short, it did not really help my HPPD and other issues (DP, anxiety, depression etc.) Basically the meditation is tough, it's not easy (I didn't expect it to be) and I left 2 nights early (I shouldn't have, it was a really really tough decision to make) so I can't say that I've had the full experience. It was an interesting time and I'm glad that I gave it a shot, and I may go back in the future to try it again, but it hasn't had any long lasting changes in me.
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