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  1. I have multiple questions about the symptoms of Hppd. It has been over 45 days since I've taken LSD and a week after taking it I noticed having multiple eye floaters. I have also during this time quit smoking weed after being a chronic user for many years, being now 40 days sober. I am having lots of uncertainty right now as to what I am feeling; not sure if I am experiencing marijuana withdrawals still, hppd, or some sort of eye problem. Here are some of my questions about hppd that will help me bring clarity to my current experience. 1. Do people with hppd see floaters all the time, or just in bright light, like being outside? 2. I tend to wake up every hour or two after a vivid dream. Do people with hppd experience vivid dreams that wake them up multiple times in the night? 3.Do people with hppd experience more levels of REM sleep or is their sleep cycle the same? 4. I sometimes after waking up see lots of white dots in my vision, spaced out in a equal distance order for like 20-30 seconds until it goes away. Do people with hppd have it worse when waking up? 5. Did your hppd get worse over time or did all your symptoms come at once? Thank you so much to those that can answer these questions. I was never aware of hppd before noticing my floaters, but I am thankful that this is my only symptom for right now If I do happen to have it.
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