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  1. Anyone cracked the code to eliminating constant head pressure? Seems to get worse after poor sleep, being unwell or over exerting myself during exercise. A numb face and restless feeling usually accompanies this feeling and never goes away!
  2. Thanks for the response, meditation is definitely something I’m keen to try. Keen to get to that happy and productive life, just seems incredibly out of reach at the moment with this trippy headspace I’m caught in, but will keep chipping away. Cheers
  3. Hi guys, First post here and after a bit of advice. I'll keep it short. Currently 6 months into this horrible condition and still having a lot of trouble trying to live a normal life. Thought I'd share with you my symptoms and routine, open to any suggestions or other ideas that may help as nothing really seems to be helping yet. Mid 20s, fit, healthy - only ever took mdma (possibly 2cb). As you'll see below it's mainly the mental side of things that are troubling me the most. I've accepted this is my new vision, as shit as it is and ready to just move on with my life and try a
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