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  1. on dopamine, I didn't get any noticeable effect from tyrosine, but did from arginine (plus pine bark extract which synergises), tho can't be sure it is a dopamine effect, but kind of feels like what I would expect dopamine to feel like, albeit mild.
  2. ive now ordered some pine bark extract that is meant to increase nitric oxide so meant to synergise with arginine, lets see what happens.
  3. ive got some second thoughts on arginine. I didnt give it a proper chance before. So i thought i would give it a go again after all this time. I took it and felt drowsy so next day took at night but in morning felt good, fairly clear and energised. This drowsy response went after a couple of days so now take in morning and night. It seems to give me more focus and general stamina, like i don't feel like going for a nap when i get home from work, and feel enough motivation to do things like tidy up a bit.
  4. surely we can find 10 people on here willing to do this?!
  5. thanks peter. Started on 1ml cdh every hour, now up to 3ml. Also taking bentonite. No effect on hppd yet. Legs feel really exhausted. I'll check out your link. I haven't been fasting but have been just snacking on dry toast during day and having big meal at evening.
  6. ive just started up again, this time using cdh. Feeling a bit brighter after one day but taking it slow as I don't want to get nausea.
  7. i don't use mms at all, i just use cds. I can take strong doses without side effect and the taste is tolerable if unpleasant. I just put 5 or 6ml into a cup with a bit of water and a drop of dmso. I did a few days of fairly consistent dosing every hour or so and got some good benefits as mentioned above but my hppd is still there but i feel less fatigued. I would not be surprised if chronic infection is an aspect of many modern maladies like the allergy epidemic and general inflammatory diseases. When you took nac when did you dose it? I do a day of taking cds then a couple of hours or so after my last dose i take nac to restore my cell glutathione levels overnight to protect them from cds during the day. I would predict that if you took nac in the morning then took mms during the day the nac would load the blood with antioxidants before entering the cells and so neutralise the mms significantly. Also i have had benefits despite my taking nac; however, it may be worth me having a go with no nac to see if it has a new level of effect. My hppd onset was straight after taking magic mushrooms, but i did have a preexisting brain fog condition which could well be based on a chronic infection of some sort. Nac helped a lot with fog but not the hppd itself. I get the impression that some people are blocked from healing from hppd if they have an inflammatory problem, and it gets worse if they have some inflammatory foods or stress. So if mms is removing a chronic infection it may be removing the block to healing rather than hppd being a direct brain infection. Just speculating of course. I like ketosis and it sharpens me up a bit but doesn't have a significant effect on my hppd.
  8. i havent read the above but will just add a note before i go out then reply properly later. I have noticed that my brain feels lighter, and also my legs are much lighter feeling. I do not notice any effect from food any more. I dnever had hallergies but would feel groggy or whatever after certain foods. This is much reduced. Also i do not get hangovers any more. I looked up whether food intolerance can be created by chronic infection and h pylori came up. I then also looked up any bacteria that metabolise alcohol, and h pylori came up again. My provisional hypothesis is thus that i had a bit of h pylori overgrowth that has been obliterated by chlorine dioxide.
  9. i got up to i think 8 drops on mms before giving up and going on cds, but i'm not sure how strong my home made cds is so i should probably see how much i can handle. Certainly 3ml doesn't do me any problems so i will move up to 4 today. I try and follow the protocol by taking every hour that i remember, tho i do start the day with a coffee so maybe the antioxidants neutralise my first dose. I have some msm (dmso substitute) so mix a bit of that with the cds. I do feel a bit brighter but not sure what to attribute to diet and what to cds. I don't have any significant effect on my central hppd symptoms yet tho. I also take a dose of acetyl cysteine at night as i guess cds will strip my glutathione out otherwise, and it may help detox any crap dredged up in the day by cds. My daughter has a wart type virus called mollusca contagiosum. I dab a bit of cds on it and it seems to help bring it down, make less itchy. Ive also got some warts from an ill-advised sexual contact so hopefully they will get blasted too!
  10. how long did you do the drops for? I had come across mms before and dismissed it but on the back of your previous post i thought what the fuck may as well give it a go and bought some sodium chlorite. I didnt think you were spamming. I made the drops as required but after a while were too nauseating (i don't buy the explaination that it is herxheimer, it is clearly just a reaction to the compound itself). So i thought i could try and absorb it mostly through my mouth but due to the citric acid it felt like it was fucking my teeth. However, i then made chlorine dioxide solution which is fine. I am also at the same time transitioning to a carnivore diet. I am not finding any change to my hppd tho maybe a bit of a brain energy improvement and reduced leg fatigue but not doing long enough to make a proper observation. I am currently taking msm (not a typo, it is instead of dmso which is very similar) with 3ml chlorine dioxide solution, holding it in my mouth for a few minutes before swallowing, every hour or so between about 10am and 7pm tho have not been that rigorous about keeping time.
  11. my dizziness sounds like joselillo's. Sort of like a wobbling inside the head rather than the spinning like with inner ear problems. I have found much to help with anxiety and fatigue but nothing has helped with dizziness, head pressure, or visuals. Not tried many meds, mainly just supps.
  12. https://www.onnit.com/academy/the-carnivore-diet/ http://meatheals.com/ seems like the benefits of keto but supercharged, eliminates inflammatory toxins found in plants, apparently lack of vit c and fibre not a problem.
  13. ive started using the glasses off app to apparently increase contrast sensitivity and brain processing speed. I think i do feel a bit quicker in the head and my stats are improving on the app for what they are worth. No change to hppd tho.
  14. bit of a stab in the dark here, but if visual disinhibition is overloading the processing capacity of the aware brain, in an analogous way to having a pre-amp that is too big for the main amp causing distortion, then could there be exercises that increase the brain's visual processing? So analagous to increasing the main amp size so the pre amp doesn't cause distortion. It reminds me of the jason bourne film where he has amnesia but is super aware of everything going on around him due to his special forces training. I wonder if we could do something similar to improve our visual awareness so it is capable of coping with the excess inputs.
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