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  1. Same I’m not seeing any benefit at all so I stopped taking it and switched back to trileptal which is an anticonvulsant that doesn’t help my HPPD but is useful for my depression and mood stabilization. I never had any negative side effects from trileptal or flare ups even after titrating to higher doses. For now, I’m using a lower dose than before but just sucks because I’ve been on it for 5 years now and really wanted a new med on board.
  2. Thanks for your input and response. I too am all about natural remedies and plan on doing so in the near future. To make a very very long story short I got this as a teenager and am now 25 years old. Getting it so young the first response is to seek out a psychiatrist and got on various meds while also making the mistake of getting into opioids to numb myself out because I was baffled at having such an awful condition. Basically big pharma f’ed me and years later meds don’t work anymore and I’ve been on Suboxone for years. Finally got off 2400 mg of Neurontin after being on it for 5 years and lowered my sub dose by a 75%. Now I’m on low dose Klonopin and low dose trileptal and use ambien as needed only, not every night. I know it can be habit forming just like Klonopin. I guess I’m in this catch 22 where I feel like natural remedies are best but cannot function in society without meds at this point. One day at a time i guess.... I hope I get there but have my doubts. I need to remain positive. Hope to replace trileptal with natural remedies like saffron, vitamin D, mag, exercise, etc. and use Klonopin to as a crutch to get myself together and off this Suboxone crap. I got along road ahead of me and thnx for your reply.
  3. So since most of us and myself included have SSRI flare ups/sensitivities, my doctor wanted to treat my depression with something called saffron which is a nutraceutical apparently having anti depressant effects equivalent to Prozac. He told me the one by LifeExtensions on vita cost or amazon was the best and apparently there is another formulation by the same company called macuguard with saffron which can repair the retina while having the same antidepressant effects. Just wondering if anyone has tried supplementing with this... I may give this a go in conjunction with exercise and other supplements to treat my major depression.
  4. I also noticed after doing this practice for awhile I would have insanely Vivid dreams.... From researching it I believe it’s because the light going into your eyes stimulates your pineal gland which is responsible for dreams etc. Def think your on the right track with the vitamin D, I mean the sun shines for a reason and is an extremely powerful source of energy but today I guess we just take the sun for granted and sit inside playing video games and watching movies lol. I’m vitamin D deficient like most Americans so I’m going to give this a go. Wish me luck.
  5. I did do this during safe hours and had absolutely no negative impacts on my vision whatsoever but did make the mistake of trying during unsafe hours and hurt my eyes a bit but it eventually goes back to normal.
  6. I am doing starting to do this as well supplementing with Dr. Mercol’s 5000 iu d liposomal. I heard from many people that liposomal has better bioavailability so I’m trying it with ionized magnesium as well. I do believe in this because during the winter days especially the cloudy days my HPPD is at its worst (I think the refracting sunlight thru the cloud send my light sensitivity and visuals into overdrive)and during summer days when the suns out I feel great. I also remember doing a practice I learned out in California...a lot of people may think this is strange but it’s called sun gazing and there’s a book similar to yours where they refer it as sun eating. You basically stare into only in the am when it rises or pm when it sets. Basically you do it for like 10 sec day 1 then continuously build the time you stare slowly over months. It feels really good especially when you build to doing it for like 20 min. You feel so energized and happy and curbs your appetite. There’s actually a guy out there that hasn’t eaten in years all he does is sungazes. I forgot what the video/documentary was called but something like solar powered human. But it’s really important to not do it during the wrong hours as it actually can have negative impacts on your vision due to the high UVA rays. So like 12 pm or 1 pm is a no go. There are people that do it during the “unsafe” hours but they don’t have HPPD and have built a tolerance to staring at the sun over a long period of time.
  7. This dude must be cured or something and never looked back because it says he started in 2018. Or possibly tapped out on day 2, who knows.
  8. This is how debilitating the condition is and doctors don’t get it so yeah I pretty much devoted my whole damn being to figuring a way to heal this and find what I thought to be a curse to truly be a blessing in disguise. HPPD is also a spectrum too, like autism, people say it’s not too bad and have it lightly but others have it so bad they can’t function.I wish everyone a positive journey to their healing. I remember as a kid when I got this at like 16 I would scour the internet for hours researching different methods of healing and I still have a hunch the secret to all this is FREE, which is fasting. I guess it’s true when they say the best things in life are free. Our bodies our designed to heal themselves. Idk why Blake hasn’t posted his results yet though...and I requested him on insta and haven’t heard back. But I’m currently still on meds so I’m taking it slow doing keto and light exercise then plan on hitting it hard.
  9. Do you meditate with headphones and sounds and hypnotic sounds or guided meditations? Or just plain old fashioned meditation? And what posture are you in...lying on your back or legs crossed sitting up?
  10. Hello everyone, I just wanted to discuss how I started Lamotrigine not long ago at 25 mg for 2 weeks and been on 50 mg for about a week. It’s not intense like an SSRI but I am getting a little exacerbation of symptoms and maybe a bit of irritability. My plan is to titrate to 100mg and see if it does anything for my HPPD and if not either get off or stay on it as a mood stabilizer because I have a co occurring mood issue. Do these symptoms fade as you stay on it? How long does it typically take to see benefits from this medication. I’m hoping my body will just get used to it over time and the side effects will subside... I’m just wondering if anyone can please respond who has experience with this med. thanks.
  11. So my doc put me on Ambien and have to say it did help me sleep very well... and from what I’ve read it does very similar things to your Gaba-A receptors as traditional benzos but has a completely different chemical structure than benzos so it’s in its own class called a non-benzodiazepine. I woke up feeling like I took a bunch of Xanax the night before. Muscle tension was gone, felt refreshed, no side effects etc. the only problem I have with it is it’s great for putting you to sleep but not necessarily keeping you asleep so I might ask my doc to switch to Ambien Cr which has an outer shell to put you to sleep and inner shell to keep you asleep. Lunesta, which I’ve never tried yet is in the same class and apparently keeps you asleep longer as well like Ambien Cr. Definitely not a med to be taken every night but on those occasional insomniac nights it seems very helpful. Just wanted to share my report. I did not experience hallucinations at all but rather lucid like dreams... and of course take it when you are ready to go to sleep because if you stay up on it I read people can experience hallucinations but not in the sense of tripping on hallucinogens, more like dream like hallucinations because of its sedative-hypnotic qualities.
  12. So I don’t know how new this med is but I’ve never heard of it but my doc told me it’s basically Xanax that has the same onset of action after dosing as the instant release but lasts much longer just about as long a Klonopin or even longer. It’s taken just once daily as well. For me personally, I think Xanax gets rid of visuals better than klonopin but the fact it lasted 3-4 hours which means more dosing throughout the day didn’t appeal to me but this XR version seems interesting. Has anyone tried it? Also he said Xanax was better for depression as opposed to Klonopin and the XR version was safer if taken correctly obviously...like not chewing or splitting it in half etc. It comes in .5’s-3mg pills and usual dose is 3-6 mg per day taken once daily. Seems like this could be another good option when it comes to benzo’s.
  13. Honest to god I truly believe HPPD is just a form of neurotoxicity and we can keep talking all this science bullshit about receptors and medications but it's a dead end people. These drugs that we ingest are neurotoxins and stuck in our brains/nervous systems (not fact but theory). I came across a post on the internet about a man who fasted for 11 days and reported all HPPD symptoms completely gone. And if you do your research on fasting you'll find the fastest way to clear toxic chemicals from our body/brains and boost BDNF is fasting. BDNF which is something called the brain derived neurotrophic factor is basically the ability for our brain to sprout new neurons and delete old ones (neurogenesis). Here is a little theory of mine although I'm not sure of LSD, MDMA, Mushrooms etc. but I got my HPPD purely from Cannabis which I know to be fat soluble. Now if you go on google and type "Are brains made of fat" it'll tell you 60% of our brain is made of fat which gives me the idea it makes sense why I'm having Persisting symptoms years after cannabis because these chemicals are literally stuck in my fat cells. More on fasting... From what I read about fasting...in the old hunter/gatherer days we find a meal and gorge on it because we wouldn't know when our next meal is coming. Our bodies are designed for survival so in periods of no food our brains undergo some process (I forget what) to detoxify and sharpen our cognition so we are able to figure out our next meal. In today's times this isn't possible we got food at our finger tips. We can just hop in our cars and go to Mcdonald's, food market, or restaurants whenever we want so our brains never truly under go this process. Theres also reports of people doing smaller fasts like (2-3 day) water fasts and reporting results similar to 6 month of normal recovery. Just think about how insane this thought is.... when we get a cut or scape, get stabbed, shot, or break our arms our bodies heal, But why not the brain? The brain is literally the most important organ we have, yet we are told most injuries to the brain are irreversible. I will try and provide links to some stuff mentioned above but I urge a lot of you to look into fasting and if your on meds look into intermittent fasting/keto. I did some research and exercise is very similar to fasting in terms of what it does to the brain. In my own personal experience though, you get worse before you get better. Like I would go for a run or do some intermittent fasting and symptoms seem to flare up...I'm unsure if it's because of it being stressful on the body or if its the toxic fat being released and being processed through your body...so in essence you go through some discomfort but in the long run it does help. So I guess start very very slow and work your way up if your willing to give this a go. Youtube has a lot of info on Keto/intermittent/water fasting and to me so so interesting guys. Our bodies are designed to heal themselves and good ol' Big Pharma doesn't want you to think that because they'd be out of business. They want you to think your fucked and have to take these meds forever for their own selfish gain. Such a sad world but its reality. https://www.bluelight.org/xf/threads/fasting-to-cure-hppd.688613/ There was also another old post on some shroomery site that had a report of a man fasting for 11 days and curing his HPPD but I can find It hopefully someone else can. https://www.shroomery.org/forums/showflat.php/Number/23880110 (This wasn't the exact post but similar)
  14. Hi this I posted earlier about doctors and accidentally posted on another account. This is the account I mainly use. If anyone has info on docs please send me a message on this profile or ph. 484-577-5985 or gmail Cal.sivel13@gmail.com Thnx
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