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  1. I probably did put this topic in the wrong sub. Sorry about that
  2. Hi, I have experienced severe HPPD symptoms last 2 weeks. I have tripped 4 times this autumn (to treat my depression) and last time was for 2 weeks ago and have experienced the his nightmare since. The worst symptom is the body/head feeling. It feel so heavy. like when u are on mushrooms. have someone experience same symptom and did that go away? I don’t know what to do I’m crying multiple times per day. I can’t work or do anything because of that symptom. i experience severe visual snow and letter are shaking when I read. Slightly after image and colors are brighter too. I have probably had HPPD last 8 years without knowing it. But only light visual snow and depersonalization from time to time. I really need to come in contact with someone who had or still have the body/head feeling.
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