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    Partying, meeting new people, loooveeddd life until fell into hppd hell. First got hppd on august 23rd 2011, been in hell since but adapting slowly. Feel free to add me on facebook.com/pure.ballin I really want to find people who have same symptoms as myself so we can battle this together.

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  1. i used to get it during my early hppd days like 2 months ago but now very rarely. Kinda annoying but nothing that bad.
  2. leefulford

    Anyone a hockey fan!?

    YOO im a red wings fan too!! Doing not too bad so far, although they always do awesome in the season
  3. Hey guys, my doctor agreed to put me on sinemet if I can come up with some medical/peer-reviewed scholarly sources that say it can help. Would any of you know of any that I can show him?
  4. leefulford


    L-theanine is awesome and very healthy for immune system i take it once every 2 days and before a night of drinking. For me it noticeably calms me down at the 250 mg range, definitly worth getting for those above average anxiety days. And visual as for GABA being inhibitory that does not really explain why it is calming, Gaba just as much inhibits neurons that inhibit excitation (thus causing excitation) as it inhibits excitation.
  5. leefulford


    Hey wolf, is there anything in your personal life thats changed negatively recently? For me my physical symptoms get better if im happier or way worse if i get sad/bummed out/frustrated. I used to blame everything negative on my hppd but its not true before hppd i have had bad days sometimes weeks as well, with hppd tho you can keep blaming hppd even for stuff that would be there even if you could percieve everything normally and you can fall in a frustrated anxious trap. (I fall in it quite often). For me what works is meditating and asking myself "What am I really anxious about? Is it that everything is feeling messed up right now? Is it that i fear i wont be able to have a normal life? Or is it "Im having a fight with a friend" "Im having relationship troubles" "Im worried with hppd i wont be able to maximize my career?" Remember hppd cannot hurt you or limit you. Only you can.
  6. leefulford


    Alright guys a little update on kava. Great thing to take before bed, something to unwind at the end of the day and even look forward to if your having a bad anxietywise day. A lot softer than alcohol without hangover although you will feel a little less active after a couple hours which is why I only recommend taking it before bedtime maybe while watching a movie or something. I describe the effects as a warm blanket kind of like getting out of the shower and getting into bed Does not seem to be addictive at all. Just make sure you get a good brand because the cheaper ones are not made right and contain the leaves of the plant which is bad for your liver (the root is what you want). Hope this helps and anyone with questions on kava feel free to message me. It does not affect the visuals by the way. Although by lowering anxiety makes you pay less attention to them.
  7. leefulford

    Yes, Sinemet works!

    Sinemet is my last solid hope! I must admit I am kind of scared to try it in case it doesn't work as seeing your posts about it have given me a hope that I have not had in a long time. So if I try it and it doesn't work than I fear I am going to be a mess emotionally. Which drug did you guys get hppd from and what are your main symptoms?
  8. leefulford

    How long do afterimages last?

    my afterimages are my worst hppd symptom lasting up to 8 seconds. Everyone has different lengths of afterimages, just because yours last longer does not mean anything is wrong, afterimages can not hurt you.
  9. leefulford


    yes i have tried valerian, valerian works the same way as benzos in the brain tho and can be slightly addicting.
  10. leefulford


    made your hppd worse how? Permanently or short term? Did you have powdered root or extract? Do you think it was the kava itself that made it worse or was it possibly you feeling less normal and panicking from it? I really need something to relax as I refuse to take any benzos so Im really hoping Kava works for me. It is taking a long time to come in the mail though.
  11. leefulford

    Hello to everyone, my story

    Hey I was wondering if you had previous use with hallucinogens? As ambien is not usually a hallucinogen but if you have latent hppd from a previous trip than for sure a change in consciousness such as ambien could maybe trigger it. Reason I want to know is because I sometimes have difficulty sleeping and was wondering if I should stay clear of ambien.
  12. leefulford

    Melting at Night?

    Yo thats weird Wolf I used salvia soo much this summer. I definitly think the salvia (which is one of the most fucked drugs in my opinion) is responsible for the body feelings as some of my body feelings are similar to salvia. Yea i have tried that wolf70 and it has worked before trying consciously to trip instead of trying to fight your imagination. A drug that has reduced this I find is naltrexone 5 mg. I take it speratically about once a week and not sure if it helps or if it is more a placebo but since I've started taking the naltrexone there is a definite improvement. Take it at least 4 hours before bedtime though.
  13. leefulford

    Success with Naltrexone, read this

    Hey guys I recently been taking naltrexone, i take like 5 mg (hard to say as i cut up a 50 mg pill into roughly 10 pieces.) The first few days I got hugeee improvement, improvement that is still with me even when I wasn't taking the naltrexone! I now take it spuratically but I am wayy better. Can not say for certain if it was the naltrexone that made me better (I am around 60% better visually with my anxiety almost gone ) as it could be my acceptance of me having hppd or someother psychological phenomen however it did get better after taking naltrexone and so I can not help but recommend this drug to everyone to give it a try.
  14. leefulford


    Hey guys I ordered powdered root Kava online to see if it can give me some relaxation before bedtime. Was wondering whether any of you had tried it and if it is ok to take with hppd? I will give a full report on my experience with it once it comes in the mail and I have tried it a few times.
  15. leefulford

    Melting at Night?

    Wolf, I get your exact same symptoms! I get visuals, anxiety, derealization etc but the worst by far is my body feeling like my body is the entire room or something i know exactly what you are going through! (im not sure what triggered mine, lsd mushrooms m or salvia) but I get INSANE images in my head going a mile a minute especially when trying to go to sleep. These images are like not of this world. I am slowly learning to enjoy them though and accept them. You are not crazy for having these you just have a wild imagination as do I. Feel free to add me on facebook www.facebook.com/pure.ballin if you need someone to talk to about it. Good luck!

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