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  1. He told me: As Clonazepam has a live longer than Lorazepam you will suffer too much less abstinence syndrome because you will have a small dose of benzo on your body, and then Clonazepam is easier to tape down on small doses as it’s a larger life benzo (short life Benzos are the ones who creates a really strong hard abstinence syndrome, like Lorazepam)
  2. No relief from Lorazepam. He introduced the Clonazepam just for making the Lorazepam + Sertraline tape down less dangerous you know... And when Lorazepam + Sertraline are done then will tape down Clonazepam slowly too to get free meds
  3. Oh yes, I will be on max 0,5mg of Clonazepam, he is like taping down the Lorazepam and introducing Clonazepam for a maximum of 0,5mg
  4. Hey guys, I started taking Clonazepam in a really small dose (0,2mg per day) 3 days ago, and yesterday evening I started getting possitive palinopsia and hard afterimages. Is it possible that Clonazepam induced me this? My psychiatrist prescribed it to me for Sertraline and Lorazepam withadrawl, for not getting too much abstinence (I am currently on Sertraline 50mg and Lorazepam 0,5mg and going down every week step by step)
  5. Thank you so much man. I am on meditation but I am not getting big results. Would you recommend me some?🙏🏻
  6. Maybe it could be, my grandmom is dying and I am doing antidepressants + benzos withadrawl slowly, so maybe it’s a mix between all. But how much time can the anxiety and panic make the symptoms worse?? Because it’s been 2 days since the post and symptoms keep worsening🥺
  7. Hello guys, During the last 3 months my symptoms increased a lot and I still thinking it’s because Sertraline. I’ve been taking Sertraline 100mg for 3 years now, same with Lorazepam 1g, every day during 3 years. I talked to my med and he wants to take me off the Sertraline and change Lorazepam for Clonazepam some weeks / months. I am super afraid of withadrawl and also of still using benzodiazepines. My symptoms nowadays are: Severe VS, severe ghosting and palinopsia with afterimages, photophobia, photopsias, nyctalopia, flashes, color problems, apparent movement in objects, kind of bugs in vision, and really mild shaking vision (just on my periphery). What I can do? Please I need help because my symptoms are so severe nowadays and I don’t want to get them worse, actually I would like they come back at least to last year were they weren’t so noticeable. I get intrusive thoughts everyday and I need help. I’m 21 years old.
  8. And is that damage revesible? I only smoked like once full hashish cigarette? And just a hit from 2 or 3 friend’s hashish cigarettes, I didn’t abuse about it! Also I am thinking about my HPPD could be because Sertraline. Anyways, is it reversible?
  9. Thank you so much for your answer man, helps a lot for real. So then anxiety exacerbates my symptoms too much because I am looking to them at everytime. This condition can be really annoying omg. I hope I can recover from it soon, or at least learn how to live with it. It’s also so interesting how the brain works on that kind of cases and why it can cause movement at static objects. I hope all of you have a great day guys!
  10. Wow I’m relieved to hear that! Then I have to wait a bit more? Maybe some months or a year? also will try to do my best for healthy life condition. Are you also know if CBD helps for recovering? I heard really cool opinions from that.
  11. Ando also not sure about weed, a friend told me “it’s a really good hash, you are going to smoke quality”. I smoked with 3 more friends, they were cool, and I had hallucinations (they smoked more than me though, I took like 5-6 puffs)
  12. Hey man, thank you so much for real. I was diagnosed with Depressive-Anxious Disease 3 years ago, because before my HPPD started I had some anxiety and panic attacks so I started taking antidepressants. I thinl nowadays I evolved it to a OCD (Obsesive Compulsive Disease) because these intrusive thoughts are always getting me super anxious and non stop. Will try to stop Sertraline and maybe change Lorazepam for Clonazepam? Do you think I‘m going to recover? Yes I did a magnetic resonance and all was alright, no “physical” problems on my brain. Thanks for all the help! Do you have some other natural tips for reduce the symptoms? And yes man I have also another symptom non visual: Tinnitus, and also cramps and tingling sensation on hands and arms.
  13. Thank you so much man for real🙏🏻 I am afraid because I have a symptom that VSS hasn’t at his list. I can see aparent movement on static objects, like I am looking to a book and I can see the book is like moving slowly. I have an example with an image (this effect is normal on this image, but not on every single objects)
  14. Hey guys, I’ve been suffering VSS for 2 years into mild and not too symptomatic way, but last month it became so several worse and I want to ask you something about my symptoms because I am super confused and afraid. Let me explain my case. About 2 - 3 years ago I tried hashis cigarette from some friends, I had a really bad trip with visual hallucinogens (something that got me super anxious and depressed, I didn’t like the effect). After some weeks I got panic attacks and much anxiety, so my doctors prescribed me Sertraline 100mg and Lorazepam 1g per day. After some months of getting alright I started getting VS symptom, static dots in my vision like a TV. I went to the doctor but my vision was alright and my brain too, so as it didn’t bother me too much I lived with it for 2 years. On Summer 2019 I felt so good so I stopped the medication gradually, I stopped the full medication on December 2019. Last month I got too anxious because a medical test. So my VS got worse and I started with flashes in the eyes, palinopsia and severe nyctalopia. I also had a kind of bad tinnitus so I went to the doctor and got treated with Dacortin (corticosteroids). and also I had to start again with my psychiatrist medication because anxiety and obsessive compulsive intrusive thoughts. Nowadays my VSS is super severe but I also have some weird, uncomfortable symptoms, and I get something new everyday, I am super afraid. I have really severe symptoms: VS, palinopsia, nyctalopia, afterimages, really hard flashes at the edge of my vision, spontaneous and random black and bright dots that appear and disappear from the vision quickly, and also I have the perception of looking and object and the object moves so lengt but it only have a seconds duration. Everyday from 1 month symptoms get worse and worse, I had to stop working because my world is so distorted. Do you think it’s VSS, or HPPD?? What I can do and how I can be threated? I need help. I saw a lot of success on Clonazepam and Clonidine or Lamotrigine. Should I go to the doctor to get a prescription of those? I am super afraid, anxious and desesperated. I also have obsesive and intrusive thoughts about becoming schizophrenic, or suffering it for all the life. I can’t live with that, I feel like living into a psichedelic trip, and I NEVER tried LSD, cocaine, MDMA, or something like that, I have been always fear of these kind of drugs. So what do you think? Looking for your answer, thanks for your time and attention.
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