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  1. I recommend getting magnesium taurate for the days off and especially when you jump off completely. It saved me from having seizures and calmed me down a lot when I was coming off huge doses of Xanax
  2. If you were just advertising CBD it wouldn't be as bad, but you're saying very stupid and dangerous things to try and influence people to buy it. Search CBD on this forum and see does it cure everyone with LSD induced PTSD. Some people it actually makes worse. And THC makes a lot of people worse, sometimes much worse. You didn't even read past the titles of those Reddit posts...
  3. You represent a corporation who either lack the ethics to be careful who they market to and/or vet and supervise their representatives. You're telling people that your CBD/THC product will cure all their medical conditions. So these legal labs you're representing, are they on board with their representatives violating FDA regulations placed on their products?
  4. mindrnd are you really this blind and/or soulless? You would actually come on a forum like this and tell people that buying your CBD/THC product will cure all their problems? I don't know whether this is a lack of conscience or just ignorance and stupidity but either way, you should consider that your actions can have consequences
  5. I scrambled myself (I don't have a word for it) when I tried to annihilate my ego in a series of Ayahuasca ceremonies, and I did some crazy reckless things after that. In my experience weed can make all this exponentially worse. The hellish aspects of it I believe are connected to lack of self love and self acceptance. Saying this "I LOVE YOU!!!" to yourself, you would be amazing what this can actually do. You see it as your falling asleep and your subconscious takes over. You can say it to yourself in your head 1000 times in a day, the more you do it, the more you see it subtly seeping in. You can even say "I FUCKIN LOVE YOU!!!". Another one "I DEEPLY LOVE AND ACCEPT MYSELF". In my experience love is the resolution. And your past choices don't matter so much as your present choices. You can say "I'M SORRY" to yourself, really say it and keep saying it until you feel it in your heart. This WORKS! And saying "THANK YOU!!!" for every little thing, it's got immense power that your conscious mind might not understand. It's like if you've driven yourself to hell because you didn't realize that you're in the driver's seat. Little things like affirmations let you steer in the direction of heaven. If you haven't read Eckhart Tolles books, I highly recommend it. This helped me so immensely cultivate equanimity within myself. I can't explain how much this has helped me. I've observed that I can instantly go from hell to heaven when I surrender to and accept hell. And resisting can drag me down into the depths of hell. It's not always easy to surrender and accept. Eckhart Tolles books open your eyes to a lot of aspects of this.
  6. Have you heard of EMDR? Lots of people report healing from HPPD and psychedelic induced trauma with EMDR.
  7. Inner body meditation helps me immensely with regenerating energy levels. Breathwork is really good too, like the Wim Hof method. Also I recently discovered this https://byrslf.co/five-breaths-to-change-your-life-conquer-fear-anxiety-insomnia-with-this-simple-breathing-1633dab40094 Which when I first tried it, instantly relaxed this anxiety and panic I was feeling. Also adaptogens like maca, ashwaganda, Siberian ginseng, they help your body deal with stress and boost your energy levels
  8. There's this South American plant called mulungu which works real good too. And you could add picamilon to the mix to boost GABA levels. Magnesium taurate has got real good bioavailability and it doubles up as a taurine supplement.
  9. I keep getting this thing where just as I start to fall asleep, some unfathomable stuff appears and to my mind, it interprets it as doom and my automatic reaction is to panic and jolt back awake. Like seeing infinity and my mind panics like it's not supposed to see this. Sometimes I just remember what I'd seen the night before and that jolts me out of sleep. Usually this bizarre stuff happens just as I start trying to fall asleep. It happens repeatedly sometimes, sometimes I get such an adrenaline rush I can't go back to sleep. If I get these jolts a few times, then stay awake a couple of hours or so and go back to sleep, I often wake up the next day not remembering what happened. Sometimes I go into sleep paralysis, but this psychedelic kind of sleep paralysis. Interestingly my body isn't actually paralysed so technically you could say it's not sleep paralysis but I have so much experience with SP that it's unmistakable this is the same kind of phenomenon. The hallucinations are identical but this is like a trippier Psychedelic type. Real strange dreams too. Sometimes they're nightmares but not most of the time just unusual stuff. Does anyone here experience this kinda stuff? EDIT: Last night I didn't experience this stuff and it's interesting cuz I can usually feel it when it's going to happen for hours before I actually go to sleep. It's like a buildup of something in my subconscious. I see these things that are shocking but I can't consciously see them anymore when I wake up. Things like infinity and unexplainable unfathomable stuff that the human mind can't process. It started after a bufo trip that I wasn't ready for, I resisted ego death.
  10. Have you tried magnesium taurate? It stopped me having seizures and losing my mind with psychosis coming off huge doses of Xanax a few years ago.
  11. You should try a lower dose and see if that works equally well. Less side effects with a lower dose and you won't build a tolerance so quick. Mirtazapine is real similar to trazodone, it blocks 5-HT2A also I think. Blocks a lot of other receptors too though
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