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  1. Ok. Can I say that all hppd roots from anxiety related conditions. No, no one knows the reasons for hppd, it remains a medical mystery. Can we say that a proportion of hppd cases do? Almost certainly. That is the point I am trying to make. You may be certain that you are not one, fair enough. You know better than anyone how you feel and how you see. But you dont know that about anyone else, so why are you so against what I say?
  2. So @dasitmane @dayum_son @hope1 are you saying that it is completely impossible for someone to misinterpret normal visual disturbances caused by anxiery/optical physics etc as being hppd?
  3. @dasitmane you contradict yourself in this very thread. I have also reported you to same mods for your levels of personal abuse Bringing my mother into this, honestly? That's it for you and me. No more of this nonsense.
  4. A very interesting post from someone who unlike @dasitmane seems to have a balanced mind and good understanding of the way the brain works. But I postulate that the 'cerebral disinhibition' is most likely to result from a mental process of chronic anxiety coupled with memory and associations of the drug experience rather than actual 'drug damage'. Ie this is the cause of any 'adaptive rewiring'. This is not intended to belittle the condition in any way.
  5. You dont need to take mental therapy to recover from mental health issues. Time, exercise, healthy living, change of lifestyle all good cures. A question for you @dasitmane. Can you truthfully say that you yourself are completely free from mental health issues? I seem to remember seeing posts talking about depersonalisation and derealisarion from you in the past. How can you be so certain that I am wrong if this is the case? Seems like a very strange thought process. 'Here I am with some fairly serious anxiety issues and i also see these weird things in my vision. BUT THEY ARE 100% NOT RELATED.....OK!!!!!' Very odd. I suspect that your levels of aggression and abuse stem from being told by some doctor in the past that it is 'all in your head' and you took it badly. Am I right? Any way I have been asked by mods (in my opinion unfairly but I respect them) to refrain from carrying on this debate on various threads so I invite you to go onto the thread I just started today regarding the effect of anxiety on vision.
  6. https://www.calmclinic.com/anxiety/symptoms/visual-problems A very interesting article that should be considered by any one who thinks they might have hppd.
  7. I dont think that is fair. If someone with a history of mental health issues comes on asking if they have hppd after 1 joint I feel it is my duty to present an alternative explanation. To say that I can only post my views on my own threads prevents me from doing this. The very concept of hppd is very dangerous to a fragile mind. People should come to it as a last resort.
  8. Come on every one, a clearer case of health hppd anxiety has never been seen. Cramps and tingling hands, classic anxiety symptoms. He even admits to constantly checking his vision all the time!
  9. @dasitmane Read the success stories thread on here. The consistent theme is recovery from mental health issues. Something which I think you yourself really need to think about.
  10. @dasitmane. "Why is it that so many other can not reproduce the same effect?" The same effect is reproduced in every case of recovery from hppd. Deal with mental health issues. Deal with hppd.
  11. And here we go. @dasitmane dragging someone else into his web of despair. Guy just needs to deal with his mental health issues and here you go trying to convince him he has 'hppd'. Nothing could be less helpful.
  12. Most people would 'see' things such as that if they were anxious about their vision and keep checking it. Vision is as much about the brains interpretations of the raw visual signals as much as it is about the signal itself. Dont focus on your vision, get out and about living life and you won't notice stuff. Last bit of advice, dont come on this forum or indeed any other about hppd. They are full of negativity and wild theories about brain damage etc. Someone will undoubtedly come along and tell you that you must have hppd even though it was just from a joint. With your existing anxiety, that will send you down a bad road. Think about this rationally. Humans have been using cannabis for thousands of years with zero hppd reports. Where are all the jamaican rastas, hip hop stars etc with hppd? Tens of us states ain't gonna legalise something that causes hppd. Hppd has only ever been reported since the 1950s when people started using 'proper psychedelic drugs'.
  13. @LethargicAcid well done. Therapy, meditation, great stuff. @dasitmane you need to look into this one! Guy / girl manages to heal 'brain damage' through anti anxiety treatments. Get his MRI quick!
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