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  1. alice-acid

    Vice article!

    I don't think you can get it from drinking...
  2. alice-acid

    Vice article!

    Checking in for the first time in years but I had to see how everyone felt about this and show you all! Sorry if there is already is a thread but i couldnt find it. I'm on the move so I'll just post it and discuss later https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.vice.com/amp/en_uk/article/7xkxey/when-drugs-fuck-you-up-forever-safe-sesh
  3. alice-acid


    weirdly i'd just decided to reappear for the first time in a while to see if anyone had had success with abilify. i'm on it ( for an unrelated reason) currently but only really have lingering, not too intrusive occasional HPPD symptoms these days but these are now gone on abilify. i'm trying to find an elegant explanation as to why abilify is different from other anti psychs and this is the best i can find for now.... there are some long and complex articles out there too for anyone that wants to look into it more 'Rather than blocking dopamine in one area, then relying on also blocking serotonin to normalize levels, Abilify is a “partial agonist” of D2 in the first place, meaning that it sits on the dopamine receptor strongly enough to bat away the excess dopamine that causes psychosis, while at the same time exerting enough mild dopamine-like activity to prevent movement disorders. So its dopamine stabilizing mechanism is more direct.' maybe i'm just lucky or almost better but although my symptoms are mild they're easily aggravated too.
  4. Hi guys, just wanted to warn you all about benzo analogs and my recent experiences. Over the weekend just gone i took 2 different types of benzo analog, the kind you can still currently buy on the internet legally in the UK as a 'research chemical' as I was having trouble sleeping and my housemate sells about 4 different kinds so I just bought 1 or 2 each night for 3 days running. Come Monday my visuals are the worst they have been in a very long time. Having spoken to the same housemate, who has quite a heavy addiction to these things, the withdrawals from these benzos are far trippier than any trip he has ever taken. Dark too. They're also, obviously, heavily addictive. I think my worsening visuals and spike in anxiety are most likely down to slight withdrawal from these things, this is worse than a few days on proper benzos. I'm hoping they will just go in a day or so and I will be back to.. normal?
  5. I know there is generally agreement that SSRIs can worsen symptoms and should be avoided where possible, but I haven't had any HPPD symptoms outside of visual snow and some other mild visual disturbances when VERY hungover (halos and starbursts and trails etc) for a few years now. I have started really struggling with other mental health issues though recently, I hesitate to say depression as it seems to come in some pretty extreme 'episodes' of feeling suicidal, rather than a more permanent low mood. But either way my Dr has asked me if I want SSRIs (no surprises there). Would it be really stupid to day yes? I know it's up to me at the end of the day but I can't find much on here about them re-awakening symptoms like anesthetic can do, so I was just wondering people's opinions.
  6. alice-acid

    Do somebody have fitness experience?

    exercise is always a gtcood idea! like jay said it won't have much of an effect on your visuals but it will probably have a positive impact on your happiness which might make hppd less of an issue
  7. 'm all better! except now i feel a bit more anxious than i did before i got ill ): just the spike in visuals was a reminder of the shittyness that is hppd
  8. i ended up just taking nothing, i'm still not better though so i may end up having to take some antibiotics it seems like it could be a chest infection D: luckily a friend of mine just happens to have a variety of benzos for sale if that ends up being the case so allll goooooood! thanks guys (:
  9. I'm sure a lot of you have been through this, illness seems to make it all spike. Plus I can't distract myself by keeping busy as I feel too shitty to do much. I'm medication free atm and 95% of the time my HPPD isn't an issue any more, but I'm wondering if I should get something for this illness? I'm concerned about taking anything to get rid of it in case it has a knock on effect, I know certain meds can do but I'm not really clued up on which ones are well known for it any more. I'm also thinking if that's not an option maybe some benzos until I feel better?
  10. ... lack of response is concerning ): thinking UK diagnosis is a difficult one
  11. I have been considering getting a diagnosis, but obviously in the UK we do not have the DSM-V we have the ICD-10 and from what i can find (which is very little) HPPD is only mentioned alongside hallucinogen dependence, so I was wondering if i can even get a diagnosis if that is the case. Has anyone else managed it, and was it difficult? I was also wondering if being diagnosed has hindered anyone in any way? There's always stigma attached to mental health issues, I know in certain job they check your medical records for this kind of thing, not sure if it would matter or not though?
  12. alice-acid

    Hallucinogens After HPPD

    Oh and weed is also about the same but it makes me have crazy panic attacks
  13. alice-acid

    Hallucinogens After HPPD

    Mdma is more effective for me definitely. I haven't taken a hallucinogen since my hppd started,and ket works the same but everything is a lot trippier
  14. alice-acid

    vegan/raw vegan?

    She just grows in a veg patch haha none of that kind of stuff
  15. alice-acid

    vegan/raw vegan?

    my mum grows veg every year its so much better than anything bought in shops, we dont have much space though and of course its difficult to do during winter which is a shame

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