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  1. Many thanks ! Also have you seen people heal whilst on clonasapam or does that inhibit healing.
  2. Dasitmane. Any chance to chat about this. Seems you have more knowledge than most on the condition and I am in a dark place right now. Thanks !
  3. Pm you. I stopped the lions mane. Zopiclone and phenergen caused symptoms to explode. Have sent you mri. Let me know what you think !
  4. Hi all. Just an update on my situation. After 6 sleeping tablets Abd lions mane I have the most intense hppd vss imaginable. I literally have considered blindness if it wasn’t for the intense static with eyes closed It’s like I am having visual epilepsy constantly. Started off so mild as well. Life can be so cruel like that I have to take .5 clonasapam to function. It’s like my brain is just sending corrupt data to the eyes constantly and I try to cover up a few hours in the day for relief. I had an mri which showed some previous scar damage. Could be related which worries me more. I try to workout eat healthy etc even if my environment is intensely vibrating shifting morphing around me 247. I’m worried about klonapin tolerance now also as a possibility. But I just can’t see myself adapting to this baseline. I would cut my legs off to have snow and afterimages. Just feel I had options before but the spikes have given me no hope or options. Any ideas ? Really clinging on to life but worried about going insane from the visuals. I don’t have dpdr btw just living in a fcked up spirit world reminabt of poltergeist
  5. Hi there alphabets. Does it say when the spikes cane back down. I. Your experience can spikes last Months ?
  6. Jaz

    The end

    Dasitmane. Could you share the post
  7. Jaz

    The end

    The issue I have is my eyes feelbroken. My vision is literally like a computer virus The world makes no sense any more. My eyes glitch and blotch. It’s all got a lot worse since I added sleeping tablets and lions mane to the mix. Seems everything I touch makes me worse. Now I just take .5 clonasapam before bed and I am literally glued to the bed or sofa every day pretty much terrified of this fcked up world. I think I was dosed with some really impure phenergen which makes my stuff a real jagged glitchy wavy fcking nightmare The static is like a eerie glitchy fog from a horror film. Not to mention the formication. My only hope is that the spikes since this started 6 months ago go down and that I haven’t set a new baseline. How do you know ? Is it just luck ? I would give up my two legs to go back to the level when this first came about. It was easy shit in hindsight now I’m literally living in hell every day. Any tips thoughts etc. I try to cover my eyes and watch vr as much as possible but that’s no life
  8. Feel like my visuals are so bad I can only opt for suicide Can’t just keep living off clonasapam. Can I ask has anyone ever intentionally gone blind in order to deal with this
  9. Jaz

    Lions mane

    How long can it take. I took like 4 tablespoons. Was in a panicked state
  10. Think I took way too much lions mane and my static has quadrupled. Is this normal. And temporary ?
  11. I have read that DPH can trigger and worsen hppd. Does anyone have hppd or worsening from this. And if so is it likely to be temporary when compared to psychs my life changed after being on phenergen for a week. My baseline is intolerable and I basically want out. This was 5 months ago and things been getting worse. I’m just clinging on to some hope that the spike will go down after a while looking for dph stories that might relate thx
  12. Jaz


    Iv read that DPH can trigger or worsen hppd. This is similar to phenergen. Do we have any stories of whether these worsenings are spikes that last a few months or permanent. This is the only hope I have
  13. Hello. So mine worsened unbelievably from phenergen. I’m at a whole new crazy baseline. My question is do you think it could be a spike which may calm down or have I set myself a new baseline ( which is intolerable by the way ). Do you have any further details on above ?
  14. I really feel I have one of the most severe cases out there I got it from multiple phenergen tablets took to a new world I’d rather be blind and am thinking of ending it Have been v close recently. Is is there anyone who has it extremely severe. Like living in a trip and not just some afterimages and snow i coukd really use some motivation to keep going. My life is a living hell 247
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