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  1. So I’m almost 6 months in and every med I’ve tried seems to make my VS and tinnitus worse. I also developed heavy fatigue several moths ago and it’s been killing my drive and causing a lot of depression and anxiety. I saw a podcast with Dr. Mark Gordon on how he treats TBI’s with neurosteroid replenishment and anti inflammation protocol. I’m very interested because of the possible energy, mood, and neurogenesis benefits. Also especially because TBI patients that experienced mood and anxiety problems also reacted badly to most psych medications. I’ve booked an appointment with a neuroendocrinologist. It seems like a natural route. Does anyone have any input on this? Maybe any risk of making things worse again?
  2. I’ve honestly been struggling. I’m working from home from Covid and that has been kind of a blessing. I’ve still just been obsessing a lot and kicking the hell outta myself for making the choice to microdose for depression 6 months ago when my biggest worries were exams and girls. Now I’m obsessed with the idea that I’ve ruined my life. I hate being so negative but it’s just how I feel. I know I had a drinking problem before but I so wish I could drink and be normal like other people. AA helps but I don’t think my friends in there understand what I’m dealing with apart from just being in early sobriety. I’m trying generic keppra now and maybe it has my mood in the shitter, I can’t be sure. Also afraid of getting addicted to benzos. I still have hope it leading an enjoyable life again but that’s just so hard for me to picture right now.
  3. Thanks for the advice guys. I’ve read a lot of what you guys have posted because it’s often so positive and I’ve been obsessively combing the site lol. Making myself exercise and creating a better routine seems to help. Still struggle with regulating negative emotions and trying to enjoy things and be in the moment when I’m in this trippy headspace. Also acceptance is the biggest thing I have to deal with as well. Accepting that this is where I’m at because of choices I made. As far as meds I’m thinking of talking to my doc about Keppra next week because I’ve read about it helping people with cognitive effects as well as visual reductions. Kinda scared with that side effects list though. I guess we’ll see.
  4. So I recently had a bout with trying to get back on Zoloft after microdosing shrooms for a few months and started having adverse reactions. This spiraled into me drinking a bunch while trying to get off it and trying other meds then finally a last micro dose causing an anxiety attack that seems to have given me hppd. Lamictal seemed to increase my visuals and the first time I noticed. Visual Snow was after I tried lamictal for a few days. I take seroquel to sleep and sometimes klonopin for anxiety. Just recently I’ve tried to get on Depakote from talking to my new psychiatrist but everyday it seems to cause worsening VS, tinnitus, and derealization/brain fog. I don’t know what to do but don’t think I can stay on this if I feel it’s making things worse. I’m not sure if I should keep trying meds to help me function or go natural. I’m experiencing a lot of bipolar 2 and ocd symptoms as well. I’m trying to function and start my engineering job but it’s been extremely difficult to focus through my cognitive difficulties and intense anxiety and depression. I’m also in early sobriety so that’s probly causing a lot trouble too.
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