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  1. so ive been taking trazodone and last night i had a dream about tripping. now i feel awful. my friends give off negative energy and i keep thinking about leaving the friend group. they do lots of drugs n want to rob people
  2. like nothing absurd just pops into my head i just feel different. no voices or anything just feel slow
  3. i do get headaches and my ears ring very occasionally. i jus feel like im going crazy
  4. So mentally ive been very confused i feel so different. its off and on though. i do take prozac in the morning. it seems to help alot during the day but at night i dont feel good at all. i see lines and have afterimages from like phone flashlights and tvs. i just need to understand what is going on. can someone please tell me if im going crazy or is it hppd. i used to abuse acid too 13 times in 3 months and i was 15. im 16 now but thats recent. also theres no schizophrenia in my family if that changes anything. i keep getting in my head and keep thinking im schizophrenic
  5. hi, so i abused acid a bit last summer like 13 times in 3 months. but i see lines in the dark and afterimages from bright lights and my mental feels different. is it hppd or schizophrenia
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