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  1. Hey guys, it's nice to meet you all. Thanks for the messages of support. Looking forward to getting to know you lot.
  2. Hello mth97, OK that sounds great. Let me know what you want from me and I'll do my best. Thanks, Ben.
  3. Hi people, first of I'll introduce my self, I'm ben. It's nice to find a community where I can talk about hppd. Little back story here, iv had hppd for 12 years now, started after getting into LSD and pyslocbin. Very hard first couple years due to the effects of hppd, I'm sure you guys get this. Then became hooked on smack to help me deal with it all,( worst decision of my life) after the best part of a decade I got clean in Thailand, and have been clean for over a year now. (BTW I'm from the UK) I have spoke to one other person irl that describes the same affects as me, so it is very cool to find this space that is built of us to share. Look forward to getting to know some of u guys. B
  4. Hi, I am interested in something like this. I have had hppd for 12 years and am willing to share. I have some concerns that maybe you can put at ease Mainly, what is the message you want to tell? is it anti-drug? I really don't want to be part of a narrative that I don't belive in. This is my main concern because as you said you have only had hppd for a year and for me the first 1-2 years where the worst as it's like the transition period between how you used to visualize the world to how you do now. This was super scary for me and I hated it, and that concerns me because if you are hating how this thing has changed you, then surly that will show in your documentry. B But that being said I am interested in finding out more about this project. So let me know 😁
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