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  1. Jaz


    Cool so on the benzos your hppd faded over time. That’s good to know. Sorry to hear about an ssri. That’s how this nightmare started for me. Docs put me straight on amongst other things and boom hppd went 20x overnight
  2. Jaz


    Thanks man Really appreciate. Can I ask in all that time in benzos has your snow reduced if you had that as a symptom Reason I ask is I can deal with all the other shit but violent vibrating thick snow 247 is a tough one. Clonaspam muffles the sound but I feel like I need to turn the siren off which led to some risky choices. As I mentioned had the docs not upped my level from the start I could easily have lived with the condition medication free but the worse it gets the more risks feel like I have to take Hence the sinemet stuff. I believe de Abraham did a study a while back I know you don’t have a crystal ball but just wish I knew whether my current level is my new baseline or if it’s just a set of really long spikes that could take a few months to settle back down. That would really help my decision. Right now I’m disabled and housebound FYI. Just too much visual stimulation. Often just put blackout shades on and listen to an audio book if that gives you an idea Thanks again man
  3. Jaz


    Also gabapentin and clonaspam was working great for a while. It’s when lamactical was added shit hit the fan
  4. Jaz


    But is it a long term solution. What happens once tolerance builds. To make a dent in the snow I would need 4 mg daily Also in your opinion can the brain heal on clonaspam ? Yep I agree with reddit. They started flooding the forum with lions mane advocates. That really messed me up. Should have just stuck with the clonaspam from the start. It was relieving 80% of symptoms. Now it’s more like 20%
  5. Hi all. Hope everyone is well. Had some more bad luck this year Lions mane further increased my snow Was doing ok for a while on gabapentin clonaspam combo and boom the snow increased again. Wish I could turn back time but just FYI things that have taken me to another level of hell with this condition are Phenergen. Lions man and lamactical gabapentin clash. I figured that dopamine anymtanginists are the devil and unfortunately my baseline is just too high to live with. I had considered going back on jays 3 on 4 off routine ( wish I had done that from the start) but too many are quick to Demonize benzos when it’s actually other drugs that Fck them up Definitely the case with me. Issue now is the clonaspam is not even making a dent in the snow and visibility is becoming a big issue i recentkybtrialed keppra. Did nothing for a month but gave me high anxiety moved on to lamotragine however got a rash so came off it Iv read a lot about sinemet and being the opposite of a dopamine antagonist could be worth the try so tommorrow I pick up sinemet varapamil depakote and Lyrica will slowly try each one in turn to see if any positive effect on the snow I’m past the point of living healthy with this too many mistakes been made and level is just ridiculous basically taking myself out of ending it daily but I don’t wanna go down without turning over every rock let me know what you guys think Really wish I had found this community earlier when I first had this was so mild and the local gp gave me a cocktail that changed my life Sure many have been down the same road Just worries the snow is neuronal damage that won’t heal and has to be managed by medication
  6. I had a month on keppra but just made me too anxious. Started lamotragine yesterday I take clonaspam occasionally. Really hoping this works. Severe snow is my main issue
  7. Hey your story sounds similar to mine. Will pm u
  8. How bad is your snow. Mine is. Snowstorm that makes everything vibrate. Have you found anything that helps at all
  9. Also I do a 3 day 4 day off clonasapam routine. It just about keeps me alive but doesn’t touch the snow anymore as it’s gotton so severe. I need something to extinguish the flame not just nullify a little of it makes sense
  10. It started with a mild condition but trying to fix it with meds and supplements have only made it worse. I get some mild warping but the snow is suffocating and makes everything look like it’s in motion. If there are pills to make the snow worse surely something can reverse it. It’s my literally only symptom but it’s totally disabling. I think I didn’t give lanotragine a full go as I mixed it with gabapentin I heard keppra can help. It’s literally a case of either the snow goes or I do. Heard that a long fast might be able to reverse hppd. Please let me know if you have ideas. I was hopeful a few days ago intill my snow increased again. Now it’s just ridiculous !
  11. Im at the end of my rope. Took lanotragine on top of gabapentin. Syntims explodefvby 30%. Thinking of clonasapam and keppra as a final stand My snow and visuals are so debilitating I can’t get out of bed. Any thoughts. Also thinking of fasting until I’m close to death
  12. Hello all. Really could do with some advice. I was managing my hppd at a decent level with gabapentin and occasional clonasapam. My visual snow was still really intense ( my main symptom). I added lamactical to the mix and after 4 days all hell broke loose. My visuals increased by 20 % and static more dense and going nuts. I came off the lamactical 4 day’s ago and it’s remained. Really struggling and can’t live with the current level of snow. It’s basically a snow storm 24 7. Clonasapam and gabapentin don’t even touch it now. I need something to extinguish the flame rather than temporally null it. This is why I tried lamactical. Iv heard keppra has worked ? Can any one recommend. I’m back to being housebound again with the increase of symptoms. Thanks
  13. Yeah it seems the case for some people. I think I have a glutamate GABA imbalance which kinda makes sense why gabapentin works. Benzos can mess up neurotransmitters over time while gabapentin doesn’t bind and is safer I think Jay. I also do the static video daily via VR. It does have sustained effect ms if you persist. Check out vsi. They are releasing a visual project next week aimed at reducing snow and non visual symptoms
  14. For me I have had bad luck with antihistamines and lions mane. Both increased my symptoms beyond belief. I now take 2 mg a month clonasapam ( 1 pill a week ). And 900 mg gabapentin and they bring Symotims down by around 40%. My visuals are still intense because of the previous spikes but at least it’s some progress. I am thinking of adding another med to the mix. As anticonvulsant/ epileptics work I’m thinking maybe keppra or lamotragine might get my hppd way down any thoughts. ? Wondering if calcium channel blockers may do the job as well ? Thx
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