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  1. Btw it's funny that I get visuals when fapping but not during sex. And that way before the HPPD.
  2. When you orgasm you brain releases DMT, so it makes perfect sense. I have a very intense GF though so not sure how to do this
  3. I tried Kratom once. I would stay away from it. It can increase anxiety and cause addiction. Did you end up using it?
  4. The problem with CBD is that it always contains trace amounts of THC. It would be a great fit it not for that.
  5. I have pretty much the same. How are you feeling now? Any progress?
  6. I've been having shortness of breath lately. I know it's a common sign of anxiety, but it doesn't seem to be correlated with current anxiety state. I also went to the doctor and he said the lungs are fine. Have anyone of you suffered from this too?
  7. So I am new to HPPD, and I am going to wait a few months before starting meds, if necessary. But I would like to know if this is something that I would need to take forever, or if they can help to revert your brain to a "normal" state, then you can quit them?
  8. I used to meditate daily before the HPPD. Now I'm getting a bit scared because I feel that I am "leaving" my body during meditation. Does it happen to any of you too?
  9. I feel like life is a movie or a dream. It gets a lot worse when wake up. It's usually when I get the panic attacks. When I start doing "real" things I get in a better mental state. I have some confusion in my thoughts. I'm not as sharp as usual. > Have you had these symptoms at the ends of ceremonies before? or is it a first time to have strong residual effects? Yes, but I didn't realize they were from the ceremonies back them. I thought my photophobia was an eye problem. > Please discontinue all psychedelic use. You bet that. There's no w
  10. I think this is the kind of thing that can't be hidden in a longer term relationship. Otherwise you would be trying to hide something and that would make things unpleasant for you in the long run.
  11. Hi Swartz, thank you for your reply. Yeah for sure. Everywhere I walk by with bright lights looks like Times Square 😂😂😂 And the fluorescent ones are the worst. Effexor's withdrawal, although very gradual, definitely made me overly sensitive to everything. It kept me numb when I was taking it, but when I quit it I didn't have my natural brain chemistry and structure that used to keep me in a regular state. Btw there are some studies that show that it will affect brain structure over the course of years. Thanks a lot! It's been about 10 days now. The visuals
  12. It's been just a week that my HPPD started, after a very terrifying Ayahuasca ceremony. It's definitely improved since the first days. Is it common that the first weeks will be significantly worse? I think I was only so susceptible to this because I took Venlafaxine during 13 years (I was off of it for a few months before the ceremony). But I feel that my CNS is over excited, responding to every minor stimulae.
  13. I was doing good progress with my life doing Ayahuasca, until that now, in my last ceremony, I felt a huge terror and I am still reviving this terror. It's been only 4 days, but the time feels much longer. I am still getting visuals. I feel dizzy, have photophobia and sensory alterations. I feel like there's "things" moving inside my body. Also some derealization. What are the first steps for recovery?
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