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  1. Boozebome Which brands do you use? Cheers
  2. This stuff definitely helps my visual symptoms. HPPD for 23 years. Only high dose diazepam has helped previously.
  3. I had complete freedom from symptoms for about 10 minutes the day after a neurofeedback session. I call it my 'Ikea moment'. I was in Ikea in Croydon and boom all of a sudden I was back. This was about after session 20 from memory. It only lasted a short period as I freaked out being back to pre hppd. Unfortunately I ran out of money shortly after this and the sessions had to stop.
  4. Survey how is this combo working out for you?
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  6. I think holland could do well. rvp is on fire
  7. Jay my england team would be Shilton Samson Butcher Walker Parker Waddle Hoddle Robson Barnes Lineker Shearer experience is key!
  8. I was very good at middle to long distance running. Breaks my heart that I gave it up for drugs at 15. However, have returned to running after 20 years and can do 5k in under 19 mins and still improving - not all is lost
  9. thank you maybe it was something to do with the prior years abuse of klono and alcohol - I had been clean for 2 years but perhaps receptors were still sensitive
  10. After having this for 19 years you tend to do a lot of your own research! I am at a loss though where it is available? can anyone help? Spain and Italy use it for Migraine treatment but that is as far as I have got.
  11. What about dotarizine?
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  14. Gp says not licenced in uk. i will try private clinic to get them to prescribe. if not internet it is. does anyone know good reliable sites?
  15. Hi gormeh no havent checked it was just from reading up about it has anyone else tried to get prescribed in uk