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  1. By making it dumbed down to a AA Meeting for acid casualty's? DUDE, it def wasnt me.. ive barley even been sane the last 5-10years and just now waking to my old self lol.. you neutered something i use to stand for , cause of 75% decrease ? maybe cause this board is just Do i have HPPD? over and fucking over with none of the neutral methlabs that let shit begot shit. MY KINDA CRAZY?? got you HPPD promoted and awareness out there... DK, If you wanted more members ... how bout fucking takin out the captha shit and crazy fucking verification and account creation hassle i even tok to make this acc.. god damn You got me to promote the popularity of people even coming to this site at launch with the , we will let shit goto a diff forum atleast... now you went what?retarded? remind me of a counselor DK , you were all very ambitious.https://www.davidkozin.com/ shows you spent alot of time and prolly money still wasted away on that flash site you coulda put into this...sell out mf . wonder what fucked you up , peace and positivity , my last post on these forums for fucking good so no worries Delete Me
  2. Im an old poster, Lucid was active from 98-2012 i think somewhat?Did i get banned>? i dont fuckin remember . i was and still am tho if i see it.. call it...bs, but im not always right. look man youve had HPPD for a year? all credit do and if you go think you are all the best ill even help..shit i think i know more then 99.9% due to history of the disorder after a year or 2 in message boards and i wasnt wrong 70% of the time. but lesson one. HPPD is PERMAFRY dude ive had since i was fucking 13, im 3fn6 now. Gluck just dont ... give any credit, to that asshole. Cast of characters... DR abrahm is a malicious $ fiend whopreaching against drugs so... he coined the DSM of permafry.. demonizing drugs. (Sry PDOC its addictive cause it fucking works for me, go fuck your antipsychotics THEY DO NOTHING! SSRI's Placebo! Benzodiazipines (the least powerful of addictive psychoactive drugs and dosent really get you high for that long, im sure power of suggestion has a hell of alot to do with my daily benzo- use Etizolam these days. yes LSD can fuck your mind up, thx geniius ... that was kinda the point. all ive ever seen outta him is qEEG tests which are basic Pseudo-science pretty much , dosent do a damn thing for patients but give them false hope, falsle diagnois of hppd cause look, due only knows it exists cause people report suffering from it(like all psychiatric disorders the PATIENT knows more then the Doctor, you think hes done LSD? shit can you imagine describeinng its effects if you really ever got off on it? (its not rare for people to get nowhere near my HPPD visuals after eating a 10strip thats potent enough to floor me.) people buy plane tickets cause noone treats HPPD, nor the worst parts of it.. the anxiety etc that comes with it, and anyone with HPPD related panic disorder or ptsd would never do , so they just basicly get tossed a buncha nonsence when they probly DONT EVEN HAVE HPPD , but now they got a diagnosis to blame their issues on so they can never find real help. sry man im sounding like a dick but that mother fucker ...am i the only one that sees nothing but BS , i mean the guy writes antidrug books for at-risk individuals (teenagers) and not once has he made a you tube video to spread awareness lol eat some lsd-25 so you know WTF YOUR TALKIN ABOUT DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH MEDICAL INFORMATION FOR HPPD THAT COULD BE AQUIRED IF HE ATE like 50mics man... the same as one who is treating schizophrenia or some shit could for the disorder if they could walk in the mind of the suffering for 12-16hrs at RISK OF DEATH fuck benign HPPD when we get down to it... PROMOTE HPPD AWARENESS , DO NOT PROMOTE THAT INSIDIOUS LUCKY TO GET THE FIRST HPPD PATIENT AND FUCKING MAKE CAREER OUT OF "Patients" BY SEEING THE MONEY IN ANTIDRUG SHIT Fuck.. IM SURE ATLEAST THOSE LSD BURN OUTS WILL BUY MY BOOK DR ABRAHM Peace bro, i ramble ..im not being hostile toward you . something inside me really hates that "doctor" id call him more of a therapist
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