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  1. I appreciate all the posts above - it's definitely a tricky topic. Thank you all for your time!
  2. I'm a man in my mid-20s who has been a heavy alcohol drinker for years. The day after heavy drinking my HPPD symptoms are significantly worse and often paired with brain fog that can be impairing enough for days that I have to basically isolate myself (luckily I live alone) or else anxiety spikes. This has caused several occasions of using sick days on Mondays or Tuesdays and making up excuses of why I had to use a sick day. This used to only be a problem with heavy drinking, so I logically limited my drinking and that seems to help. However, there are still some days when something lik
  3. Yes I definitely have a habit of staring at stuff on days when the visual snow / lights & color changes / static lines / strobe light effect are worse (usually the day after drinking, or if I've had too much caffeine). The best way I get around this is by doing tasks that are simple, habitual, and that require some thought and action (so not just watching tv, at least for me), but not TOO much thought since the days when the visual snow are worse are often accompanied by brain fog. A common task I go to is cleaning. I put on a background podcast too that I may or may not listen to,
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