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  1. people help advice almost half a year has passed since I earned hppd after eating spice all this time I tried to return to normal I tried to ignore my symptoms and it worked but I can’t relieve emotional stress it doesn’t help me rest, good sleep, alcohol when I pay attention to my symptoms I feel extremely tired I'm so afraid that I will break and not recover can you please advise me how to rest so that I have emotional strength? thanks in advance
  2. Hi Listen, my symptoms are highly dependent on my state of health. when I sleep little or smoke a lot, I have an increase. maybe you have the same? have you had any health problems lately?
  3. Hi i probably have a similar nightmare Can you tell me what your visual distortions are?
  4. The difference between hppd and schizophrenia is that with hppd, you become sick
  5. скачать мои изменения стало употребление синтетического тгк.
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