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  1. Hi:) how are you doin, are things getting better ? greets saleh ✌🏻
  2. Hey, even though we are all different, and can’t compare us with anyone, we all can say that we are going through a crazy hard time and Life..but listen to this sentence ..YOU CAN REACH EVERYTHING...IF YOU WANT..so hang your ass in and get yourselves well!! And I don’t mean for a week or a few months..hang your ass in for 2 years and I promiss you that you will be in a waay better place!! Do your exercises EVERYDAY..Read good books EVERYDAY..even if you aren’t able to understand things ..do it ! You will be able ..just HANG IN...lern everyday at least 2 hours..some skill that you want to have.
  3. Hi hi!! You will hear from me in ur dms!! I just selected this name that German people can directly see..so it’s easier to get the contact (so you are the first one .. I’m glad 😅🤣) Yes I agree..and also normally putting the phone and displays away one hour before sleeping should be good.. For me often mornings are more awful then evenings ..i m everytime happy to Fall asleep, to dream (but if there would start nightmares ..it wouldn’t be like that..so, wish you good dreams!!( =normal dreams-weird dreams beautiful dreams but just no nightmares..) hope that now I won’t get some 🤣
  4. Hey MadDoc😀 that sound like my daily routine..( jogging and meditation) and how is it about your dreams? Are they also that intensive ? Or did this get away? I know that this is normal after stop smoking weed..but I think that this is since my whole time with hppd..so nothing to do with stopped smoking weed..more with the brain activity and and in the night.. ANOTHER POINT FOR EVERYONE: the dna repairs the most while you are sleeping! So a normal sleep is the most most important thing in my opinion..but it’s so weird..that are Less sleep issues, don’t have a problem with sl
  5. That sounds scary..had some similar experiences with „when i sleep i may never wake up“ but that was just a thought after smoking weed, laying in my bed watching out threw the window and having thought about god when I don’t change and today would be my last day..something like that. that sounds like now you are okay ? So I Hope it !
  6. Hi, someone from Germany and knows about a neurologist who has knowledge about hppd or helped someone? ( living in north of Bavaria, if there is sb)
  7. Had someone give it a try? Did you took the 8g of vitamin C? Thank you! (Watched this Video pretty often🤣 I like tony)
  8. Hey guys, want to open this topic to write down what are you doin to get a good sleep( so what really is good for the sleep and brain, our brain) i don’t have that big problems with fallin asleep..often I wake up1 time in the night..the point is, that i dream extremly intensive..guess like most of you? Now, what can we do to get a sleep which is „more recovering“ for the brain, like a normal sleep which is healthier..I think that this would make a big difference..maybe some of you had some experiences and have done a bit..me and I think some others would be thankful when you write it down.
  9. Hey, how are you doing?:) since when you got hppd? i got this shit since one year, overnight from intelligent to dumb af, and I didn’t thought it can get worser..but so dumb how I was i made it chronic and the problems just turned bigger, no one really knows about it, they know something is going wrong with me, but how can I say heeey I got caught, to everyone? I aint gonna take my life..but you can just live alone, you can’t mess with normal peoples shit, so how ever get a woman? Etc.. you say years..I just started with my real treation since 2 weeks..so stopped smoking weed, my hpp
  10. Ready 2 die 19 years old give me a suicideplan which has a bit dignity
  11. Hey, i can feel you..its not realy more different with me in the point of Living in your own life, another similar point of you which i feel the most is that i can not connect to the world..because of the completly different Person of myself and im not even able to get a conversation with REAL emotions, the real me, because the real me isnt there its everytime just a Fake conversation which just has one side and the Most times i cant really follow..cant connect to the world, to the people...i m also still Smoking weed and i just want you to say that it just makes the whole thing worser..for
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