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  1. I developed this terrible thing about a week ago which scared the ever living shit out of me but as of 3 days ago approximately the visual snow has decreased and the patterns I was seeing a week ago are starting to fade. I still have some DR but i've been dealing with it, I havent done any kind of drugs whatsoever and havent taken any medication... I just tried to calm myself down and I am optimistic that I can overcome this in no time. Sure, it's still hard to deal with all this, it can be so overwhelming but I do believe in recovery. Anyone else start getting better within a week?
  2. I tried LSD for the first time about a month ago and had some fun, thought that would be the end of it but I started noticing weird things in my vision and how I felt a few days ago and now... apparently I have developed HPPD after a few drinks and casual weed smoking last week. I feel completely devastated, I feel like my life is ruined because of a couple of bad decisions and I wish I could go back and just not take any drugs but now i'm stuck here with a messed up brain. I feel so depressed and anxious just wishing my eyesight could be the way it was before any of this. I am only 20 years old and I feel like it is all over for me
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