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  1. Hi hi!! You will hear from me in ur dms!! I just selected this name that German people can directly see..so it’s easier to get the contact (so you are the first one .. I’m glad 😅🤣) Yes I agree..and also normally putting the phone and displays away one hour before sleeping should be good.. For me often mornings are more awful then evenings ..i m everytime happy to Fall asleep, to dream (but if there would start nightmares ..it wouldn’t be like that..so, wish you good dreams!!( =normal dreams-weird dreams beautiful dreams but just no nightmares..) hope that now I won’t get some 🤣 i think this topic turnt a bit more personal..but okay I didn’t changed the sleeping topic ..
  2. Hey MadDoc😀 that sound like my daily routine..( jogging and meditation) and how is it about your dreams? Are they also that intensive ? Or did this get away? I know that this is normal after stop smoking weed..but I think that this is since my whole time with hppd..so nothing to do with stopped smoking weed..more with the brain activity and and in the night.. ANOTHER POINT FOR EVERYONE: the dna repairs the most while you are sleeping! So a normal sleep is the most most important thing in my opinion..but it’s so weird..that are Less sleep issues, don’t have a problem with sleeping ( I love sleeping) but I know that the sleep phases( stages of sleep) aren’t right..Maby gonna do a sleep test one time, would be interesting if someone had already done this..
  3. That sounds scary..had some similar experiences with „when i sleep i may never wake up“ but that was just a thought after smoking weed, laying in my bed watching out threw the window and having thought about god when I don’t change and today would be my last day..something like that. that sounds like now you are okay ? So I Hope it !
  4. Hi, someone from Germany and knows about a neurologist who has knowledge about hppd or helped someone? ( living in north of Bavaria, if there is sb)
  5. Had someone give it a try? Did you took the 8g of vitamin C? Thank you! (Watched this Video pretty often🤣 I like tony)
  6. Hey guys, want to open this topic to write down what are you doin to get a good sleep( so what really is good for the sleep and brain, our brain) i don’t have that big problems with fallin asleep..often I wake up1 time in the night..the point is, that i dream extremly intensive..guess like most of you? Now, what can we do to get a sleep which is „more recovering“ for the brain, like a normal sleep which is healthier..I think that this would make a big difference..maybe some of you had some experiences and have done a bit..me and I think some others would be thankful when you write it down. best wishes !❤️
  7. Hey, how are you doing?:) since when you got hppd? i got this shit since one year, overnight from intelligent to dumb af, and I didn’t thought it can get worser..but so dumb how I was i made it chronic and the problems just turned bigger, no one really knows about it, they know something is going wrong with me, but how can I say heeey I got caught, to everyone? I aint gonna take my life..but you can just live alone, you can’t mess with normal peoples shit, so how ever get a woman? Etc.. you say years..I just started with my real treation since 2 weeks..so stopped smoking weed, my hppd turned so much worser since one month..since I took a half of tab ..just was 1 p lsd.. i know dumb af..since I stopped smoking weed it was a more depressed time since ever..for example now I feel a bit better than yesterday..the same I thought before a few days..and see what I wrote yesterday for example..I think if I had stopped everything after ive got hppd the first time..I would be nearly cured or there was a lot of hope..know I’m more like in a mild acid trip 24/7..get extremely headache in the back of my had after concentrating a bit.. ( concentrating a bit is for me also to concentrate for a normal conversation..just to follow..not able to respond good) So enaugh.. tell me about u.. how long do u have hppd ? what u have already done to get better ? How are you living now?
  8. Ready 2 die 19 years old give me a suicideplan which has a bit dignity
  9. Hey, i can feel you..its not realy more different with me in the point of Living in your own life, another similar point of you which i feel the most is that i can not connect to the world..because of the completly different Person of myself and im not even able to get a conversation with REAL emotions, the real me, because the real me isnt there its everytime just a Fake conversation which just has one side and the Most times i cant really follow..cant connect to the world, to the people...i m also still Smoking weed and i just want you to say that it just makes the whole thing worser..for the Moment you Smoke you may Feel good but i think the brain isnt really able to „repair“ or get better, when you consume a Substanz which makes You forget where u put your Stuff..so i also have to stop smoking weed and the beginning time of the stop it will be really Hard with aggression ur mind etc..because Ur Body/brain is missing sth..and starts to process all the shit..but sooner or later the brain HAS TO PROCESS IT. What we have to do is fill the time with sport, Go a lot of jogging etc. So i have to quit now, sorry for my englisch i am from germany and i have hppd 🤣 so before anything else, stop smoking weed brother! Its simple and also important..weed Makes the whole shit worser..i know its Not easy keep it up, God will help through this whole shit if you ask him for help with your full heart, everyday. best wishes, i know its hard af.. (btw my first post here)
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