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  1. Ok, hmmm i see it's a real difficult topic without interest in research.....and to many peolpe had seen stupid movies with people had been wired to car batteries (12 volts DC) and shaking around like a dildo. home made tech is not very useful for a serious treatment. I'm an engineer and i know a lot about electricity and its power. not everything is harmful that belongs to e-technology. never forget: your brain works with electricity......and when not - you are dead, maybe some people don't realize that. Cheers
  2. Has anybody with hppd ever tried electroconvulsive therapy???? after 16 years of hppd and i tried every drug, that only worked for a few days/weeks, i'm thinking serious about trying a electroconvulsive therapy. i had read a ton about the effects of a ect. for me that will be the last chapter in fighting hppd after beeing a drug test pilot for the last 16 years. here' the very short wiki link for the people, who don't know about. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electroconvulsive_therapy Problem: in germany it is not common to get an ECT like in sweden. i'm thinking about 5 years for a try....and i'm sure: you cannot damage more, than hppd did. question: has anybody information about doctors, or hospitals in europe, that will practice ECT??
  3. sorry for keeping away this forum, but i got the big winter tire business in my garage, so i'm working 16/7 all time to fix all the customer cars for winter. still feeling good with K-pin and sinemet (levocarb in germany) mix. still 100 free of anxiety!!!! living with a free mind is sooooo nice. last days had good sex a few times, were great too. please be patience with me, till the winter business is over. asap i will replay and tell how's it going. thanks for all fred
  4. i got a huge amount of keppra at my home depot. i only tried keppra for one week, but it made me sooooo sleepy. i could not work for that time, because i slept the half day....and that's my big problem: i got my own business: no work = no money. do you still use keppra too? when yes, which dose do you take? how do you start to take keppra with benefits, and what were your side effects?
  5. hmmm, i staying since years on 1mg in the morning, even now sinemet. i wanna try in some weeks to go down to 0.5mg/day, depending how sinemet will be working for the next time. ......but it looks real good till now.
  6. hello merkan, asking you second time: how much klonopin do you medicate with sinemet together?
  7. since 4 days the tension is out of my body and my mind. i feel much more for other people, especially my wife and my little son. communication, laughing and being social in bigger crowds (was yesterday on a wedding party) is like before hppd. at the party my mind was completly free of anxiety and i had really much fun and conversation. i was zero depressed. lest few days i woke up much earlier too. headpressure and dizzyness is completly away. 80% less visuals, 100 free of anxiety!!!!, 50-70% more body feeling. if it will stay on this level i'll be happy to the end of my days. if it will be in the next few days/weeks better, i will pay every one of the hppdonline members that will visiting me in southwest germany following stuff: a real black forest meal in the right ambiance + and now hold on your seat! ....a real german black forest beer mug too !!! and now something for beer drinkers: yesterday i drank a few beers and everything stay ok. today i woke up early and i have no headache, confusion or dizzyness!!!! will try to update the trial so frequently as possible.
  8. slept this night incredible. had a lot of realistic dreams (very nice). when i woke up this morning, i felt much more clear and without tension in my body. my back didn't ache anymore. what is really amazing: yesterday before i slept, i looked on tv and there were very small letters of news flash on the bottom of the screen. i always had problem focusing on them and i always can't read them right. yesterday i see every letter totally crisp and clear, WOW! i got my own business and have a lot cars to repair today, but today i'm not so stressed like on other busy days. i can focus more on the details and my concentration is twice. i still can't belive it. wow wow wow wow wow........and this on the second day. ah, forgot something importent: libido was much better this morning.
  9. i was a member of the old hppdonline forum. i have hppd since 1996. i tried all sort of meds. nothing worked well. i was on Klonopin and occasionally on lorazepam the last 4 years. K-pin helped a little bit, but in the last 2 months the benefits were no more like there were in the time before. 3 days ago i find the new hppdonline in the net and since yesterday i'm a member again. i was tomorrow at my doc and get Sinemet. take the first pill and after 20-30min. if feel massive improvement in visual and body felling. after 4 hours i took the next 50/12,5 dose and minutes after that i felt a really peaceful mind in my head. no more stupid worries about small things. should this be the med i/we all searching such a long time before? even when it helps 30-50%, it would be a massive step forward without abusing benzos and other addict drugs. so good so far. i waiting for the night and i wanna know how i will sleep this night.
  10. hey merkan, in which dose you take klono together with sinemet. i have hppd since 15 years and i take benzos since 4 years (i'm down to 1mg k-pin/day since one year). today i will start with sinemet. so how should i combine the k-pin with sinemet??
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