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  1. Hello everybody. I want to apologize for being away so long. I started to become very active in 2014, but I got sidetracked and swept away by other events but now I am back. My story started in 1974, and I was probably among the first wave of HPPD sufferers, at a time when only the flashbacks were discussed, and anybody who is having any symptoms related to taking hallucinogens suggest branded as psychotic. My story is on here somewhere else under my previous username "HPPDSince1974" - I struggled with HPPD for many many years and eventually got it under control by of course stopping all
  2. Hi, I happened to notice your post is new and doesn't have any replies yet, I have a couple of thoughts. Your symptoms do sound consistent with HPPD. You're asking questions though that only a knowledgeable doctor is really qualified to answer. I'm curious whether you're also experiencing the emotional symptoms of HPPD: incredible depression and anxiety, fear and distress. Since you had those symptoms before experimenting with drugs, it sounds like you probably have something else going on that is amplified by the use of drugs. That's probably not much help, and I have the obvious
  3. Hi, I really appreciate this. When you say "your relationship changed" I get it. For me there had to be a measure of relief, enough "normalcy" to get to the point where I could deal on that level. Early on I was completely overwhelmed and in pain not from my relationship to the disorder but by the effects themselves. It took DECades for me to almost completely resolve my relationship with HPPD. Years of struggling with it myself because it was not known at the time, and it took some PTSD/EMDR treatment, a psychotic breakdown that resolved, a terrible journey, and I have been free from
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