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  1. I have read that DPH can trigger and worsen hppd. Does anyone have hppd or worsening from this. And if so is it likely to be temporary when compared to psychs my life changed after being on phenergen for a week. My baseline is intolerable and I basically want out. This was 5 months ago and things been getting worse. I’m just clinging on to some hope that the spike will go down after a while looking for dph stories that might relate thx
  2. Jaz


    Iv read that DPH can trigger or worsen hppd. This is similar to phenergen. Do we have any stories of whether these worsenings are spikes that last a few months or permanent. This is the only hope I have
  3. Hello. So mine worsened unbelievably from phenergen. I’m at a whole new crazy baseline. My question is do you think it could be a spike which may calm down or have I set myself a new baseline ( which is intolerable by the way ). Do you have any further details on above ?
  4. I really feel I have one of the most severe cases out there I got it from multiple phenergen tablets took to a new world I’d rather be blind and am thinking of ending it Have been v close recently. Is is there anyone who has it extremely severe. Like living in a trip and not just some afterimages and snow i coukd really use some motivation to keep going. My life is a living hell 247
  5. Jaz


    I take clonasapam. .5. Every three days. Only thing that’s stopping me from offing myself tbh
  6. Jaz


    I don’t get dpdr which is crazy. Just the living in a trip. Seems some people have some symptoms but do people actually live in a trip like me. I did coke. Lsd once and cannabis in last. Phenergen is used to trip on that’s why I’m convinced also it was responsible !!
  7. Jaz


    I know it was responsible 100%. I tested it. Took half a tablet and next day my snow had increased together with other symptoms. It’s all remained though and not come back down Now I live inq world where everything vibrates shimmers morphs. Bckrounds melt. It’s not pretty. Just very disturbing. The ground moves Nd feels bouncy I started getting formication. See random dots Movement in oheriohery Everything feels tilted. The room sways when I think bout it. Outside everything has an intense shimmer to it. Snow is heavy at night. All this from the phenergen and now want to blow brains out. It’s been like this 4 months. Does anyone have it this bad. Any tips to cope. Iv done Drugs in the past but the initial snow was baught on by stress Any advice would be so hekpful my vision is like a second rate vhs video that’s been scratched up by a cat
  8. Did the Formics get any better. I have this also
  9. Jaz


    7 over course of week. They multiplied my symptoms by 100. I went from mild snow to living in a trippy fcked up world. How is it possible. ?
  10. This basically ended my life. After some mild snow I was munching these pills to sleep woke up couple of weeks later in a different world. Any ideas or experience. Any way to reverse the effects
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