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  1. Thanks for the sympathy morbide, but its fine I love my hppd. No one gets to see what I see, you know?
  2. Thanks for your responses, alot more than I thought I'd get. Glad to see this place is alive. Hope you guys stay well
  3. I for one get intence closed eye visuals, only takes a couple mins and it's like I'm on dmt again. Anyone want to share some of their CEV's? I want to find out if there is any common visuals that people share thanks - Levi
  4. mine is backround 1 snow density 31 flicker rate 2
  5. i told my parents about 3 months ago. and im 16 still. i told my mom before i told my dad. i was debating telling her for awhile. early that week someone wrote "fuck it" on this pole next to where my parents park(which is kind of a weird thing to write on a pole) so one day i came up to my mom and i was thinking about telling her than i said "fuck it" under my breath and she asked what was wrong. so i told her. she wasnt mad or anything more worried. but i told her im fine with it and everything happens for a reason (im honestly glad this happend to me by the way) she has trails from doing acid so she kind of understood. i told my dad a couple weeks afterwards and he was not mad. just really worried and he still doesn't believe, to this day, there's not a pill that will help. he grew up with a hardcore christian family and never did any drugs really. so from my experience telling my parents i can tell you that you dont have to be worried about your parents being mad. its an extremely serious thing, and if your parents are mature im sure theyll understand.
  6. "im going to meditate my ass off" -one of my very best friends meditiation can really help you get that inisight your looking for. and its free im sure youll enjoy it. but yeah taking psychedelics is the worst thing you can do i guarantee it will get worse. ive done MDMA about once a month for 3 months now and i can tell it gets worse everytime also its extremly hard to find pure mdma, most all MDMA is cut with meth, and meth is bad and you are very lucky you got to trip several times befor getting this. i got a full case after my first time frying
  7. there definitely is, its a constant reminder that life is great
  8. i to get wierd random thoughts, one early today when i was brushing my teeth was "there's a time and place for everything, and right now is not it" its really strange. they are nothing like windscars, just random quick sayings that usually are slightly philosophical
  9. you dont need to fight it, fighting will only cause you anxiety stress and possibly the loss of sanity, just accept what has happened and find comfort in knowing that your alive
  10. saint i can tell that you are young, i have almost every symptom of hppd.i also have that dreamy vision,dont be afraid of what you have,it has helped my life for the better. its better than being dead, dont ever forget that.
  11. when im going to sleep sometimes i feel as if i'm floating away from my body or falling, i used to wake my self up and fight it, but than i relized i should not be afraid but be curios, so now when ever that happens i try to get "as far away" from my body as i can. when i do this i shortly fall asleep from trying, so my advise would be to not fight it but explore it your mind being disconnected from your body is not a bad thing, find peace in that you can forget about your physical body completely and only be inside your brain
  12. i smoke weed as much as i can, my hppd hasnt realy gotten worse
  13. allright cool thank you for the info
  14. I was reading about symptoms and i have one that i havn't seen on there, and i was wondering if i'm the only well when your shrooming or on acid and everything just looks diffrant but exactly the same idk its hard to explain,if you know what im talking about than that has stayed since ive done acid. its almost like im EXTREMELY focused on everything 24/7 but im not trying to be. yeah i probably make no sense at all if you have what i have please let me know thanks
  15. Does smoking marijuana everyday cause HPPD to worsen? thanksssss
  16. This forum isnt realy for me because(at the moment) i am happy with my life with hppd and see it more as a blessing Please post some advise for other people who need it. here is mine Its better than being dead
  17. i took adderrall a couple days ago, 2 short release 10mg, the effects of the adderall lasted almost 2 days lol. but other than that i'm back to how i was before.
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