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  1. Will someone at least do me a favour and go skydiving...and report back their findings.
  2. I came on here trying to help and wasn't expecting this kind of reception if I'm honest. The flakiness of your convictions is plain to see. We have @AlphaBeta who's vision is different when his eyes are watering and can see light refraction when he looks straight at a light source, and denies their own posting history. Also @Kalo who appears to have taken some psychedelics then seen hppd less than a week later... and made no connection between the two.... can you not see that to an outsider to your community how suspect all this seems? You all seem to be determined that you have a serious visual health issue and appear blissfully unaware of the power of the subconscious mind. Now if my theory WAS right, it would be pretty cool wouldn't it? Bit of cognitive behavioral therapy and it would be bye bye hppd... This forum is clearly no place for this kind of discussion, I think I will take this to the scientists, dr Abraham et al. Thanks. Matty.0
  3. Sounds like this might be caused by the effects of severe anxiety and sleep deprivation. Especially as you report using sleeping pills. How much sleep have you had in the past month? I.e. average per night?
  4. Yes it is, all your past posts are easily viewable on this site, I copied and pasted. You are fine, you just need to realise that. All the best and good luck with your recovery and life in general.
  5. @AlphaBeta Ok on the skydiving/ shark idea, the psoriasis patient will not be paying attention to their skin, but to the shark or rapidly approaching ground.. a complete diversion of the senses. The 'hppd' sufferer will be fully using their eyes the whole time, the very organ that is the source of their perceived issue. It's completely different. If 'hppd' was real then surely they would see it more under such circumstances? Here are some choice quotes from your posting history: 'My eyes water sometimes when visuals get strong, but there is no pain'... sure you ain't got the visuals cos your eyes are watering? Why would your eyes water if you had visuals due to brain damage? Sounds like you are doing the same thing as I do to bring on 'hppd' visuals at will. Eyes glaze over, dont blink, eyes get a bit watery, low and behold I get visual snow, floaters, after images, the works. 'Sometimes I see a rainbow-like ring around white lights'...... so does every one else in this world, its caused by refraction of light by your eye lenses. Stare at the light and your eyes water a bit, refraction increases due to the tear and you get more rainbow. Reading this has actually made me remember how I used to get the same effect after swimming as a kid, due to watery eyes from the chlorine in the pool! I think I may have upset you because I am implying that all this is your fault. It isn't. I think you are doing all this stuff subconsciously, that is the mind loop / trap that I describe in full effect. You are I think a classic case of the theory, give me a full list of all your symptoms and I will explain them all with simple physical explanations, go on...
  6. @AlphaBetaHang on, you say that it was luck that I once got some hppd like visuals then 'escaped' ? Please clarify, what was it that I was lucky to do?! What I did was realise that I was being paranoid and thought no more of it. I might not have done that and got 'hppd', and then what would have just happened? I would have fallen into the mind trap of which I speak. I would have created my own condition, it would have been a classic case of the condition. I do not disprove myself at all, in fact all I read here and on this forum goes further to justify my points. It's a mind trick, it has to be. There will be no non hallucinogens cases as you need the past use of them to make you fall into the trap, the past use gives you the paranoia and connection between the normal visual phenomena and and the past hallucinations you once saw. It's a bit like maybe someone who goes all through life not noticing they have a big nose then someone says they have and then they can't stop noticing it. Now this is where the issue lies, to recover I think it is a two stage process. 1.accept that it is a mind trick and nothing more. 2. Re train your thought processes to escape it. Both not easy, esp if the drugs have given you PTSD or gave you experiences so profound that your mind is stuck thinking about them. The mind trick is REAL that's for sure. Hows about this for a theoretical test? Hppd sufferer does something that places their mind and body under intense strain, I dont know, freefall sky diving or swimming with great white sharks without a cage. Something that completely captures their entire attention in an intense way. Would they 'see' 'hppd' during the experience? I reckon not.
  7. They emerged a week or maybe less after and you had no thoughts that it was related to the drugs taken? I'm not sure I believe that.
  8. No 'hppd' in my corner, sorry. When I say I once thought I had 'hppd' I mean it was for like 10 mins after reading about 'hppd' on line and was trying to test to see if I had it. This was 15 years after last taking mushrooms. I can as I said can give myself severe 'hppd' by looking for it. Anyone can, it's normal stuff that the eyes do. The 'hppd' sufferer has got themselves stuck in that loop where through paranoia or maybe reminiscence about the drug experience they keep doing it. Someone mentioned that people can get it years after the drugs, how on earth does that work? Take the drugs, recover fine, years of normal vision, all drug molecules completely out of their system, then suddenly for no apparent reason they start seeing 'hppd'? Clearly a metal process has kicked in somehow, how could they suddenly have spontaneously developed brain damage out of nowhere?
  9. Read this: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Closed-eye_hallucination Where the article mentions 'extensive visualisation training', that is exactly what you have given yourselves by 1.taking phyachadeics and 2. Spending weeks / months / years focusing on normal visual disturbances. On the subject of visual snow it says: '. When active observation is stopped, it is not obvious or noticeable, and seemingly disappears from normal physical perception'.... you all just cant stop yourselves from dong 'active observation'. You are all just obsessing and focussing on normal visual phenomena. It is a mental illness. I can give myself 'severe hppd' if I allow my eyes to glaze over and remind myself of past trips. Anyone can. Visual snow, floaters, haos etc, all normal stuff that all can 'see'. The hppd sufferer has an anxiety disorder where they are obsessed that this stuff is caused by brain damage from drug use and hence cant take their mind off it. Anxiety by its nature can cause such extreme visual, physical and mental symptoms that you become convinced that there must be a more sinister cause. There isn't. The fact that you say 'only anxiety' is illustrative of your misunderstanding of the condition.
  10. Facts: All 'symptoms' of hppd are experienced by people without hppd or have never taken psychedelic drugs. People who think have hppd fixate on these 'symptoms' as a result of health anxiety about their past drug use, they become overly attentive to Normal visual disturbances that others dont care about and create their own condition. All people whose posts I read in hppd forums either exhibit classic signs of severe anxiety, or have found relief via treatment methods and drugs that mirror those used to treat anxiety. Native American indians who take peyote NEVER get hppd. Why? Because it is normal and acceptable in their culture and they feel no anxiety about the use of the drug. How do I know this? Because I have taken lots of psychedelic drugs and once thought I had hppd, then realised that I was being overly anxious and what I was 'seeing'was normal, I'd seen plenty of times before taking drugs and chose not to worry about it. EVERYONE. STOP STRESSING. YOUR VISION IS FINE. YOU DO NOT HAVE BRAIN DAMAGE. YOU HAVE SEVERE ANXIETY, MAIFESTATING ITSELF AS HEALTH ANXIETY OVER YOU VISION.
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