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  1. Thanks for the advice man, helps me a lot. I think i am going to stop taking them because id rather my depression be a bit worse as i can always resort to other methids in the future to fix that, hppd however is my priority at the minuite as it could potentially get worse if i continue and im not really up for that. In fact i didnt take them last night and already notice a much bettee difference in my hppd, so think its the best call. Thanks for the help, this site has been a massive help and seriously eased my mind over the past week or so, thanks!
  2. Ive only been put on them recently and i feel like they may be making my symptoms a little worse, but im not sure if thats just because they are making me feel weaker and drowsy. Think im going to continue with the 2 week trial that i am on and if im getting worse symptoms by the end of it ill stop or look for an alternative. Im pretty new to this, only started showing symptoms about 3-4 weeks ago, and am sorta panicking that it could get worse. Ive stopped smoking weed completely about a week ago, and i barely ever drink anyway, so hoping that will help me. Its scary sometimes, although
  3. Hi, so ive been taking Fluvoxamine to help with my depression, but also have hddp. I dont take any medication fir hddp, as i have not yet seen a doctor about it, but share a lot of the symptoms as others and am pretty sure that i have it, unfortunately. Was just wondering if anyone knows if this effects hddp? Ive stopped smoking weed about 1 or 2 weeks aftwr noticing the symptoms as i was trying to deny it. Hoping that these steps will sort me out but need to make sure this medication isnt going to have adverse effects. Thank you
  4. Im already on Fluvoxamine for depression, will this have a negative affect?
  5. Ah right, ill keep that in mind. Thank you for the information
  6. Ah, must've been a mis-communication, i dont have any plans of smoking again as Ive read up on how it affects it. Can responsible drinking still be done or does everything have to be cut out? And thats good news, i could easily live with the symptoms i have as scary/strange as they can be at times, just gotta get on with it i suppose. Hoping i wont have to get any medication, thanks gor the help
  7. Hi, I'm 18 years old and have briefly experimented with acid, first dose was 100 ug, second was 150, and third was 200 or 250, i cant remember. Each experience was grate and i felt like i learned a lot. Its been about 3 months since i last had it, and recently started noticing some strange things. The symptoms are very mild, some bushes and trees i look at have that layered look, im sure you'll know what i mean. I see auras around things like my tv and genereal objects, but they are barely ever noticable. I see after images too but they dont tend to last too long, but definately the most noti
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