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    Jesus my lord and savior. i love the out doors always like to keep going. Love working but been out of work for 6 months now cant find work.will update intrests when i find more.lol

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  1. Dude its great i feel the same way what your song talks about how no one understands. it sucks man my family and friends have no clue what i go through.
  2. I live in gloucester, va and ive gone to alot of doctors very stupid ones who wont listen to anything I've learned of hppd. I want to try keppra so bad but cant find help anyone please help me out i want my life back.
  3. I feel you bro i have been tripping since 2003 at first i was going crazy wanted to die but i pulled around with faith and prayer a keeping calm during attacks. i still get attacks daily but i wont quit or give up. thanks for shareing your story